110+ Names That Mean Father for Unisex, Boys & Girls

Names That Mean Father

Names that mean “father” hold profound meaning across cultures, representing paternal strength and guidance. Classic examples include “Abba,” a term originating from Aramaic, and “Papa,” a universally recognized moniker.

In Spanish, “Padre” resonates with fatherly warmth. Cultivating a sense of familial authority, these names reflect the enduring role of fathers as pillars of support and love.

These 110+ names meaning father, which honor the enduring heritage of paternal influence, capture the common tie between parent and kid, regardless it’s the well-known “Dad” or the polite “Appa” in Korean.

30 Unisex Names That Mean Father

Peregrine – This name means “traveler” and reflects a father’s journey through life with their child.

Abba – A simple yet powerful name, directly translating to “father” in many languages.

Progenitor – This unique name signifies the origin and beginning, highlighting the role of a father in starting a family.

Patriarch – Denoting the head of a family or tribe, this name displays the leadership and protective qualities of a father.

Genitor – A classic name meaning “begetter” or “producer,” highlighting the act of bringing a child into existence.

Guardian – This name conveys the protective and caring nature of a father, signifying a watchful presence.

Sire – A traditional and regal name meaning “father,” often used to denote respect and authority.

Origin – This name symbolizes the starting point of a family, emphasizing the fundamental role of a father.

Founder – Reflecting the idea of establishing a family, this name underscores the father’s role in building the foundation.

Dadrian – A blend of “dad” and “Adrian,” creating a modern and meaningful unisex name.

Begetter – A straightforward name indicating the act of bringing forth, synonymous with being a father.

Guardiano – A fusion of “guardian” and the suffix “-ano,” resulting in a distinctive unisex name with a protective connotation.

Paige – Originating from “page,” this name signifies the beginning of a new chapter in life, associated with fatherhood.

Root – A name representing the source and core of a family, highlighting the father’s foundational role.

Sustainer – Expressing the ongoing support and nourishment provided by a father, this name reflects a nurturing role.

Ancestor – This name underscores the historical and familial significance of a father as a link to past generations.

Creator – A name that stresses the role of a father in bringing life into existence, akin to a creative force.

Guard – A simple and strong name, evoking the protective instincts associated with fatherhood.

Parentis – A blend of “parent” and the suffix “-is,” resulting in a modern and unisex name denoting parenthood.

Begin – Symbolizing the start of a family’s journey, this name highlights the father’s role as the initiator.

Provider – A name emphasizing the father’s role in providing for and supporting the family.

Alethea – A name meaning “truth,” reflecting the genuine and honest qualities often associated with fatherhood.

Rootsman – Merging “roots” with the suffix “-man,” this name signifies a father as the foundational figure in a family.

Carer – Highlighting the nurturing and caregiving aspects of fatherhood, this name displays emotional support.

Guardianus – A modern and unique name, combining “guardian” with a Latin touch to evoke a sense of protection.

Initiator – This name indicates the father’s role as the one who starts and initiates the family unit.

Steward – Signifying responsible management and care, this name reflects the father’s role in guiding and nurturing.

Rootskeeper – A creative blend of “roots” and “keeper,” symbolizing the father’s role in maintaining the family’s foundation.

Origins – Pluralizing “origin,” this name indicates the multiple beginnings and connections within a family.

Caretaker – Underlining the caring and nurturing role of a father, this name signifies one who looks after the well-being of the family.

15 Girl Names That Mean Father

Abigail – This name means “father’s joy” and carries the essence of bringing happiness to a father’s life.

Davina – Translating to “beloved,” this name signifies the special bond between a daughter and her father.

Isabella – Meaning “devoted to God,” this name reflects the father-daughter relationship’s sacred and unconditional love.

Papaia – A unique name that directly translates to “father,” celebrating the paternal role in a girl’s life.

Amanda – Signifying “worthy of love,” this name acknowledges the affection and adoration a daughter receives from her father.

Fiona – This name, meaning “fair,” represents the fairness and equality in the love shared between a father and his daughter.

Patrice – A name derived from the Latin word “pater,” meaning “father,” expressing the paternal connection.

Abba – Directly translating to “father” in Aramaic, this name carries a simple yet powerful tribute to the role of a father.

Daddyana – A creative name combining “daddy” and “Ana,” meaning “grace,” symbolizing the graceful presence of a father in his daughter’s life.

Sirena – Meaning “enchanter,” this name captures the enchanting influence fathers often have on their daughters.

Paprika – A playful name that stems from “papa,” meaning “father,” with a touch of spice, symbolizing the lively and spirited relationship.

Abbott – Derived from the Old English word “abbod,” meaning “father,” this name represents paternal guidance and wisdom.

Padma – Translating to “lotus,” this name signifies purity and the blooming of a strong and beautiful connection between a father and daughter.

Daddysha – A modern name combining “daddy” and a variation of “Aisha,” meaning “alive,” celebrating the lively and vibrant presence of a father.

Fadera – A unique name created by merging “father” and “dera,” meaning “belonging,” symbolizing the sense of belonging a daughter feels with her father.

15 Boy Names Meaning Father

Abraham: Meaning “father of many nations,” Abraham is a strong and timeless name that reflects a sense of leadership and wisdom. It’s a name that carries a deep sense of responsibility and authority.

Baba: With roots in various cultures, Baba simply means “father.” This name exudes warmth and approachability, making it perfect for a dad who is both loving and nurturing.

Papa: An endearing and informal term for father in many languages, Papa is a name that conveys a sense of familiarity and closeness. It’s a name that resonates with love and care.

Pater: Derived from Latin, Pater directly translates to “father.” This name imparts a classic and dignified aura, ideal for a father figure who values tradition and respect.

Dada: Originating from different cultures, Dada is a sweet and affectionate term for father. This name signifies a playful and caring relationship between a father and his children.

Padre: Rooted in Spanish and Italian, Padre means “father.” This name carries a sense of authority and protection, highlighting the role of a father as a guardian and guide.

Vater: Coming from the German language, Vater simply means “father.” It’s a sturdy and reliable name, perfect for a dad who is a pillar of strength and support.

Otac: With Serbian and Croatian origins, Otac means “father.” This name symbolizes a sense of responsibility and commitment, signifying the dedication of a father to his family.

Sire: Often associated with royalty, Sire means “father” in a more formal and majestic sense. This name reflects a sense of reality and importance, perfect for a father with a strong presence.

Bapu: Derived from Indian languages, Bapu is an affectionate term for father, often used to express love and respect. This name carries a sense of wisdom and kindness.

Progenitor: This unique name has Latin roots, meaning “father” in the sense of an originator or ancestor. It’s a name that signifies a strong family legacy and connection.

Pops: A casual and friendly term for father, Pops is a name that conveys a sense of approachability and camaraderie. It’s perfect for a dad who is not just a parent but also a friend.

Père: Rooted in French, Père means “father.” This name adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, suitable for a father who values refinement and grace.

Patriarch: With a more formal tone, Patriarch means a father who is the head of a family or tribe. This name reflects leadership, authority, and a strong sense of responsibility.

Daddy: A universally recognized and endearing term for father, Daddy is a name that symbolizes love, care, and a close bond between a father and his children. It’s a name filled with warmth and affection.

10 Biblical Names That Mean Father

Abraham – Meaning “father of many nations,” Abraham is a prominent figure in the Bible known for his unwavering faith and being the patriarch of the Israelites.

Isaac – Translating to “laughter,” Isaac was named as a symbol of joy and fulfillment, as his birth brought laughter to his elderly parents, Abraham and Sarah.

Jesse – Signifying “gift” or “wealth,” Jesse was the father of King David, anointed by the prophet Samuel, and a key figure in the lineage of Jesus.

Zechariah – Meaning “Yahweh remembers,” Zechariah was the father of John the Baptist, and his name reflects the miraculous nature of John’s birth.

Joachim – Translating to “God will establish,” Joachim is traditionally recognized as the father of the Virgin Mary, making him the grandfather of Jesus.

Eli – Eli means “ascend” or “my God.” In the Bible, Eli was a high priest and the mentor of the prophet Samuel, playing a crucial role in the early years of Israel’s history.

Abijah – Signifying “Yahweh is my father,” Abijah was a name borne by several kings in the Bible, displaying their dependence on God’s guidance.

Reuel – Meaning “friend of God,” Reuel was the father-in-law of Moses, underscoring the close relationship between Moses and his father-in-law.

Zadok – Translating to “righteous” or “just,” Zadok was a high priest during the reigns of David and Solomon, known for his faithfulness and integrity.

Malachi – Malachi means “my messenger” or “my angel.” In the Bible, Malachi was a prophet who conveyed God’s messages to the people, highlighting the role of a fatherly figure in guiding and instructing others.

10 Greek Names Meaning Father

Pater: A classic Greek name meaning father, symbolizing authority and protection. Parents who choose this name often appreciate its simplicity and traditional feel.

Abios: A strong Greek name that translates to father, implying a sense of responsibility and guidance. Families opting for Abios may value its unique sound and meaningful essence.

Genitor: With roots in Greek, Genitor is a name denoting the role of a father, emphasizing the nurturing and supportive aspects. It’s a choice for those who seek a name with a touch of sophistication.

Progonos: This Greek name for father carries a noble connotation, representing the initiator and leader within a family. Progonos is ideal for parents seeking a name with a distinguished flair.

Patrikos: A distinctive name meaning father in Greek, reflecting a sense of honor and familial pride. Those drawn to this name may appreciate its cultural richness and strong, masculine undertones.

Sireas: A modern Greek name for father, Sireas suggests strength and dependability. Parents choosing Sireas often value its contemporary sound combined with traditional meaning.

Archigenes: This Greek name conveys the concept of a father as the originator and founder of a family. It appeals to those who appreciate a name that reflects strength and leadership.

Dadros: A warm and inviting Greek name for father, Dadros represents the nurturing and caring aspects of paternal love. Families choosing Dadros may be drawn to its affectionate sound.

Gennaios: Meaning father in Greek, Gennaios implies a sense of wisdom and guidance. Parents who choose this name may be attracted to its timeless feel and the qualities it represents.

Protogonos: A unique and powerful Greek name for father, Protogonos signifies the first and foremost in a family. It suits those who desire a name with a distinctive flair and a meaningful connection to paternal roles.

14 Names That Mean Father Pride

Pater Valor: This name signifies a father filled with courage and strength, proud to protect and guide his loved ones.

Papa Honor: Reflecting a father who takes great pride in upholding principles, values, and integrity in his family.

Daddy Triumph: A name that symbolizes a father reveling in the victories and accomplishments of his children with joy and satisfaction.

Sire Glory: This name denotes a father who basks in the glory of his family’s achievements and successes.

Padre Elation: Expressing the happiness and delight a father feels in witnessing the joy and contentment of his family members.

Dad Jubilation: This name conveys a father’s exuberant celebration and pride in the happiness and prosperity of his children.

Father Jubilant: Representing a joyful and exultant father who takes immense pride in the achievements and well-being of his family.

Abba Triumph: A name that signifies a father’s triumph and pride in the love and unity within his family.

Pop Euphoria: Reflecting a father’s state of intense happiness and pride in the shared joys and accomplishments of his family.

Daddy Esteem: This name symbolizes a father filled with admiration and respect for the qualities and achievements of his children.

Sire Elation: Conveying the elation and happiness a father experiences in seeing the fulfillment and happiness of his family.

Papa Uplift: This signifies a father who takes pride in uplifting and supporting his family members to reach their full potential.

Dad Euphoric: Expressing the intense joy and happiness a father feels in the well-being and success of his beloved family.

Padre Radiance: A name that encapsulates the radiant pride and happiness emanating from a father’s heart for his family’s accomplishments and happiness.

16 Names Meaning Father’s Love

Pateramor: This name signifies a strong bond of affection and care that a father holds for his children. It encapsulates the protective and nurturing love that guides and supports us through life’s challenges.

Abbondad: This name represents the abundance of love and kindness a father bestows upon his children. It indicates generosity, warmth, and unwavering support in times of need.

Padredevotion: This name reflects the deep devotion and dedication a father has towards his children. It symbolizes a love that is constant, steadfast, and selfless, always putting the needs of his family first.

Babaamore: This name stands for the tender and affectionate love a father showers upon his children. It conveys a sense of security, comfort, and endless affection that defines the bond between a father and his offspring.

Daddyamour: This name signifies the boundless affection and love a father feels for his children. It encompasses warmth, tenderness, and an unbreakable connection that transcends any obstacle.

Vaterpassion: This name encapsulates the intense passion and deep emotional attachment a father has for his children. It represents a love that is fierce, protective, and unwavering, driving him to always be there for his family.

Papafondness: This name signifies the fondness and tenderness a father holds for his children. It conveys a sense of closeness, warmth, and affectionate care that defines the relationship between a father and his offspring.

Tataydevotion: This name reflects the devoted love and unwavering commitment a father has towards his children. It symbolizes a bond that is strong, enduring, and filled with unconditional love and support.

Dadpassion: This name represents the intense passion and deep emotional connection a father shares with his children. It signifies a love that is powerful, nurturing, and endlessly supportive, shaping the lives of his offspring.

Papalove: This name embodies the pure and unconditional love a father feels for his children. It conveys a sense of affection, care, and devotion that knows no bounds, defining the essence of paternal love.

Fatherserenity: This name signifies the serene love a father exudes towards his children. It serves a sense of calm, peace, and reassurance that accompanies the presence of a loving father.

Pèreendearment: This name reflects the endearing love and affection a father has for his children. It symbolizes a bond that is tender, loving, and filled with heartfelt moments that strengthen the family bond.

Dadadoration: This name represents the adoration and reverence a father holds for his children. It conveys a sense of admiration, respect, and deep affection that defines the relationship between a father and his offspring.

Papabeloved: This name reflects the beloved and cherished status a father holds in the hearts of his children. It signifies a love that is cherished, valued, and deeply appreciated, shaping the foundation of a strong familial bond.

Popaffection: This name reflects the affectionate and loving bond a father shares with his children. It conveys a sense of warmth, tenderness, and care that defines the special connection between a father and his offspring.

Dadendearment: This name represents the endearing affection and love a father expresses towards his children. It symbolizes a gentle bond, nurturing, and is filled with moments of tenderness and closeness.

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