200 Names That Mean Envious [Shadow Of Green Eyes]

Names That Mean Envious, Envy

Names that convey envy offer bear a sense of covetousness and desire. Examples include “Jealousy,” which signifies an intense yearning for what others possess, and “Green-Eyed,” hinting at the green-eyed monster of envy.

Desiree” bound the longing for another’s blessings, while “Covetta” suggests covert desires.

These names that mean envious serve as a reminder of the complex human emotion of envy, reflecting the natural urge to attain what others have.

While they may not explicitly encourage envy, they symbolize the universal feeling. They allow individuals to feel their emotions through their very names.

50 Boy Names That Mean Envious: The Envious Ensemble

Here’s a table of 50 boy names that convey the meaning of envy, along with their significance:

Boy NameMeaningSignificance
AvidanDesire for judgmentReflects a yearning for fairness and justice
Enrico“Ruler of the household”Suggests a desire to dominate and control
Ingrams“Raven of anger”Signifies inner turmoil and resentment
Phthonos“Envy”A direct reference to the emotion itself
Malachite“Green stone”Links to the green-eyed monster of envy
Zeke“Jealousy”Represents the intense emotion of jealousy
Wanageeska“Jealous one”Highlights the presence of jealousy in one’s nature
Amadis“Desire for love”Implies a longing for affection and admiration
Havard“Keeper of the estate”Suggests a possessive nature and desire for wealth
Kenvin“Handsome and envious”Combines physical attractiveness with jealousy
Rivaldo“Envious rival”Emphasizes the competitive aspect of envy
Ikhlaq“Character”Hints at the importance of one’s moral qualities
Hasad“Envy”Directly references the negative emotion of envy
Ademar“Famous for envy”Acknowledges the presence of envy in one’s fame
Malhar“One who attracts envy”Indicates the power to provoke jealousy
Zephyr“West wind”Symbolizes the unpredictable nature of envy
Racine“Root of envy”Highlights the origin and source of envy
Malin“Little strong warrior”Suggests strength in dealing with envy
Taranis“God of thunder”Represents the thunderous impact of envy
Seraphino“Burning with envy”Evokes the intensity of envious feelings
Zelimir“Desire for peace”Suggests a longing for tranquility amidst envy
Gier“Envy”A straightforward reference to the emotion
Neto“Envious”Directly states the inclination towards envy
Wanikiya“Savior”Implies the potential to overcome envy’s negative effects
Amadon“Desire for love”Similar to Amadis, emphasizing the longing for love
Kenvon“Handsome envious one”Combines attractiveness with an envious nature
Rivalin“Envious rival”Emphasizes competition and rivalry in envy
Ehsan“Kindness”Suggests the antidote to envy through kindness
Hasam“Envious one”Directly identifies the individual as envious
Caelum“Sky”Represents the limitless nature of envy
Radimir“Joy of peace”Implies finding joy despite the presence of envy
Malachi“My messenger”Suggests the role of a messenger in envy
Taran“Thunder”Symbolizes the destructive force of envy
Seraphim“Burning ones”Reflects the fiery nature of envious emotions
Zelig“Blessed”Irony in naming, suggesting positivity in envy
Giano“Jealous”Directly conveys the emotion of jealousy
Netuno“Envious one”Clearly states the presence of envy in the name
Waniki“Charger”Implies charging forward despite envy’s obstacles
Amadi“Desire for love”A variation of Amadis, focusing on love
Kenvyn“Handsome and envious”Combines physical appeal with an envious nature
Riven“Split”Suggests division and conflict caused by envy
Ehsaan“Kindness and compassion”Emphasizes overcoming envy through compassion
Hasim“Envious”A direct reference to the envious nature
Celestius“Heavenly”Suggests aspiring to rise above earthly envy
Malakai“My angel”Implies a protective aspect amidst envy
Tarnow“Thunder of the north”Signifies a formidable force similar to envy
Serafin“Burning one”Emphasizes the fiery aspect of envious emotions
Zeljko“Desire”Focuses on the yearning aspect of envy
Giancarlo“Jealousy and kindness”Balances jealousy with kindness in the name
Nethan“Envious”A straightforward declaration of an envious nature
Amado“Beloved”Suggests the pursuit of love amidst envy

50 Girl Names That Mean Envy: Green-Eyed Girls

Indeed, here’s a table of 50 girl names that convey the meaning of envy, along with their significance:

Girl NameMeaningSignificance
EnidEnviousReflects a sense of longing and desire in one’s personality.
MalinaJealousySignifies a strong desire for what others possess.
DesireeDesiredConveys the idea of being coveted and sought after.
OliviaGreen-eyedSuggests envy through the “green-eyed monster” reference.
EnvyEnvyDirectly represents the emotion of envy.
ColetteJealousReflects a feeling of covetousness and possessiveness.
CovettaCovetedImplies something highly desired by others.
EnnaraEnvious oneIndicates a person prone to envy.
SerenaEnvious spiritSuggests a peaceful demeanor despite hidden envy.
GracelynGracefully enviousBalances grace with a touch of envy in one’s character.
AvidaLongingExpresses a strong desire for something unattainable.
EdelineNoble envyCombines nobility with the emotion of envy.
AmarisEnvy of the moonLinks lunar beauty with a hint of jealousy.
ZealEnvious zealRepresents enthusiastic covetousness.
OdetteEnvious protectorSuggests protecting what one covets.
MiraEnvious gazeReflects a gaze filled with longing.
KendraEnvious knowledgeSignifies the desire for wisdom and knowledge.
AvianaEnvious graceEmphasizes graceful envy.
SeleneEnvious moonLinks moonlight with hidden envy.
ThaliaEnvious bloomSymbolizes the desire for blooming success.
EudoraGood gift of envyImplies the positive aspects of envy.
EvadneEnvious oneSuggests a person prone to envy.
CalistaMost beautiful envyCombines beauty and the emotion of envy.
ZaraEnvious princessReflects royal covetousness.
VenettaEnvious victorySignifies the desire for triumph and success.
RavennaEnvious ravenAssociates a dark elegance with envy.
MelinaHoneyed envyCombines sweetness with a touch of jealousy.
FiraFiery envySuggests intense and passionate covetousness.
ThalassaEnvious seaRelates the ocean’s vastness to the depth of envy.
ZephyraEnvious west windEvokes the idea of envy blowing in with the wind.
OvidiaEnvious lifeImplies a longing for a more fulfilling existence.
EvadnaEnvious oneSuggests a person prone to envy.
ZelenaEnvious spiritReflects a spirited nature with a hint of envy.
TaliaEnvious gazeSignifies a gaze filled with longing.
FidelaFaithful envyCombines faithfulness with the emotion of envy.
EvelinaEnvious lightLinks light with hidden envy.
VenoraEnvious womanSuggests a woman characterized by envy.
NereidaEnvious sea nymphRelates envy to the enchanting sea nymphs of mythology.
MalindaGentle envySoftens the notion of envy with gentleness.
ZaraeEnvious dawnAssociates the early morning with covetousness.
SelenaEnvious moonLinks moonlight with hidden envy.
IvetteEnvious yewCombines the strength of the yew tree with envy.
MireyaEnvious gazeReflects a gaze filled with longing.
CorinneMaiden of envySymbolizes a youthful, envious spirit.
ZafiraEnvious and radiantSuggests radiant beauty combined with envy.
VesperaEnvious eveningAssociates the evening with the emotion of envy.
CressidaEnvious goldRelates envy to the allure of gold.
EvelineEnvious birdEvokes the image of a bird with covetous tendencies.
VenitaEnvious blessingImplies that envy can be seen as a blessing in disguise.
ElaraEnvious laughterSuggests laughter tainted with a hint of envy.
ZillahEnvious shadowReflects the shadowy nature of envy.
MaelieEnvious oneSuggests a person prone to envy.

50 Female Names That Mean Envious That Reflect the Green-Eyed Emotion

Certainly, here is a table of 50 female names that connote envy, along with their meanings and significance:

Female NameMeaningSignificance
DesiraeOne who desiresReflects a longing for what others have
JealousyFull of jealousyEmphasizes the envious nature
EnvyThe feeling of envyA straightforward embodiment of the emotion
AvaCovetousSignifies a desire for what others possess
EnidJealous soulSuggests a propensity for envy
EmeryRivalImplies competition and envy
InvidiaEnvy (Latin)A direct reference to the emotion
AvariceGreedHighlights an insatiable desire
SeleneEnviousIndicates an inclination towards jealousy
TrystanTumultuousSuggests a turbulent nature, often linked to envy
DesireeDesiredSignifies a strong yearning for others’ blessings
HazelEnvious glanceRelates to the envious look
MalinaIll-wishingConveys negative intentions
ThaliaBloomingRepresents the growth of envy
FeliciaFortunateIrony lies in the name, hinting at hidden envy
WillowWishing evilAlludes to harboring envious thoughts
SerenaSereneContrasts inner envy with outward calm
MinaCovetousSuggests an inclination to desire
OliviaOlive branchA peaceful exterior concealing envy
EnidJealous soulImplies a propensity for jealousy
ReganLittle rulerSuggests a desire for power and control
NevaehHeaven spelled backwardIrony in wishing for something unattainable
KeiraLittle dark-haired oneHints at coveting attributes of others
BellaBeautifulIrony in aspiring to beauty like others
AriaMelodySuggests an envy for musical talent
SiennaOrange-redMay symbolize jealousy’s fiery nature
QuinnWiseIrony in aspiring to wisdom like others
RileyValiantReflects a desire for courage
EmberBurningImplies a fiery envy for passion
KieraLittle dark-haired oneHints at coveting attributes of others
IvyClimbing plantSymbolizes the urge to climb the social ladder
EdenParadiseIrony in longing for a perfect life
VenusGoddess of loveReflects an envious desire for love and affection
WinonaFirstborn daughterMay hint at a desire for primacy within the family
SeraphinaFierySuggests an intense and burning envy
DemiHalfMay imply feeling incomplete compared to others
GiaEarthlyIrony in coveting earthly possessions
NyxNightAlludes to envious thoughts that surface at night
EvadnePleasingIrony in seeking to please like others
PandoraAll-giftedSignifies envy for the blessings of others
SirenaEnviousSuggests a tendency to envy those with talents
MalindaGentle serpentConveys deceitful envy
TaliaBloomingRepresents the growth of envy
ZaraBlossomImplies an envious desire for beauty
VesperEveningAlludes to envious thoughts that arise at dusk
MelisandeWorkIrony in desiring success like others
GaiaEarthMay signify envy for the abundance of the Earth
RowanLittle redheadHints at coveting distinctive features
RinaJoyousSuggests an envy for others’ happiness
EvangelineMessenger of good newsIrony in aspiring to bring joy like others
OlympiaHeavenlyReflects a desire for a heavenly existence
VesperaEveningAlludes to envious thoughts that surface at night

50 Male Names That Mean Envy: Covetous Choices

Indeed, here is a table of 50 male names, their meanings related to envy, and their significance:

Male NameMeaningSignificance
Avidan“Desire for others’ gifts”Reflects a longing for success and wealth
Enzo“Envious zeal”Emphasizes ambition and competition
Jelani“Full of envy”Acknowledges the presence of envy
ZekeJealousySymbolizes the struggle with jealousy
Kane“Covetous”Represents a strong desire for more
Dante“Envious”Signifies the presence of envy
Malachi“Messenger of envy”Suggests a harbinger of envy
Rivaldo“Rival”Expresses a competitive nature
Zephyr“Envious one”Conveys the presence of envy
Ethan“Strong desire”Reflects a yearning for success
Iago“Envious”Alludes to the character from Othello
Ransford“Seeker of envy”Highlights the quest for recognition
Theo“Desire”Emphasizes aspirations and wants
Zafir“Envious”Suggests the feeling of envy
Covington“Town of envy”Indicates a place associated with envy
Damian“To tame”Symbolizes the effort to control envy
Macbeth“Son of envy”References the Shakespearean character
Zain“Envy”Directly relates to the emotion
Eamon“Rich protector”Implies protection from envious rivals
Invidius“Envious”A direct reference to the emotion
Rivalry“Competition”Represents a competitive spirit
Zephyrus“West wind”Suggests the changing nature of envy
Enver“Bright envy”Contrasts envy with positivity
Kenzo“Strong desire”Reflects determination and ambition
Resentment“Bitterness”Expresses the feeling of resentment
Zadok“Righteous envy”Implies envy driven by virtue
Envoy“Messenger”Represents the conveyance of envy
Lynx“Jealousy”Alludes to the watchful nature of envy
Ricardo“Powerful ruler”Suggests envy of authority and control
Zaire“Envious”Highlights the presence of envy
Ferdy“Envy of peace”Paradoxically associates envy with peace
Mistrust“Doubt”Reflects the lack of trust in others
Zeus“Jealousy”Relates to the jealousy of the gods
Griffin“Envious”Symbolizes the presence of envy
Nemesio“Envious”Acknowledges envy as a trait
Zethan“Envious one”Directly signifies an envious person
Gideon“Destroyer of envy”Conveys the intention to overcome envy
Odysseus“Wrathful”Suggests the consequences of envy
Zebedee“Gift of envy”Paradoxically relates envy to gifts
Harbor“Shelter”Implies a safe haven from envy
Orville“Golden city”Hints at a desire for wealth and riches
Zephyrus“West wind”Symbolizes the fleeting nature of envy
Ignatius“Fiery envy”Emphasizes the intensity of envy
Pandora“All-giving”Suggests the consequences of curiosity
Zephyr“Envious one”Conveys the presence of envy
Jealousy“Envy”Directly represents the emotion
Raven“Envious”Alludes to the dark nature of envy
Zethan“Envious one”Signifies an individual prone to envy
Kenvin“Envious friend”Highlights the complexities of friendship
Regret“Sorrow”Reflects the remorse stemming from envy
Zayd“Envy”A direct reference to the emotion
Envy“Covetousness”Symbolizes the core of envy


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