120 Names That Mean Honor, Honorable

Names That Mean Honor

Names that mean honor, like Ethan or Nadia, convey a sense of dignity and respect. These names, rooted in various cultures, symbolize integrity and upstanding character.

Choosing a name with a meaning tied to honor reflects a desire for noble qualities in a person. Such names stand as a testament to one’s values and inspire a sense of responsibility and righteousness.

Whether it’s Liam or Amara, names signifying honor carry a timeless significance, fostering a positive identity and influencing individuals to uphold a virtuous reputation.

In a world where character is paramount, naming with honor in mind creates a powerful narrative for personal and societal values.

30 Names That Mean Honor, Honorable

Gallant: A name that signifies bravery and courage, reflecting a person of honor who faces challenges with strength.

Noble: This name represents someone with high moral qualities and a strong sense of integrity, always choosing the honorable path.

Valor: A name that embodies the quality of courage and determination, highlighting a person who acts with honor in the face of adversity.

Worthy: This name conveys a sense of deserving respect and admiration, symbolizing an individual who upholds honorable principles.

Virtue: Reflecting moral excellence and righteousness, this name signifies someone who consistently acts with honor and integrity.

Admirable: A name that denotes a person deserving of admiration, often associated with noble actions and honorable behavior.

Dignity: This name represents a person with a composed and honorable demeanor, emphasizing self-respect and respect for others.

Loyal: Signifying faithfulness and allegiance, this name is for someone who values commitment and acts with unwavering honor.

Respect: This name highlights the importance of treating others with esteem and consideration, reflecting a person of honor.

Upright: A name that signifies moral integrity and adherence to principles, representing someone who stands firmly for what is right.

Chivalrous: Reflecting the qualities of a medieval knight, this name emphasizes honor, courtesy, and bravery in one’s actions.

Integrity: Representing a person of honesty and strong moral principles, this name reflects someone who upholds honor in all aspects of life.

Decorous: A name that conveys the importance of proper conduct and manners, reflecting someone who values and practices honorable behavior.

Nobleman/Noblewoman: A straightforward name emphasizing high social rank and honorable character, suitable for someone of noble qualities.

Dutiful: This name signifies a person who fulfills their responsibilities with diligence and honor, showing a strong sense of duty.

Gracious: Reflecting kindness and goodwill, this name denotes someone who acts with honor and generosity towards others.

Uprisen: Combining “upright” and “risen,” this name signifies someone who has elevated themselves through honorable actions.

Conscientious: A name that reflects a person’s commitment to doing what is right, emphasizing a strong sense of duty and honor.

Righteous: This name emphasizes moral correctness and adherence to justice, representing someone who acts with honor.

Champion: Symbolizing a person who fights for a cause with honor and bravery, this name reflects a true advocate for what is right.

Stalwart: This name signifies unwavering loyalty and determination, highlighting a person of honor who stands firm in their principles.

Exemplar: A name that represents someone who serves as a model of honor and virtue, inspiring others to follow a righteous path.

Upstanding: Signifying moral integrity and honorable character, this name reflects someone who is respected for their upright conduct.

Majestic: This name conveys a sense of grandeur and dignity, symbolizing a person who carries themselves with honor and regality.

Reputable: Reflecting a person of good reputation and high regard, this name emphasizes honor and trustworthiness.

Magnanimous: This name signifies generosity of spirit and a noble demeanor, reflecting a person who acts with honor and benevolence.

Regal: A name that evokes a sense of royalty and dignity, symbolizing a person of honor and noble bearing.

Chaste: Emphasizing purity and moral integrity, this name reflects someone who values and upholds honorable conduct.

Steadfast: This name signifies unwavering loyalty and commitment, highlighting a person who remains true to their principles with honor.

Distinguished: Reflecting excellence and high standing, this name denotes someone recognized for their honorable achievements and character.

20 Girl Names Meaning Honor, Honorable

Adira: A name that means “strong and noble,” embodying a sense of honor and resilience.

Brielle: This name signifies “God is my strength,” portraying a strong sense of honor rooted in faith.

Clara: Meaning “clear” or “bright,” this name reflects a pure and honorable nature.

Diana: Named after the Roman goddess of the moon and hunting, Diana represents honor through grace and strength.

Elena: A name that means “bright, shining light,” symbolizing honor through positivity and enlightenment.

Fiona: This name signifies “fair, white, and beautiful,” capturing the essence of honorable qualities.

Grace: Reflecting elegance and virtue, Grace embodies a name that symbolizes honor in its purest form.

Hannah: Meaning “grace” or “favor,” Hannah represents honor through kindness and generosity.

Ivy: This name, associated with the evergreen plant, symbolizes fidelity and honor.

Jasmine: Representing grace and elegance, Jasmine exudes honor through its association with beauty and refinement.

Kira: Meaning “beam of light,” Kira embodies honor through illumination and positivity.

Lena: A name that means “bright, shining light,” portraying honor through inner strength and resilience.

Mia: Signifying “mine” or “belonging to me,” Mia represents honor through loyalty and devotion.

Nina: Meaning “dreamer” or “little girl,” Nina captures honor through innocence and purity.

Olivia: This name, derived from the word “olive,” symbolizes peace and honor.

Paige: Reflecting on a page in a book, Paige signifies honor through a story of strength and integrity.

Quinn: Meaning “wise” or “intelligent,” Quinn represents honor through knowledge and thoughtful actions.

Riley: This name signifies “valiant,” portraying honor through courage and bravery.

Serena: Meaning “calm” or “peaceful,” Serena embodies honor through tranquility and composure.

Zara: A name that means “princess” or “flower,” Zara represents honor through regal grace and beauty.

20 Names That Mean Honorable Boy

Noble: This name signifies a boy with high moral qualities, dignity, and a strong sense of honor.

Valor: A name representing a boy with courage, bravery, and a commitment to noble principles.

Earnest: This name reflects a sincere and honest young man who is dedicated to upholding honor.

Worthy: A name that denotes a boy of deserving character, displaying integrity and virtue.

Loyal: This name signifies a steadfast and faithful boy, committed to honorable principles and relationships.

Reputable: A name that describes a boy with a distinguished and honorable reputation.

Upright: This name characterizes a young man who is honest, just, and morally upright in all aspects of life.

Dignified: A name reflecting a boy with a composed and honorable demeanor, earning respect from others.

Respected: This name denotes a young man who is held in high regard for his honorable actions and character.

Admirable: A name that describes a boy worthy of admiration due to his honorable qualities and deeds.

Courteous: This name signifies a boy with good manners, politeness, and a respectful attitude toward others.

Gallant: A name that reflects a brave and chivalrous boy, displaying honor in both actions and words.

Decorous: This name characterizes a boy with proper conduct, displaying a sense of honor and propriety.

Valiant: A name that denotes a courageous and determined young man, dedicated to upholding honorable values.

Ethical: This name signifies a boy committed to moral principles and acting with integrity in all situations.

Trustworthy: A name that reflects a reliable and dependable young man, known for his honorable behavior.

Principled: This name characterizes a boy who adheres to a strong set of principles and values, guiding his actions.

Stalwart: A name that denotes a boy with unwavering strength of character and a commitment to honor.

Exemplary: This name signifies a boy who serves as a positive example, displaying honor in all aspects of life.

Upstanding: A name that reflects a morally upright and honorable young man, respected by those around him.

15 Names Meaning Honoring God

Theophilus – This name means “Friend of God.” It signifies a person who is close to and beloved by the divine, showing loyalty and devotion.

Jonathan – Meaning “God has given,” this name represents someone who acknowledges the gifts and blessings bestowed upon them by the Almighty.

Nathaniel – “Gift of God,” this name signifies gratitude towards the Creator for His abundant provisions and blessings.

Michael – This name means “Who is like God?” and reflects a reverence for the unique and incomparable nature of the divine.

Matthew – Signifying “Gift of God,” this name acknowledges the generosity and benevolence of the Creator in one’s life.

Gabriel – Meaning “God is my strength,” this name exemplifies reliance on the divine for support and guidance in all endeavors.

Theodore – “Gift of God,” this name expresses appreciation for the divine favors and presents bestowed upon an individual.

Elizabeth – Signifying “God is my oath,” this name reflects a deep commitment to honoring divine promises and covenants.

Samuel – Meaning “God has heard,” this name symbolizes faith in the responsiveness of the divine to prayers and supplications.

Rebecca – “To tie, bind, or connect,” this name represents a person who sees their life as intricately linked with and guided by God’s will.

Matthew – “Gift of God,” this name reflects gratitude for the divine blessings and provisions received throughout life’s journey.

Abigail – Meaning “Father’s joy,” this name embodies the concept of bringing delight and pleasure to God through righteous living.

Ezekiel – “God will strengthen,” this name signifies reliance on divine empowerment and fortitude in facing life’s challenges.

Hannah – Signifying “Grace of God,” this name acknowledges the unmerited favor and blessings bestowed by the divine.

Daniel – Meaning “God is my judge,” this name reflects trust in divine justice and righteousness in all aspects of life.

15 Japanese Names That Mean Honor, Honorable

Takashi (高志): Takashi signifies a person of high ambition and determination. It reflects the honor of someone who is resolute and committed to achieving their goals.

Reiko (礼子): Reiko translates to “child of gratitude.” It embodies the honor of being appreciative and showing respect towards others, emphasizing a sense of gratitude.

Yukihiro (幸宏): Yukihiro means “broad happiness” and symbolizes the honorable quality of bringing joy and contentment to those around them.

Yasuko (康子): Yasuko conveys the notion of a peaceful and honorable individual. It reflects someone who seeks harmony and well-being for themselves and others.

Kiyoshi (清): Kiyoshi represents purity and clarity, embodying the honor of leading a transparent and upright life.

Makoto (誠): Makoto translates to “sincerity” and reflects the honorable quality of being genuine, truthful, and faithful in all aspects of life.

Aiko (愛子): Aiko means “child of love” and symbolizes the honorable quality of spreading love and compassion to those around them.

Isamu (勇): Isamu signifies bravery and courage, embodying the honor of facing challenges with strength and determination.

Hanae (花絵): Hanae translates to “flower picture” and represents the honor associated with beauty, grace, and the positive impact one can have on others.

Kenji (健二): Kenji means “strong and vigorous,” reflecting the honorable quality of physical and mental strength in overcoming obstacles.

Mari (真理): Mari signifies “truth” and embodies the honor of living an honest and principled life, staying true to one’s convictions.

Tadashi (正): Tadashi represents righteousness and justice, reflecting the honor of always choosing the morally right path.

Haruki (春樹): Haruki means “spring tree” and symbolizes the honorable quality of growth, renewal, and contributing positively to the world.

Nobuko (信子): Nobuko translates to “child of trust” and reflects the honor associated with being trustworthy and dependable.

Ryota (良太): Ryota means “good and plump,” symbolizing the honorable quality of leading a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

20 Last Names Meaning Honor, Honorable

Valorian: This name signifies honor and courage, reflecting a family known for their bravery in facing challenges.

Nobleheart: The Nobleheart family is renowned for their noble and compassionate nature, always striving to do what is right.

Gallantry: A name that embodies a lineage-committed to acts of bravery and chivalry, earning respect and admiration.

Valorcrest: The Valorcrest family is synonymous with reaching the pinnacle of honor, and achieving greatness through their unwavering principles.

Dignitaire: Representing a family known for their dignity and high moral standing, the Dignitaire name is associated with honor.

Resolute: The Resolute family is marked by their determination and unwavering commitment to upholding honor in all aspects of life.

Eminence: This name reflects a family distinguished by their prominence and high regard for honor in their actions and decisions.

Integrity: The Integrity family is known for their strong moral principles, honesty, and commitment to upholding honor in every endeavor.

Virtuous: A family that lives by virtuous principles, the Virtuous surname denotes a commitment to moral excellence and honor.

Upstanding: The Upstanding family is celebrated for their upright and honorable conduct, setting an example for others to follow.

Rectitude: Symbolizing a family committed to righteousness and moral correctness, the Rectitude name is associated with honor.

Elevate: The Elevate family has a history of rising above challenges with honor, earning admiration for their resilience and ethical choices.

Upright: Known for their uprightness and commitment to doing what is right, the Upright family is a beacon of honor in their community.

Chivalrous: The Chivalrous family embodies the spirit of chivalry, with a strong focus on honor, courtesy, and bravery.

Admirable: The Admirable family is esteemed for their admirable qualities, including a strong sense of honor and integrity.

Loyalty: Reflecting a family bound by unwavering loyalty and commitment to each other, the Loyalty name is synonymous with honor.

Decorous: The Decorous family is recognized for their decorum and adherence to proper conduct, earning them a reputation for honor.

Exalted: The Exalted family holds a high position in society, characterized by their honorable actions and commitment to ethical standards.

Prestige: The Prestige family is associated with prestige and honor, with a long history of achievements and contributions to their community.

Dutybound: The Dutybound family is known for their strong sense of duty and commitment to upholding honor, always putting the greater good above personal interests.

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