100+ Boy & Girl Names Meaning Passionate [Most Popular]

Names Meaning Passionate

Passion is an intense fire within, a driving force that fuels our pursuits. It’s the powerful desire that compels us to take action, to follow our dreams with unwavering dedication.

It’s the heartbeat of our purpose, pushing us to overcome obstacles and reach for greatness. With passion, we find joy and fulfillment in our endeavors, pouring our hearts into what we love.

It’s the energy that lights up our path, giving life a vibrant, purposeful meaning. Passion is the key to unlocking our full potential, turning dreams into reality and making each moment count.

The quest for names meaning passionate leads us to a world of fiery enthusiasm and intense emotion.

These 100+ names that mean passion are a reflection of fervor, zeal, and a burning desire for life’s vibrant experiences.

50 Boy Names Meaning Passionate, Meaning And Origin

Check out a selection of powerful and impressive boy names meaning passion. These 50 boy names that mean passionate, rich in fervor and enthusiasm, reflect the fiery spirit and determination within your little one.

Boy NameMeaningOrigin
AmorLove or desireLatin
JovanPassionate or enthusiasticSlavic
AidenFiery and ardentIrish
RaviFull of passionSanskrit
TheoPassionate or strongGreek
AsherEnthusiastic and happyHebrew
DarianFilled with passionPersian
LeoFull of fiery spiritLatin
EamonEager and passionateIrish
RaphaelGod has healed, zealousHebrew
ZephyrPassionate and gentleGreek
ErosGod of love and passionGreek
MalikPassionate leaderArabic
EnzoFiery or passionateItalian
IgnatiusArdent and ferventLatin
KieranPassionate and dark-hairedIrish
NikosVictorious and passionateGreek
LukaEnthusiastic and brightSlavic
AresGod of war and passionGreek
ElioPassionate and sun-likeItalian
ErykFull of burning zealPolish
MaximusVery passionate and greatLatin
DanteFiery and passionateItalian
CadenFiery in spiritCeltic
CyrusPassionate and heroicPersian
MalachaiMy messenger, full of zealHebrew
JaggerEnthusiastic and livelyEnglish
ApolloPassionate and radiantGreek
AshwinFilled with enthusiasmSanskrit
NolanPassionate and nobleIrish
LeonidasFiery and passionateGreek
DominicPassionate and devotedLatin
ThaddeusFull of heart and zealAramaic
ElianPassionate and brightWelsh
KaiFire or passionateHawaiian
EmoryEager and passionateGerman
NikolaiVictorious and passionateRussian
EmericFull of energy and zealHungarian
DanteFiery and passionateItalian
OrionPassionate and determinedGreek
EwanFull of enthusiasmScottish
TarekPassionate travelerArabic
RaffertyEnthusiastic and heartyIrish
ZygmuntVictorious and passionatePolish
EnricoRuler of the household, passionateItalian
AzrielGod is my help, zealousHebrew
ZainBeauty, passionArabic
RezsoEager and passionateHungarian
CallumPassionate doveScottish
ValentinStrong and passionateLatin

50 Girl Names That Mean Passion, Meaning And Origin

View these fervent girl names, brimming with fiery enthusiasm and deep emotion. These 50 girl names that mean passionate spill strength and intensity, making them a perfect choice for your spirited and determined daughter.

Girl NameMeaningOrigin
AriaPassionate SongItalian
EsmeBeloved and passionateFrench
SerafinaFiery or passionateItalian
IsoldePassionate and intenseGerman
MireillePassionate oneFrench
ZaraFiery, passionateArabic
LyraPassionate and musicalGreek
FiorellaLittle flower of passionItalian
EilidhFiery, passionateScottish
ElaraFiery and passionateGreek
ValenciaBrave and passionateSpanish
FlavianaPassionate and golden-hairedLatin
KeelyFiery and passionateIrish
SeraphinaFiery, passionateHebrew
MelisandePassionate strengthFrench
LilithPassionate and seductiveHebrew
AdaraFiery and passionateHebrew
ZephyraPassionate West WindGreek
RheaFiery, passionateGreek
FiammettaLittle fiery oneItalian
AithneFiery and passionateIrish
SerenStar and passionWelsh
EvelinaPassionate and livelyItalian
ZalikaPassionate and born into wealthAfrican
MeridaPassionate oneSpanish
SerenityPeaceful and passionateEnglish
KamariaLike the moon and passionateSwahili
ThalassaPassionate seaGreek
DalilaPassionate womanSwahili
AmaraEternal and passionateSanskrit
IridessaFiery and passionateGreek
SavitaPassionate and sun-likeSanskrit
CaeliaFiery and passionateLatin
AyeshaFull of life and passionArabic
SaraiMy princess and passionateHebrew
CassiopeiaPassionate queenGreek
VivianneFull of life and passionLatin
CyraFiery and passionatePersian
ZenobiaPassionate lifeGreek
AleriaFiery and passionateLatin
EveliaPassionate and livelyLatin
OrithyiaFiery and passionateGreek
ZahiraRadiant and passionateArabic
FeodoraGift of God and passionateRussian
LetoFiery and passionateGreek
MaelisFiery and passionateBreton
EnaraPassionate and swan-likeBasque
SvetlanaLight and passionateRussian
IlithyiaFiery and passionateGreek
ShalimarBeloved and passionatePersian
EliskaPassionate and truthfulCzech


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