60+ First Names With 9 Letters (2024 Most Popular)

First Names With 9 Letters

Choosing the perfect first name for your baby is a momentous task. It sets the tone for their identity and plays a significant role in shaping their personality.

Many parents seek names that are aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful and unique.

This article will delve into a list of first names with 9 letters. And provides the origins and meanings behind each name.

60+ First Names with 9 Letters, Meanings, Origins & Popularity

AlexandraDefender of mankindGreekPopular
BenjaminSon of the right handHebrewVery Popular
DanielleGod is my judgeHebrewCommon
ElizabethPledged to GodHebrewVery Popular
GabrielleGod is my strengthHebrewCommon
HarrisonSon of HarryEnglishPopular
IsabellaDevoted to GodItalianVery Popular
JonathanGift of GodHebrewPopular
KatherinePureGreekVery Popular
AleksandrDefender of mankindRussianCommon
CharleneFree person, strongFrench, GermanicCommon
EmmanuelleGod is with usHebrewCommon
FrancescaFree one, from FranceItalianCommon
GuilhermeLiberator, LiberatorPortugueseCommon
HarrietRuler of the householdEnglishCommon
ImmanuelaGod is with usHebrewCommon
JosephineGod will addHebrewPopular
KimberlyCyneburg’s meadowOld EnglishVery Popular
LysanderNew HouseGreekUncommon
MarcellusThe victory of the peopleLatinUncommon
NicholasVictory of the peopleGreekPopular
QuinlanDescendant of ConnIrishUncommon
RosalindPretty roseLatinUncommon
SebastianVenerableGreekVery Popular
TheodoricRuler of the peopleGermanicUncommon
ValentinaStrong, vigorousLatinPopular
WilhelminaWill, desire, helmetGermanicUncommon
XavieraNew houseArabicUncommon
YasmineJasmine flowerArabicUncommon
ZachariahRemembered by GodHebrewUncommon
AdrienneFrom HadriaLatinUncommon
BernadetteBrave as a bearGermanicUncommon
CharlaineFree person, strongFrench, GermanicUncommon
FrederiquePeaceful rulerGermanicUncommon
GenevieveTribe womanCelticUncommon
HamiltonBeautiful mountainEnglishUncommon
IsidoreGift of IsisGreekUncommon
JeremaineAppointed by GodHebrewUncommon
LancelotServantOld FrenchUncommon
NapoleonLion of the new townItalianUncommon
OphelianaHelper, helperGreekUncommon
PersephoneBringer of deathGreekUncommon
QuinntonFifthOld EnglishUncommon
RaphaelaGod has healedHebrewUncommon
SeraphinaBurning onesHebrewUncommon
TheodoreGod’s giftGreekUncommon
UrielGod is my lightHebrewUncommon
WellingtonWealthy estateEnglishUncommon
XanthippeYellow horseGreekUncommon
YolandaViolet, purpleGreekUncommon
ZachariasRemembered by GodHebrewUncommon


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