110+ Graceless Names Meaning Revenge For Boys And Girls

Names Meaning Revenge

The name “Revenge” does not have a common or widely recognized meaning in the English language like many other names.

It is not a traditional given name and is not typically used as a name for people. The word “revenge” itself refers to the act of causing harm or punishment to someone as a response to a perceived wrong or injury.

It is primarily a noun and verb in the English language used to describe a specific action or concept, rather than a name for individuals.

These names carry a powerful message, reflecting the desire for retribution and justice. Explore a selection of meaningful boy’s and girl’s names that mean revenge.

55 Boy Names Meaning Revenge Along with Significance

Here’s a table of 55 boy names that mean revenge and their significance:

Boy NameMeaning of NameSignificance
VengeanceTo seek revengeA strong and assertive name
NemesisRighteous indignationReflects the desire for justice
PaybackRetributionA name that signifies settling scores
VendettaFeud or revengeConveys a sense of determination
TitusAvengerA classic name with a vengeful twist
RagnarWarrior’s revengeA powerful and historical name
DracoDragon, serpentSymbolic of a fierce, vengeful force
HunterPursuer, seekerSuggests a relentless quest for vengeance
GriffinStrong lordImplies strength and determination
LexDefender of menSignifies protecting one’s own
ThorneSharp and pointedA name that suggests a piercing revenge
VictorConqueror, winnerReflects triumph and victory
AxelFather of peaceA peaceful name with hidden strength
RancorDeep-seated hatredEvokes a sense of ongoing enmity
OnyxBlack gemstoneDark and mysterious, symbolizing revenge
TysonFiery temperedSignifies a passionate pursuit of retribution
OrionHunter in Greek mythA name associated with hunting and revenge
FelixHappy, fortunateAn ironic choice for a vengeful name
CadenFighterSuggests a fierce spirit
WyattBrave in warCourageous and unyielding
EzekielGod strengthensA name with divine support for revenge
JaxonSon of JackModern twist on a classic name
KieranLittle dark oneMysterious and vengeful
JarethTo seize, possessImplies taking control and seeking retribution
RoninSamurai without masterSymbolic of a lone avenger
TalonSharp clawSignifies a powerful, vengeful grip
MaximusGreatestReflects the desire for ultimate revenge
BroderickBrotherlyA name that suggests familial bonds in revenge
CamdenWinding valleyA serene name with a hidden edge
KaelMighty warriorImplies strength in seeking vengeance
ZephyrGentle breezeAn ironic choice for a vengeful name
EnzoRuler of the householdSignifies a leader in seeking revenge
KendrickRoyal powerReflects the authority in seeking retribution
DarianUpholder of the goodSuggests fighting for justice
ThaddeusCourageous heartSignifies bravery in seeking revenge
IgnatiusFiery, passionateImparts a sense of fiery determination
RemingtonFrom the raven’s estateMysterious and vengeful
XavierBright, new houseImplies the dawning of a new era of revenge
ZaneGod is graciousA name with divine favor for retribution
SebastianRevered, respectedA name that commands respect in revenge
MalachiMessenger of GodSuggests divine purpose in seeking vengeance
DaxtonWarrior’s townImplies a town where warriors seek revenge
LucianLightSignifies the illumination of truth in revenge
EvanderGood manReflects the pursuit of justice and goodness
UriahGod is my lightA name that suggests divine guidance in revenge
ZephyrusWest windA gentle name with a hidden sense of power
AlaricRuler of allImplies authority in seeking retribution
EamonGuardianSignifies protection and defense in revenge
OrionHunter in Greek mythA name associated with hunting and revenge
AjaxEagleSymbolic of a fierce, vengeful force
TheronHunterSuggests a relentless pursuit of vengeance
KenzoStrong, healthyImplies physical and mental strength in revenge
RexKingReflects a regal approach to seeking revenge
MaddoxGenerousAn ironic choice for a vengeful name
DorianOf the seaMysterious and vengeful like the ocean
CaiusRejoiceSignifies the joy of achieving revenge
ZephyrGentle breezeAn ironic choice for a vengeful name
OctavianEighthSymbolic of a new beginning in the pursuit of revenge
NiklausVictory of the peopleSignifies triumph and success in revenge
KylerArcherSuggests precision and skill in seeking retribution
QuentinFifthReflects a step-by-step approach to revenge

These names offer a range of meanings and associations related to revenge, making them suitable for those seeking to convey strength, determination, and justice in their choice of a boy’s name.

55 Girl Names That Mean Revenge Along with Significance

Here’s a table of 55 girl names that mean revenge along with their significance:

Girl NameSignificance
AdiraMeaning “strong” and symbolizing strength and determination to seek revenge.
VindictaA Latin name that directly means “revenge.” A strong and bold choice.
VendettaA name that signifies a long-standing feud or vendetta, representing the quest for revenge.
RevanA unique name inspired by the word “revenge,” with a mysterious and determined vibe.
NemesisNamed after the Greek goddess of retribution, symbolizing the consequences of revenge.
RetaliateA name that embodies the act of retaliating, conveying the desire for payback.
VengeanceA bold and direct name that represents the concept of seeking revenge and justice.
RavennaA name associated with strength and power, reflecting the determination for revenge.
AvengerSignifying someone who seeks to avenge wrongs, this name exudes determination.
VendettinaA feminine twist on “vendetta,” implying a strong desire for revenge and justice.
AdalindaMeaning “noble serpent,” it symbolizes the quiet, cunning nature of seeking revenge.
ThalassaNamed after the Greek sea goddess, symbolizing the depth and breadth of revenge.
AdrestiaAfter the Greek goddess of revolt and retribution, this name signifies the pursuit of revenge.
RancorA name that represents deep-seated bitterness, perfect for a vengeful spirit.
AdelinaMeaning “noble,” it suggests a dignified approach to seeking retribution.
ResoluteThis name signifies unwavering determination in the quest for revenge.
FeodoraA name that implies the desire for revenge through its regal and authoritative sound.
VendoraA unique and elegant name, combining “vendetta” and “dora,” signifying a thirst for justice.
DrusillaSignifying strong-willed, this name is suitable for one with a desire for retribution.
KaloniceNamed after a character known for avenging wrongs, it reflects a desire for justice.
RevengeaA creative and distinct name that embodies the spirit of seeking revenge.
AdelheidMeaning “noble and kind,” this name reflects a quest for justice tempered with kindness.
VengelineA combination of “revenge” and “angeline,” symbolizing the desire for divine retribution.
NemesisiaA unique name derived from “Nemesis,” signifying the pursuit of just retribution.
VindicatorA strong and assertive name that represents the one who seeks to right wrongs.
BitternellaCombining “bitter” and “nella,” this name conveys the pursuit of revenge with determination.
FuriesNamed after the mythical avenging spirits, this name embodies the desire for revenge.
VindictoriaA regal and bold name that signifies a strong and victorious pursuit of revenge.
MalevolenceSignifying the intense desire for revenge, this name has a powerful and dark aura.
VendoraA blend of “vengeance” and “dora,” symbolizing a determined pursuit of justice.
AvengelineA combination of “avenge” and “angeline,” signifying a quest for divine retribution.
AderynMeaning “bird,” it represents a free spirit determined to seek revenge and justice.
DrusianaA name associated with a strong-willed nature, perfect for someone seeking retribution.
VendelleA unique and elegant name, combining “vendetta” and “elle,” symbolizing the thirst for justice.
RegalaSignifying a regal pursuit of revenge, this name represents a dignified approach.
FerocityA name that embodies the fierce determination in the quest for revenge and justice.
VengelinaA distinctive name derived from “revenge” and “angelina,” signifying divine retribution.
VendikaA creative name with a strong meaning, representing the desire for justice and revenge.
ThaliaNamed after the Greek muse of comedy and poetry, symbolizing the lighter side of retribution.
RevivaA unique name that implies the revival of justice and the pursuit of revenge.
MalinaSignifying the pursuit of justice with a dark and intense determination for revenge.
AvengianaA combination of “avenge” and “giana,” symbolizing a desire for divine retribution.
FerociaA name with a fierce and determined sound, representing the pursuit of revenge.
VendessaA combination of “vendetta” and “essa,” signifying a woman’s quest for justice and revenge.
RetaliaA name derived from “retaliate,” embodying the act of seeking retribution and payback.
FeodalineA creative name that combines “feodora” and “line,” symbolizing the thirst for justice.
VendiraeA unique name that signifies a strong pursuit of revenge, justice, and payback.
DrusildaCombining “Drusilla” and “hilda,” it symbolizes a determined and battle-ready spirit.
RavinaA name associated with strength and determination, reflecting the desire for revenge.
AvengaraA unique and powerful name that combines “avenge” and “cara,” signifying divine retribution.
VengessaA creative and elegant name, combining “vengeance” and “essa,” symbolizing the quest for justice.
AviaA name meaning “grandmother” and symbolizing wisdom and experience in seeking revenge.
RevancaA distinctive name with a meaningful twist, signifying the act of taking revenge.
ThaleiaNamed after the Greek muse of comedy, symbolizing a lighter and wittier approach to revenge.
VendellaA regal and bold name that signifies a woman’s strong and victorious pursuit of revenge.
RevaliaA unique name that combines “revenge” and “alia,” symbolizing a victorious pursuit of justice.
VindraA distinctive and elegant name that represents a woman’s determination in seeking retribution.
AdelphiaMeaning “sister,” it signifies a strong bond and united effort in seeking revenge and justice.
VengelettaA creative and assertive name that combines “revenge” and “letta,” signifying a relentless pursuit of retribution.

Please note that while these girl’s names mean revenge, they are not meant to promote negative actions but rather represent strong and determined qualities.


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