160 Middle Names for Lillian (Meaning, Gender And Origin)

middle names for lillian

Lillian, a name that radiates timeless grace and charm, personifies a spirit of enduring elegance. With origins rooted in purity and beauty, this name is similar to a gentle strength.

Lillian, a beacon of kindness, effortlessly weaves warmth into the tapestry of relationships. Her presence, like a blooming flower, brings joy and positivity.

A name that dances on the tongue, Lillian captures the essence of sophistication with an approachable attraction.

In the symphony of names, Lillian stands out as a melody of simplicity and sophistication. That leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to know her.

However, selecting middle names for Lillian transforms the name into a harmonious melody.

50 Unique Middle Names for Lillian with Meaning, Gender, and Origin

Unique NameMeaningGenderOrigin
Lillian GraceGraceful and ElegantFemaleEnglish
Lillian JamesSupplanter, One Who FollowsUnisexHebrew
Lillian MaeveIntoxicating, EnchantingFemaleIrish
Lillian VictorConqueror, TriumphantMaleLatin
Lillian HopeOptimistic ExpectationFemaleEnglish
Lillian EzraHelper, StrongUnisexHebrew
Lillian CelesteHeavenly, DivineFemaleLatin
Lillian OliverOlive Tree, Symbol of PeaceUnisexLatin
Lillian JasperTreasurer, Keeper of TreasureMalePersian
Lillian JoyHappiness and DelightFemaleEnglish
Lillian AutumnSeason of Harvest and RichnessFemaleEnglish
Lillian BrooksSmall Stream, MeadowUnisexEnglish
Lillian PhoenixMythical Bird, Rebirth and RenewalUnisexGreek
Lillian QuinnWise Counsel, IntelligenceUnisexIrish
Lillian ReedRed-haired, CourageousUnisexEnglish
Lillian KaiOcean, Keeper of KeysUnisexHawaiian
Lillian EllisBenevolent and KindFemaleWelsh
Lillian SterlingHigh Quality, ExcellentUnisexEnglish
Lillian SkyeBeautiful AtmosphereFemaleEnglish
Lillian OrionHunter, Mighty WarriorUnisexGreek
Lillian SageWise and DiscerningFemaleEnglish
Lillian AsherFortunate, BlessedUnisexHebrew
Lillian RubyPrecious Red GemstoneFemaleLatin
Lillian EverestHighest Point, AspiringUnisexEnglish
Lillian RaineQueen, Regal, and MajesticFemaleFrench
Lillian RowanLittle Red Bird, Joyful SongbirdFemaleGaelic
Lillian FinnFair, BlondeUnisexIrish
Lillian ZephyrGentle Breeze, West WindUnisexGreek
Lillian WilderUntamed, Free-spiritedUnisexEnglish
Lillian VaughnSmall, LittleUnisexWelsh
Lillian HarborSafe Haven, Sheltered PortFemaleEnglish
Lillian DaxtonWarrior’s Town, ProtectorUnisexEnglish
Lillian ElaraBright Star, Shining LightFemaleGreek
Lillian AtlasEnduring, Holding Up the HeavensUnisexGreek
Lillian EmberSpark, Burning FlameUnisexEnglish
Lillian CairoVictorious, TriumphantUnisexArabic
Lillian AriaMelody, Airy SongFemaleItalian
Lillian MagnusGreat, MightyUnisexLatin
Lillian SeleneMoon, Heavenly GlowFemaleGreek
Lillian AshlynDream, VisionFemaleIrish
Lillian RylanCourageous, Little RulerUnisexIrish
Lillian ValeValley, Tranquil PlaceUnisexEnglish
Lillian PhoenixMythical Bird, Rebirth and RenewalUnisexGreek
Lillian ElaraBright Star, Shining LightFemaleGreek
Lillian RowanLittle Red Bird, Joyful SongbirdFemaleGaelic
Lillian FinnFair, BlondeUnisexIrish
Lillian ZephyrGentle Breeze, West WindUnisexGreek
Lillian WilderUntamed, Free-spiritedUnisexEnglish

30 Pretty Middle Names for Lillian with Meaning, Gender, and Origin

Pretty NameMeaningGenderOrigin
Lillian GraceElegance and divine favorFemaleLatin
Lillian RoseSymbol of love and beautyFemaleEnglish
Lillian MaeveIntoxicating and alluringFemaleIrish
Lillian FaithTrust and beliefFemaleEnglish
Lillian JoyHappiness and delightFemaleEnglish
Lillian SkyeFree-spirited and limitlessFemaleEnglish
Lillian ClaireBright and clearFemaleFrench
Lillian HopeOptimism and aspirationFemaleEnglish
Lillian AuroraDawn and new beginningsFemaleLatin
Lillian SophiaWisdom and knowledgeFemaleGreek
Lillian GraceDivine favor and charmFemaleLatin
Lillian PearlPurity and preciousnessFemaleEnglish
Lillian CelesteHeavenly and etherealFemaleLatin
Lillian IvySymbol of fidelityFemaleEnglish
Lillian EloiseFamous in battleFemaleFrench
Lillian SeraphinaFiery and ardentFemaleHebrew
Lillian AdelineNoble and kindFemaleGermanic
Lillian VioletModesty and innocenceFemaleLatin
Lillian IslaIsland and sereneFemaleScottish
Lillian JadePrecious green stoneFemaleEnglish
Lillian EvangelineBearer of good newsFemaleGreek
Lillian GenevieveTribe woman and livelyFemaleFrench
Lillian MaeBitter and belovedFemaleEnglish
Lillian OdetteWealth and fortuneFemaleFrench
Lillian SeleneMoonlight and radianceFemaleGreek
Lillian AstridBeautiful, loved, and fairFemaleNorse
Lillian RosalindGentle horse and beautifulFemaleGermanic
Lillian EsmeBeloved and esteemedFemaleOld French
Lillian FlorenceBlossoming and prosperousFemaleLatin
Lillian GisellePledge and hostageFemaleGermanic

30 One-Syllable Middle Names for Lillian with Meaning, Gender, and Origin

One-Syllable NameMeaningGenderOrigin
Lillian BlissJoyful happinessFemaleEnglish
Lillian ChaseHunter or pursuerUnisexOld French
Lillian DawnThe first appearance of lightFemaleOld English
Lillian FinnFair, whiteMaleIrish
Lillian GraceElegance and beautyFemaleLatin
Lillian HopeOptimistic expectationFemaleOld English
Lillian JackGod is graciousMaleHebrew
Lillian JuneThe sixth monthFemaleLatin
Lillian KaiSeaUnisexHawaiian
Lillian LaneNarrow country roadUnisexEnglish
Lillian MaceA medieval weaponUnisexEnglish
Lillian NashAt the ash treeUnisexEnglish
Lillian OakSymbol of strength and enduranceUnisexEnglish
Lillian PaigeYoung servantFemaleEnglish
Lillian QuinnWiseUnisexIrish
Lillian RayCounsel; protectionUnisexEnglish
Lillian SageWise and judiciousUnisexLatin
Lillian StormA violent disturbance of the atmosphereUnisexEnglish
Lillian TateCheerfulUnisexOld English
Lillian VaughnSmallUnisexWelsh
Lillian WrenSmall birdUnisexOld English
Lillian YorkYew treeUnisexEnglish
Lillian ZaneGift of GodUnisexHebrew
Lillian BeauBeautifulUnisexFrench
Lillian BlaiseLimpingUnisexLatin
Lillian CreedGuiding principle or set of beliefsUnisexLatin
Lillian FlintHard stone is used to produce fireUnisexOld English
Lillian JossJoyfulUnisexOld French
Lillian MossA small, green plantUnisexOld English
Lillian SwiftMoving or capable of moving quicklyUnisexOld English

50 First Name for Middle Name Lillian with Meaning, Gender, and Origin

First NameMeaningGenderOrigin
Lillian GraceGraceful LilyFemaleEnglish
Ethan LillianStrong and ResoluteMaleHebrew
Ava LillianLife, LivingFemaleLatin
Oliver LillianOlive Tree DescendantMaleLatin
Sophia LillianWisdomFemaleGreek
Benjamin LillianSon of the Right HandMaleHebrew
Emma LillianWhole, UniversalFemaleGerman
Samuel LillianHeard by GodMaleHebrew
Mia LillianMineFemaleScandinavian
Jackson LillianSon of JackMaleEnglish
Amelia LillianIndustrious, StrivingFemaleLatin
Lucas LillianLightMaleLatin
Isabella LillianDevoted to GodFemaleItalian
Henry LillianRuler of the HouseholdMaleGermanic
Ava LillianBirdFemaleLatin
Noah LillianRest, ComfortMaleHebrew
Harper LillianHarp PlayerFemaleEnglish
Ethan LillianStrong, FirmMaleHebrew
Ella LillianBeautiful, FairyFemaleGerman
Michael LillianWho is Like God?MaleHebrew
Scarlett LillianRed, BrightFemaleEnglish
William LillianResolute ProtectorMaleGermanic
Aria LillianMelody, SongFemaleItalian
James LillianSupplanterMaleHebrew
Grace LillianElegance, CharmFemaleEnglish
Alexander LillianDefender of the PeopleMaleGreek
Lily LillianSymbol of PurityFemaleEnglish
Daniel LillianGod is My JudgeMaleHebrew
Mia LillianStar of the SeaFemaleScandinavian
Logan LillianLittle HollowMaleScottish
Stella LillianStarFemaleLatin
Caleb LillianFaithful, DevotedMaleHebrew
Abigail LillianFather’s JoyFemaleHebrew
Owen LillianYoung WarriorMaleWelsh
Isla LillianIslandFemaleScottish
Elijah LillianThe Lord is My GodMaleHebrew
Penelope LillianWeaverFemaleGreek
Jack LillianGod is GraciousMaleEnglish
Sophia LillianWisdomFemaleGreek
Leo LillianLionMaleLatin
Nora LillianHonor, LightFemaleIrish
Mason LillianWorker in StoneMaleEnglish
Aurora LillianDawnFemaleLatin
Logan LillianLittle HollowMaleScottish
Ellie LillianShining LightFemaleGreek
Samuel LillianHeard by GodMaleHebrew
Hazel LillianHazelnut TreeFemaleEnglish
Benjamin LillianSon of the Right HandMaleHebrew


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