180 Names That Mean Swan (Boys, Girls, Japanese, French)

Names That Mean Swan

Names that signify “swan” evoke grace and beauty. “Cygnus,” a moniker with origins in Greek mythology, means swan and resonates with elegance. Another delightful choice is “Odette,” originating from French, capturing the swan’s allure.

In Nordic cultures, “Svanhildr” reflects the swan’s majesty, a name that carries a regal touch. These names embody the swan’s serene glide and gentle demeanor, creating a poetic connection with nature’s wondrous creature.

When choosing a name, consider the charm and sophistication mirrored in these appellations. They offer a graceful tribute to the swan’s timeless bait.

30 Unisex Names That Mean Swan

Alina (Bright Swan): A name that radiates the brilliance and elegance associated with swans, reflecting a luminous personality.

Cyrus (Young Swan): This name evokes the image of a youthful and graceful swan, symbolizing beauty in its early stages.

Leda (Happy Swan): A name that signifies the joy and contentment often associated with the graceful movements of swans.

Orla (Golden Swan): With a touch of richness, this name represents the golden hues and regal demeanor of swans.

Avalon (Island of Swans): Conjuring images of a serene paradise, this name captures the ethereal charm of swans in a tranquil setting.

Odette (Wealthy, Prosperous Swan): Reflecting prosperity and abundance, this name embodies the flourishing nature of a swan.

Finnian (Fair Swan): A name that denotes fairness and purity, akin to the pristine white feathers of a swan.

Seraphina (Fiery Swan): Combining the grace of a swan with a touch of fiery spirit, this name radiates passion and intensity.

Darian (Gift of the Swans): A name that signifies the enchanting presence of swans as a precious gift.

Elara (Swan Maiden): A name that holds a mystical draw, representing the magical and enchanting qualities of swans.

Brenna (Raven-haired Swan): Conveying a unique aspect, this name ties in the elegant swan imagery with dark, Raven-like features.

Arion (Melodious Swan): Infused with musicality, this name symbolizes the harmonious and graceful movements of a swan.

Naida (Water Nymph, Swan): Merging the enchantment of water nymphs with the elegance of swans, this name exudes a captivating aura.

Lirael (Song of the Swan): A name that resonates with the melodious nature often associated with the graceful presence of swans.

Cygnus (Swan Constellation): Drawing inspiration from the stars, this name embodies the celestial and timeless beauty of swans.

Gwyneth (Blessed Swan): Reflecting a sense of divine grace, this name emphasizes the sacred and blessed nature of swans.

Rowan (Little Red Swan): Adding a touch of color, this name symbolizes the unique charm of a swan with distinctive features.

Airlia (Noble Swan): A name that conveys the regal and dignified bearing of swans, representing nobility.

Kaelan (Mighty Swan): Infused with strength, this name signifies the powerful and majestic presence of a swan.

Merida (Sea Swan): Merging the elegance of swans with the vastness of the sea, this name captures a sense of boundless beauty.

Thalassa (Spirit of the Swans): Rooted in mythology, this name signifies the spiritual connection between swans and their ethereal nature.

Lucian (Light-bringer Swan): Symbolizing illumination and enlightenment, this name captures the radiant presence of a swan.

Sonnet (Poetic Swan): Infused with literary charm, this name conveys the poetic and expressive qualities associated with swans.

Halia (Sea in the Swan’s Eye): A name that intertwines the swan’s elegance with the vastness of the sea, representing a captivating gaze.

Iliad (Heroic Swan): Evoking a sense of heroism, this name ties in with the noble and brave qualities associated with swans.

Thalia (Blooming Swan): Signifying growth and blossoming beauty, this name reflects the vibrant and flourishing nature of swans.

Leolin (Lion-like Swan): Combining two powerful symbols, this name represents the strength and regality of swans, likened to lions.

Astraia (Starry Swan): Conveying a celestial theme, this name captures the twinkling elegance and grace associated with swans.

Faelan (Little Wolf Swan): Adding a touch of the wild, this name merges the graceful swan with the untamed spirit of a wolf.

Elysia (Heavenly Swan): Embodying a sense of divine beauty, this name signifies the ethereal and heavenly qualities of swans.

15 Names That Mean Swan Male

Aidan (Irish origin): Meaning “little fire,” Aidan exudes a warmth and charm that complements its swan-inspired grace.

Brennan (Gaelic origin): With the meaning of “little raven,” Brennan adds a touch of mystery to the elegance associated with swans.

Callum (Scottish origin): This name, meaning “dove,” embodies the peaceful and gentle nature often associated with swans.

Duncan (Scottish origin): Representing a “dark warrior,” Duncan carries a sense of strength and nobility reminiscent of the majestic swan.

Ewan (Scottish origin): Meaning “born of the yew tree,” Ewan combines nature and grace in a name befitting the swan’s beauty.

Finnian (Irish origin): Signifying “fair,” Finnian encapsulates the radiant and pristine characteristics associated with swans.

Gavin (Scottish origin): With the meaning of “white hawk,” Gavin captures the essence of the swan’s pure and regal presence.

Harrison (English origin): Meaning “son of Harry,” Harrison carries a sense of familiarity and strength, akin to the swan’s noble demeanor.

Ian (Scottish origin): Representing “God is gracious,” Ian reflects the divine elegance often associated with the swan.

Lachlan (Scottish origin): With the meaning of “from the fjord-land,” Lachlan adds a touch of geographical charm to the swan’s natural beauty.

Nolan (Irish origin): Meaning “noble,” Nolan mirrors the aristocratic poise attributed to swans.

Owen (Welsh origin): Representing a “young warrior,” Owen combines youthful vigor with the swan’s graceful and serene presence.

Quinn (Irish origin): With the meaning of “wisdom,” Quinn embodies the intelligent and discerning qualities associated with swans.

Ronan (Irish origin): Signifying “little seal,” Ronan adds a touch of aquatic charm to the elegance reminiscent of swans.

Tristan (Welsh origin): Meaning “sad” or “noise,” Tristan carries an air of mystery and melancholy, complementing the swan’s enigmatic bait.

15 Girl Names Meaning Swan

Avery – This elegant name means “ruler of the elves” and reflects the grace and beauty associated with swans.

Elysia – A name of Greek origin, Elysia means “blessed” or “blissful,” capturing the serene and enchanting essence of a swan.

Alina – With roots in various cultures, Alina means “bright” or “beautiful,” embodying the radiant and majestic nature of a swan.

Ondine – This French name signifies “little wave” and conveys a sense of fluidity and grace, mirroring the smooth movements of a swan on water.

Lira – A name with both Italian and Turkish origins, Lira translates to “lyre” or “song,” symbolizing the melodic and enchanting presence of a swan.

Odette – Of French origin, Odette means “wealthy” or “prosperous,” highlighting the opulent and regal characteristics of a swan.

Seraphina – With roots in Hebrew, Seraphina means “fiery-winged,” portraying the ethereal and angelic qualities often associated with swans.

Elara – This Greek name means “shining light” or “bright one,” capturing the luminous and radiant aura of a swan gliding on the water.

Nerida – Derived from Greek mythology, Nerida means “sea nymph” or “mermaid,” reflecting the enchanting and aquatic nature of swans.

Cygni – A unique name inspired by the Latin word for swan, Cygni represents the elegance and sophistication of these beautiful birds.

Faina – Of Ukrainian origin, Faina means “shining” or “bright,” evoking the dazzling and pristine appearance of a swan.

Selene – This Greek name translates to “moon,” symbolizing the calm and graceful movements of a swan in the moonlit waters.

Thalassa – A name rooted in Greek mythology, Thalassa means “sea” or “ocean,” capturing the serene and fluid nature of swans in their aquatic habitats.

Calista – With Greek origins, Calista means “most beautiful” or “fair,” encapsulating the aesthetic draw and elegance of a swan.

Aviana – A modern and charming name, Aviana combines elements of “aviary” and “grace,” perfectly capturing the bird-like grace and beauty of swans.

20 Girl Names That Mean White Swan


Albina: Meaning “white” in Latin, Albina is a classic and elegant name that perfectly captures the purity of a white swan.

Gwen: This Welsh name, meaning “fair” or “white,” reflects the swan’s graceful and pristine appearance.

Fiona: Of Gaelic origin, Fiona translates to “fair” or “white,” making it a charming choice inspired by the white swan’s beauty.

Bianca: An Italian name meaning “white,” Bianca is a timeless and sophisticated option reminiscent of the swan’s snowy plumage.

Blanche: With French roots, Blanche signifies “white” and carries a sense of purity and grace, mirroring the swan’s demeanor.

Eirwen: A Welsh name meaning “white as snow,” Eirwen captures the ethereal essence of the white swan.

Finola: This Irish name, meaning “white shoulder,” beautifully encapsulates the swan’s elegant and pristine appearance.

Candice: Of Latin origin, Candice means “pure” or “white,” drawing parallels to the swan’s untainted beauty.

Elara: With Greek roots, Elara means “bright” or “shining,” evoking the radiant and elegant presence of a white swan.

Fawn: An English name meaning “young deer” or “white,” Fawn symbolizes the innocence and beauty associated with a white swan.

Ivory: Inspired by the pale color of a swan’s feathers, Ivory is a simple and modern name that exudes purity.

Luna: With Latin origins, Luna means “moon,” representing the swan’s serene and luminous presence.

Neva: Of Spanish origin, Neva translates to “snowy” or “white,” capturing the pristine nature of a white swan.

Opaline: A name of French origin, Opaline conveys the shimmering and iridescent qualities reminiscent of a white swan’s feathers.

Pearl: A classic English name, Pearl symbolizes purity and beauty, much like the pristine appearance of a white swan.

Selene: With Greek roots, Selene means “moon,” reflecting the serene and graceful demeanor of a white swan.

Thalassa: Inspired by the Greek word for “sea,” Thalassa conveys the swan’s graceful movements and pure essence.

Winona: A Native American name meaning “firstborn daughter” or “white,” Winona captures the innocence and beauty of a white swan.

Zara: With Arabic origins, Zara means “princess” and radiates an air of regality, much like the majestic presence of a white swan.

Crystal: This English name, associated with clarity and purity, mirrors the pristine and graceful nature of a white swan.

20 Girl Names Meaning Black Swan


Ravena – This name signifies a mysterious and dark beauty, much like the striking elegance of a black swan.

Sable – Inspired by the rich, velvety feathers of a black swan, this name exudes a sense of luxurious and alluring charm.

Nocturna – Meaning “night” in Latin, this name captures the essence of the black swan’s enchanting presence under the moonlight.

Obsidia – Rooted in “obsidian,” this name reflects the deep black color of volcanic glass, mirroring the swan’s dark plumage.

Ebona – A fusion of “ebony” and “ona,” conveying a sense of both darkness and femininity, much like the black swan.

Sylvana – Combining “sylvan” and the charm of the black swan, this name suggests a captivating, forest-inspired beauty.

UmbrillaA playful twist on “umbra,” meaning shadow, symbolizing the graceful yet elusive nature of the black swan.

Onyxia – Blending “onyx,” a black gemstone, with a feminine ending, this name echoes the swan’s regal and precious demeanor.

Mystique – Directly conveying a sense of mystery and allure, this name perfectly captures the enigmatic aura of the black swan.

Lunarra – A combination of “lunar” and a feminine touch, symbolizing the swan’s elegance in the moonlit darkness.

Shadara – Merging “shadow” with a graceful sound, this name embodies the captivating beauty found within the darkness, akin to a black swan.

Noirelle – A fusion of “noir” and a soft ending, this name evokes the sophisticated charm of a black swan’s plumage.

Velvetta – Drawing inspiration from the smooth texture of velvet, this name conveys a sense of softness and darkness, mirroring the black swan.

Mystara – A mystical twist on the word “mystery,” suggesting an otherworldly charm reminiscent of the black swan’s ethereal beauty.

Eclipsa – Rooted in “eclipse,” this name symbolizes the moment of darkness and charm, much like the swan’s presence against the light.

Inkara – Blending “ink” with a feminine touch, this name signifies the deep, dark essence found in the elegant feathers of a black swan.

Zephyra – A combination of “zephyr,” meaning a gentle breeze, and a hint of mystery, capturing the elusive grace of a black swan.

Charissa – Derived from “charcoal,” this name hints at the deep, smoky beauty associated with the black swan’s distinctive appearance.

Eclipsea – A subtle variation on “eclipse,” conveying the enigmatic charm and beauty reminiscent of the black swan’s presence.

Nyxara – Inspired by Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night, combined with a feminine touch, this name reflects the dark and enchanting allure of a black swan.

15 Boy Names Meaning Black Swan

Aidan: This name means “little fire” and reflects the intense and unique beauty of a black swan.

Colton: Meaning “coal town,” this name draws a parallel to the dark and mysterious feathers of a black swan.

Dexter: Derived from “dye,” this name symbolizes the deep and rich coloring associated with a black swan’s plumage.

Nolan: Signifying “champion” or “noble,” this name captures the elegance and regal nature of a black swan.

Kieran: With the meaning “dark-haired,” this name reflects the characteristic blackness of a swan’s feathers.

Orion: Meaning “hunter” or “rising in the sky,” this name symbolizes the majestic and graceful flight of a black swan.

Leland: Translating to “meadowland,” this name subtly references the serene environments often associated with swans.

Quintin: Derived from the Latin word for “fifth,” this name may signify the unique and rare quality of a black swan.

Ewan: Meaning “born of the yew tree,” this name hints at the natural surroundings where black swans often dwell.

Ronan: Translating to “little seal,” this name captures the enigmatic and sleek qualities of a black swan.

Zephyr: Signifying “west wind,” this name reflects the graceful and smooth movements reminiscent of a black swan gliding across the water.

Jarrett: Derived from the Old French word for “black,” this name straightforwardly emphasizes the color associated with a black swan.

Dashiell: Meaning “page boy” or “messenger,” this name may symbolize the unique and communicative behaviors of black swans.

Rohan: Signifying “ascending,” this name captures the upward flight and elegance of a black swan taking to the skies.

Emeric: Derived from the Germanic word for “work-power,” this name subtly alludes to the strength and resilience embodied by a black swan.

20 Japanese Names That Mean Swan

Mizuki (水樹) – Meaning “water tree,” Mizuki symbolizes the grace of a swan gliding through calm waters.

Haruka () – This name, translating to “distant,” reflects the swan’s elegance as it soars across the horizon.

Airi (愛莉) – Combining “love” and “jasmine,” Airi captures the loving and delicate nature of a swan.

Tsubasa () – Signifying “wings,” Tsubasa highlights the swan’s majestic flight through the open skies.

Ayame (菖蒲) – Meaning “iris,” Ayame paints a picture of the swan’s serene presence in a blooming pond.

Natsuki (夏樹) – Translating to “summer tree,” Natsuki conveys the swan’s connection to nature during the warm season.

Sakura () – Inspired by the cherry blossom, Sakura mirrors the swan’s ethereal beauty in a picturesque setting.

Ryoko (涼子) – Combining “refreshing” and “child,” Ryoko mirrors the youthful and refreshing qualities of a swan.

Sora () – Meaning “sky,” Sora embodies the swan’s affinity for soaring high above the earth.

Hikari () – Signifying “light,” Hikari reflects the swan’s radiant and graceful presence in any environment.

Yuki () – Inspired by “snow,” Yuki captures the swan’s elegance against a serene winter backdrop.

Aoi () – Meaning “hollyhock,” Aoi paints a picture of the swan’s beauty amid a lush and vibrant garden.

Kazuki (和樹) – Combining “harmony” and “tree,” Kazuki symbolizes the swan’s graceful existence within nature.

Yume () – Translating to “dream,” Yume reflects the dreamlike quality of a swan gliding through calm waters.

Hana (花) – Inspired by “flower,” Hana mirrors the swan’s beauty in a blossoming garden.

Ren () – Meaning “lotus,” Ren symbolizes the swan’s purity as it navigates through a serene lotus pond.

Kaito (海斗) – Combining “ocean” and “fight,” Kaito represents the swan’s resilience as it navigates the vastness of the seas.

Nozomi (望み) – Signifying “hope,” Nozomi captures the optimistic and uplifting spirit of a swan in flight.

Miku (美空) – Translating to “beautiful sky,” Miku echoes the swan’s elegance against the backdrop of a picturesque sky.

Taiki (大樹) – Meaning “big tree,” Taiki reflects the swan’s majestic presence amidst the towering beauty of nature.

20 French Names Meaning Swan

Auberon – This name means “noble” in French, reflecting the grace and elegance associated with swans.

Blanchefleur – Combining “Blanche” (white) and “fleur” (flower), this name evokes the pristine beauty often attributed to swans.

Cygne – Meaning “swan” in French, this name is a direct nod to the majestic bird.

Delphine – With roots in the word “delphus” meaning “dolphin” in Greek, this name symbolizes purity and serenity, much like the swan.

Eulalie – Derived from the Greek word “eulalos” meaning “sweetly speaking,” this name captures the gentle nature associated with swans.

Fleurette – Meaning “little flower” in French, this name conveys the delicate and graceful qualities often attributed to swans.

Gwenaëlle – Combining “gwen” (white, fair, blessed) and “ael” (brow), this name embodies the ethereal and elegant characteristics of swans.

Hélène – Originating from the Greek word “Helene,” meaning “torch” or “corposant,” this name suggests illumination and purity, much like the graceful swan.

Inès – Derived from the Greek name “Agnes,” meaning “pure” or “holy,” this name symbolizes the untainted beauty often associated with swans.

Jocelyne – This name is derived from the Breton word “iudh” meaning “lord,” reflecting the regal demeanor of swans.

Léonie – Meaning “lioness” in French, this name suggests strength and grace, much like the majestic swan.

Maëlle – Combining “mae” (pleasant) and “Elle” (she), this name evokes the serene essence of swans.

Nadège – Derived from the Russian name “Nadezhda,” meaning “hope,” this name conveys optimism and purity, similar to the symbolism of swans.

Océane – This name is derived from the word “océan,” meaning “ocean,” reflecting the vastness and purity often associated with swans.

Perrine – Meaning “rock” or “stone” in French, this name symbolizes strength and resilience, akin to the graceful swan navigating through water.

Rosalie – Combining “rose” (rose) and “alie” (from the Latin “alio” meaning “other”), this name signifies beauty and grace, reminiscent of swans.

Séraphine – Derived from the Greek word “seraphim,” meaning “burning ones” or “fiery ones,” this name conveys a sense of divine purity and grace, much like the swan’s elegance.

Thaïs – This name is derived from the Greek word “Thais,” meaning “bandage” or “healer,” suggesting a soothing and healing presence similar to the tranquil nature of swans.

Valérie – Meaning “strong” or “healthy” in French, this name signifies resilience and vitality, qualities often associated with the graceful swan.

Yvonne – Derived from the Germanic name “Ivonne,” meaning “yew” or “archer,” this name symbolizes strength and agility, akin to the graceful movements of swans.

25 Names for Swans

Graceful Gem: This swan glides effortlessly across the water, its elegant movements resembling a precious gem in motion.

Majestic Monarch: With a regal bearing and commanding presence, this swan reigns supreme on the serene waters.

Azure Beauty: Its feathers shimmer like the clear blue sky, adding a touch of celestial charm to its graceful form.

Silent Serenity: This swan moves in tranquil silence, embodying peace and calmness as it glides through the still waters.

Ivory Elegance: Dressed in pure white feathers, this swan exudes an air of timeless elegance and sophistication.

Whispering Willow: Often found near the gentle rustle of willow trees, this swan seems to whisper secrets to the breeze as it floats serenely.

Golden Gleam: Bathed in the warm glow of sunlight, this swan’s feathers take on a golden hue, casting a radiant aura around it.

Sapphire Seraph: With wings spread wide like a celestial being, this swan inspires awe with its heavenly beauty and grace.

Pearl Princess: Delicate and refined, this swan’s feathers resemble lustrous pearls, adding a touch of royalty to its appearance.

Aurora Grace: Like the dancing lights of the aurora borealis, this swan moves with graceful fluidity, painting the water with hues of light.

Velvet Whisper: Smooth and velvety in appearance, this swan glides silently, leaving behind a trail of tranquility in its wake.

Ember Enchantment: As the sun sets, this swan’s feathers catch fire, glowing with the warm hues of twilight, enchanting all who behold it.

Lunar Luminary: Under the soft glow of moonlight, this swan appears ethereal, its beauty heightened by the mystical ambiance of the night.

Amber Aura: With feathers reminiscent of amber, this swan radiates a warm and inviting aura, drawing admirers with its captivating presence.

Opal Opulence: Like a precious opal, this swan’s feathers display a myriad of colors, shimmering and changing with every movement.

Sapphire Songbird: Its melodic calls echo across the water, captivating listeners with the enchanting song that emanates from its graceful form.

Celestial Celeste: Named for the heavens above, this swan seems to belong to the stars, its beauty transcending earthly bounds.

Whispering Willow: Nestled among the branches of willow trees, this swan moves with the gentle rustle of leaves, its presence a soothing balm to the soul.

Azure Dreamer: With feathers as blue as the sky, this swan appears lost in reverie, drifting through the water with an air of serene contentment.

Moonlit Muse: Bathed in the soft light of the moon, this swan inspires artists and poets alike with its ethereal beauty and grace.

Enchanted Elegance: With an otherworldly charm, this swan seems to belong to a realm of fantasy, its presence enchanting all who gaze upon it.

Silent Symphony: Like a conductor leading an invisible orchestra, this swan moves with quiet grace, its movements creating a symphony of serenity on the water.

Radiant Rhapsody: With feathers that shimmer like sunlight on water, this swan seems to dance to its own radiant melody, filling the air with joy and beauty.

Iridescent Icon: A symbol of beauty and grace, this swan’s iridescent feathers catch the light, dazzling onlookers with their ever-changing hues.

Tranquil Treasure: A rare gem of serenity, this swan floats peacefully on the water, its presence a precious treasure to behold.

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