110+ Names Meaning Spider [Naming Your Little Spider]

Names Meaning Spider

The name “Spider” refers to a group of eight-legged arachnids that are known for spinning silk webs to catch prey or create shelter.

The word “spider” itself does not have a specific meaning in English other than denoting this particular type of arachnid.

However, the word “spider” is derived from the Old English word “spinnan,” which means “to spin,” reflecting the spinning of silk webs by these creatures.

In a broader sense, “spider” can also be used metaphorically to describe something intricate, interconnected, or web-like in structure or appearance.

The term “names meaning spider” refers to names that symbolize or represent the arachnid creature known as a spider.

These 110+ names often evoke characteristics associated with spiders, such as patience, creativity, and intricacy.

55 Boy Names Meaning Spider with Meaning & Significance

If you’re on the hunt for a unique and intriguing name for your little one, look no further! In this list, we’ve compiled 55 boy names that mean Spider. These names are sure to weave a web of fascination and charm around your child.

Boy NameMeaning & Significance
ArachnidReferring to the spider family
SpinsterSymbolizing web weaving
AnansiName of the West African spider god
SilasMeaning “man of the forest,” often associated with spiders
ArakMeans “spider” in Armenian
TaranisCeltic god associated with spiders
TarantulaA type of spider
IndrajaIndian name meaning “spider”
WeaverSignifying web construction
SpyderA modern variation of “spider”
NetzachHebrew name meaning “eternity”
HoloHawaiian for “spider”
SpinnerEmphasizing web-spinning ability
SpinderellaPlayful and unique spin on “spider”
TarakshaSanskrit name meaning “spider”
SutholA Spider-Man-inspired name
SpinifexA type of spider in Australia
ArakelArmenian name meaning “spider”
TarakarHindi name signifying “spider”
InceyShort and cute variation of “incy”
MarcellusLatin origin, meaning “little warrior” often associated with spiders
ArachA modern, unique twist on “arachnid”
NephilaGenus of golden orb-weaver spiders
AragogA character from Harry Potter known for his pet spider
KumoJapanese for “spider”
NankurunaisaAustralian Aboriginal spider deity
TheronGreek name meaning “hunter,” akin to a spider’s prey-catching skills
DriderA mythical creature, half-dragon and half-spider
SutaraMeaning “son of a spider” in Sanskrit
TaranehPersian name for “spider”
CanaanBiblical name, signifying promise and weaving skills
RagnorViking-inspired name symbolizing the web of fate
WebleyCombining “web” and “ley” (field)
AnguliIndonesian name meaning “spider”
SpinlordReflecting mastery in web-spinning
AlaricGermanic origin, meaning “ruler of all,” like a spider in its domain
ArachnioCreative variation of “arachnid”
FyrarusImaginative and spider-like name
TabaanArabic name meaning “spider”
T’RakkSci-fi-inspired twist on “tarantula”
ZirnaSlavic name meaning “spider”
OrbisSignifying the orb-weaver spiders
ShalabhaSanskrit for “spider”
ThadeusGreek name meaning “courageous” like a spider’s approach to hunting
WebspinnerEmphasizing the art of web weaving
HarakIndonesian name for “spider”
TarrenA unique and modern twist on “spider”
SlynderA playful combination of “sly” and “spider”
WebberHighlighting the role of web-making
MeshiJapanese name meaning “spider”
AnantyaSanskrit name meaning “endless”
NilarachCombining “nila” (blue) and “arachnid”
WebfootUnique and whimsical spider-inspired name
TaranuiMaori name meaning “big spider”

55 Girl Names That Mean Spider with Meaning & Significance

Explore this list of 55 girl names that mean “Spider.” These unique and intriguing names draw inspiration from the world of arachnids, making them a distinctive choice for your little one.

Girl NameMeaning & Significance
ArachneNamed after the skilled weaver in Greek mythology.
CharlotteMeaning “free” in French, signifying independence.
SilkeA German name symbolizing silk and spider webs.
MayaDerived from the Sanskrit word for illusion or magic.
SpiderA direct reference to the arachnid creature itself.
TarenWelsh name signifying “thunder,” resembling spider’s web.
AriadneGreek name linked to the labyrinth and complexity.
LyraLatin for “lyre,” connecting to artistic intricacy.
ClarimondeSuggesting clarity and elegance, akin to a spider’s web.
ArabellaMeaning “beautiful altar,” denoting intricate beauty.
SeraphinaSignifying “fiery” or “ardent,” like a spider’s silk.
MarigoldA flower associated with creativity and beauty.
Weaving NamesSymbolizing the art of weaving, like spiders do.
VivienneFrench name meaning “life” and embodying vitality.
LaceRepresents delicate and intricate patterns.
PenelopeGreek name symbolizing a weaver, like a spider.
MatildaMeaning “mighty in battle,” akin to a spider’s strength.
IngridSignifies “beautiful” or “fair,” like a spider’s web.
EsmeA French name denoting “beloved” and intricate beauty.
ElaraNamed after one of Jupiter’s moons with a webbed look.
NalaniHawaiian name signifying “the heavens,” like a spider’s art.
AstridMeaning “divinely beautiful,” symbolizing elegance.
FilomenaGreek name expressing “lover of song” and creativity.
SeleneGreek moon goddess associated with mystique.
CordeliaA name suggesting “heart” and deep emotions.
ThaliaGreek name signifying “blooming” and artistic grace.
AnankeGreek personification of inevitability and necessity.
ElowenCornish name meaning “elm tree,” reminiscent of nature.
MelisandeCombines “honey” and “strength,” like a spider’s web.
AvalonLinked to the mystical island, evoking enchantment.
SerildaA German name symbolizing “armed for battle.”
GossamerA delicate name resembling fine spider silk.
ValentinaLatin name meaning “strong” and powerful.
IsoldeCeltic name suggesting “ice ruler” and inner strength.
ElaraNamed after one of Jupiter’s moons with a webbed look.
ElaraNamed after one of Jupiter’s moons with a webbed look.
AraneaLatin for “spider,” directly referencing the arachnid.
SableA name linked to dark, luxurious fur and elegance.
IridessaSuggests “rainbow,” signifying beauty and complexity.
ElestrenCornish name related to “iris,” like a spider’s art.
OdalysCombines “wealth” and “noble,” like a spider’s web.
OndineA water nymph name associated with mystery.
AmaraMeaning “eternal” or “immortal,” like spider’s silk.
MarcellaLatin name signifying “young warrior” and strength.
MariposaSpanish for “butterfly,” symbolizing transformation.
AltheaGreek name meaning “healing” and rejuvenation.
SylvaA name connected to the forest and nature’s intricacy.
AnansiNamed after the West African spider god and storyteller.
Loom NamesReflecting the art of weaving and crafting.
FortunataLatin for “fortunate” and symbolic of luck.
ZarinaSuggests “golden,” representing richness and beauty.
LenoraMeaning “light,” evoking clarity and elegance.
JosselinSignifying “little goth,” connected to mystique.
ArabesqueA term for an intricate and ornamental design.


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