117+ Names That Mean Island [Mythical, Tropical, Fictional, Fake]

names that mean island

Names meaning “island” evoke a sense of seclusion and natural beauty. Popular choices like “Isabella” and “Aislinn” convey an island’s allure, while “Eilan” adds a touch of uniqueness.

These names, often rooted in various cultures, paint a vivid picture of tranquility surrounded by water. “Isolde” and “Isla” bring a poetic charm, resonating with the rhythmic sound of waves.

Parents seeking a name that encapsulates island vibes find solace in “Nila,” a simple yet resonant choice.

These names subtly capture the essence of an island’s mystique, making them not just labels. But evocative expressions of serene landscapes and the promise of endless horizons.

20 Unique Boy Names That Mean Island

Ailan (pronounced EY-lan): A trendy name meaning “island” that exudes modern charm and uniqueness. Perfect for parents seeking a contemporary yet nature-inspired moniker for their little one.

Isle: A straightforward name that directly translates to “island.” This classic choice carries a timeless appeal, making it suitable for families looking for a simple and strong name.

Islaan (pronounced IS-lan): A fusion of “island” and a unique twist, Islaan brings a fresh and distinctive vibe. This name is ideal for those who appreciate a touch of creativity in their baby’s name.

Atoll: A cool and distinctive name meaning a ring-shaped coral reef, often found in tropical waters. Atoll adds a touch of geographical flair to your child’s name.

Reef: A rugged and outdoorsy name that signifies a rocky or coral-filled area in the sea. Perfect for parents who want a name that reflects strength and resilience.

Cayden (pronounced KAY-den): A modern and trendy name that blends the sound of an island with a contemporary twist. Cayden is a popular choice for parents seeking a name that feels both familiar and unique.

Oceanus: A name with Greek origins that means “ocean” and captures the vastness and serenity associated with islands. Oceanus is a name for parents with a penchant for mythology and a love for the sea.

Archipelago: A distinctive and elegant name that refers to a group of islands closely scattered in a large body of water. Archipelago is a sophisticated choice for parents who appreciate a name with historical and geographical significance.

Skerry: A charming and uncommon name meaning a small rocky island. Skerry has a rustic and adventurous feel, making it an excellent choice for nature-loving families.

Moku (pronounced MOH-koo): A short and sweet name with Hawaiian origins, meaning “island.” Moku is an easy-to-pronounce option that brings a touch of exoticism to your baby boy’s name.

Shoal: A unique name referring to a shallow area of water where the sea is often filled with fish. Shoal is a distinctive choice for parents who want a name that conveys abundance and vitality.

Peninsula: A name that signifies a landmass surrounded by water on three sides, similar to an island. Peninsula is a strong and evocative name for parents seeking a unique and impactful choice.

Gilligan: A playful and friendly name inspired by the famous fictional character from the television series “Gilligan’s Island.” This name brings a lighthearted and whimsical touch to your baby’s identity.

Lagoon: A serene and picturesque name associated with shallow bodies of water separated from a larger sea. Lagoon carries a calming and peaceful essence, making it a lovely choice for your little one.

Bryn (pronounced brin): A short and stylish name of Welsh origin, meaning “hill” or “mound.” While not a direct translation of “island,” Bryn carries a nature-inspired feel that makes it suitable for families with a love for the outdoors.

Atlan: A sleek and modern name inspired by the Atlantic Ocean, evoking the vastness and mystery associated with islands and open seas.

Barrow: A strong and sturdy name meaning “island” in Old English. Barrow is a timeless choice for parents who appreciate names with historical roots and a touch of rugged charm.

Ayers (pronounced AY-ers): A contemporary name with a stylish flair, Ayers is a subtle nod to islands and coastal landscapes. It’s a name that exudes modernity while maintaining a connection to nature.

Coast: A straightforward and impactful name that resonates with the rugged beauty of coastal regions. Coast is a solid choice for parents seeking a name that reflects strength and resilience.

Tahiti: A name inspired by the beautiful island of Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean. Tahiti brings a touch of exoticism and tropical allure to your baby’s name, making it a captivating choice for parents who dream of far-off shores.

20 Girl Names Meaning Island

Isla – A charming name meaning “island,” perfect for a girl who brings tranquility and serenity into the lives of those around her.

Cora – This name signifies a maiden as pure and serene as an island, radiating a sense of calmness and beauty.

Lana – A sweet name that conveys the essence of an island paradise, reflecting a girl with a warm and inviting nature.

Mira – Meaning “ocean” or “sea,” Mira captures the free-spirited and adventurous qualities often associated with islands.

Nina – A name that symbolizes an island’s seclusion and mystery, portraying a girl with an enigmatic charm.

Reeva – This name evokes the image of a tropical haven, representing a girl with a lively and vibrant personality.

Aria – Signifying “air” or “breeze,” Aria suggests a girl who brings a breath of fresh, invigorating energy like the winds that surround an island.

Jasmine – Associated with fragrant tropical flowers, Jasmine embodies the beauty and grace found in island landscapes.

Selene – Meaning “moon,” Selene reflects the enchanting and peaceful ambiance of island nights, capturing a girl’s serene and reflective nature.

Zara – A name that embodies the simplicity and natural beauty reminiscent of an unspoiled island paradise.

Maya – Reflecting the illusion and magic often associated with islands, Maya captures the imagination and wonder of a free-spirited girl.

Livia – This name, meaning “olive tree,” suggests a girl with a grounding influence, much like the sturdy trees found on peaceful islands.

Leila – Symbolizing the night, Leila represents the calm and tranquility that descends upon islands during the evening, mirroring a girl’s serene nature.

Faye – A name meaning “fairy” or “enchanted,” Faye brings to mind the magical allure of secluded islands and the charm of a girl with a whimsical personality.

Coralie – Combining “coral” and “island,” Coralie paints the picture of a vibrant and lively girl, much like the coral reefs surrounding tropical islands.

Nia – This name, signifying purpose and intention, represents a girl with a determined and focused nature, much like the shaping forces on an island.

Rosalie – A name associated with roses, Rosalie reflects the blooming beauty and elegance found on picturesque island landscapes.

Serenity – Literally meaning “peaceful,” Serenity embodies the tranquil and calm atmosphere of an isolated island, making it an apt name for a serene girl.

Lara – A simple yet elegant name that captures the purity and simplicity of island life, reflecting a girl with a down-to-earth and genuine personality.

Nova – Meaning “new,” Nova represents the fresh beginnings and discoveries that come with exploring the uncharted territories of an island, much like a girl with a curious and adventurous spirit.

20 Tropical Island Names

Azure Haven: This tropical paradise boasts crystal-clear waters and powdery white sands, perfect for snorkeling and sunbathing.

Coral Cove: Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life surrounding this island, with coral reefs teeming with colorful fish.

Sunshine Serenity: Bask in the warm embrace of perpetual sunshine on this tranquil island, where palm trees sway in the gentle breeze.

Emerald Isle: Explore lush green landscapes and discover hidden waterfalls in the heart of this emerald gem in the ocean.

Tropicana Bliss: Indulge in the vibrant nightlife and tropical cocktails that make this island a lively haven for relaxation and entertainment.

Golden Sands Oasis: Lounge on golden beaches and enjoy breathtaking sunsets over the horizon, casting a warm glow on the island.

Turquoise Tranquility: Dive into the serene, turquoise waters surrounding this island, where peace and tranquility are guaranteed.

Mango Bay: Savor the sweetness of life in this tropical haven, surrounded by mango orchards and the scent of tropical flowers.

Paradise Palms: Find shade under the towering palms lining the shores, offering a picture-perfect setting for a lazy afternoon.

Sapphire Shores: Witness the mesmerizing shades of blue as the ocean meets the sky, creating a stunning backdrop for this island paradise.

Coconut Cove: Experience the laid-back lifestyle of this island, where coconut palms provide shade and coconuts are readily available for refreshment.

Aqua Lagoon: Wade into the clear, shallow waters of the aqua lagoon, ideal for leisurely swims and exploring marine life.

Isle of Harmony: Discover the perfect balance of nature and relaxation on this serene island, where the melody of the waves meets the rustling of palm fronds.

Palm Mirage: Lose yourself in the mirage of palm-fringed beaches and enjoy the soothing sound of the ocean waves.

Tropical Teal Retreat: Escape to the calm, teal-colored waters that surround this retreat, creating a soothing atmosphere for ultimate relaxation.

Bamboo Breeze Island: Feel the gentle bamboo breezes as you explore this island, adorned with bamboo groves and a refreshing ambiance.

Vivid Vista Isle: Immerse yourself in the vivid colors of the landscape, from lush greenery to vibrant flowers, creating a picturesque scene.

Seaside Serendipity: Stumble upon moments of pure bliss along the seaside, where the rhythmic waves create a symphony of peace.

Mystic Mirage: Experience the enchanting allure of this island, where the landscape seems almost magical, with hidden coves and mysterious caves.

Tropical Treasure Cove: Unearth the treasures of this hidden gem, with pristine beaches and a wealth of natural wonders waiting to be discovered.

15 Fictional Island Names

Coral Haven: A tropical paradise surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, offering crystal-clear waters and lush, palm-lined beaches. The island is known for its diverse marine life and vibrant underwater ecosystems.

Mystic Mirage: Shrouded in a perpetual mist, Mystic Mirage boasts mysterious caves and ancient ruins. Legends speak of hidden treasures and magical artifacts waiting to be discovered.

Eclipse Enclave: This island is famous for its breathtaking solar eclipses. Visitors flock to experience the rare phenomenon and explore the lush landscapes, adorned with unique flora that only blooms during the celestial event.

Whispering Pines: Nestled in a dense forest of ancient pines, this tranquil island is renowned for its calming atmosphere. The trees are said to whisper ancient secrets to those who venture into the heart of the woodland.

Azure Archipelago: A group of interconnected islands with azure blue waters and golden sandy beaches. Each island has its own distinct charm, from volcanic landscapes to hidden lagoons.

Ember Isle: This volcanic island is home to fiery landscapes and bubbling hot springs. Adventurers can witness spectacular lava flows and relax in the therapeutic warmth of natural geothermal pools.

Moonlit Meadows: Renowned for its expansive meadows that glow under the moonlight, this island is a haven for stargazers. The meadows come alive with bioluminescent flora, creating a magical nighttime spectacle.

Sapphire Sanctuary: An underwater utopia surrounded by a protective dome, Sapphire Sanctuary allows visitors to explore the ocean depths without getting wet. The dome showcases a stunning array of marine life and coral formations.

Eternal Echo: A mysterious island where echoes of the past reverberate through ancient ruins. Whispers of lost civilizations and untold histories linger in the air, making it a captivating destination for history enthusiasts.

Celestial Citadel: Floating high above the clouds, this island is home to a celestial fortress. Legends claim it was built by ancient beings and houses otherworldly artifacts, attracting those seeking enlightenment and cosmic wisdom.

Silvershore Sanctuary: Known for its silver-colored beaches and shimmering shores, Silvershore Sanctuary is a tranquil retreat. Visitors can relax in the soothing ambiance and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding seas.

Elysian Echo: Surrounded by lush gardens and cascading waterfalls, Elysian Echo is a paradise for nature lovers. Exotic flora and fauna thrive in this untouched sanctuary, creating a haven for biodiversity.

Raven’s Roost: Perched atop towering cliffs, Raven’s Roost offers panoramic views of the turbulent sea below. The island is a haven for birdwatchers, as flocks of ravens and other majestic birds nest along the precipitous cliffs.

Lunar Labyrinth: With a complex network of caves and tunnels, Lunar Labyrinth challenges explorers with its maze-like terrain. Legends suggest that those who navigate the labyrinth may find hidden treasures and ancient artifacts.

Serenity Sands: An island with endless stretches of serene, white sandy beaches. Serenity Sands is a peaceful retreat, where visitors can bask in the gentle sea breeze and enjoy the calming sound of the waves lapping against the shore.

10 Fake Island Names

Whispering Haven: An island enveloped in a perpetual mist, where the gentle whispers of the wind create an ethereal ambiance. Tranquil waters surround this secluded retreat, inviting visitors to unwind in nature’s soothing embrace.

Luminara Isle: Known for its breathtaking bioluminescent beaches, this island glows in the moonlight, casting a magical aura. Explore the vibrant marine life during the day and witness the island’s radiance at night.

Ember Bay: A fiery paradise where lava flows meet crystal-clear waters, creating a dramatic contrast. Brave adventurers can traverse the lava bridges and discover hidden caves with molten secrets.

Echo Oasis: Nestled in the heart of a lush jungle, this oasis resonates with the calls of exotic birds and echoes of cascading waterfalls. The vibrant flora and fauna make it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

Sapphire Shores: Known for its pristine blue waters and powdery white beaches, this island boasts a rich marine life. Snorkelers and divers can explore the vibrant coral reefs and encounter an array of captivating sea creatures.

Mystic Mirage: A desert island that plays tricks on the eyes with its shifting sand dunes and mirages. Legends tell of hidden treasures beneath the shifting sands, adding an air of mystery to this arid paradise.

Aurora Archipelago: A group of islands bathed in the mesmerizing glow of the Northern Lights. Each island in the archipelago offers a unique experience, from ice caves to hot springs, creating a harmonious blend of extremes.

Celestial Sanctuary: Perched high in the mountains, this island offers a celestial observatory where stargazers can revel in the brilliance of the night sky. The clear air and lack of light pollution provide an unparalleled cosmic experience.

Whimsy Wharf: A vibrant, floating island adorned with colorful houses and bustling marketplaces. Residents and visitors alike enjoy a carefree atmosphere, filled with laughter, music, and whimsical festivities.

Elysian Eden: Tucked away in a hidden corner of the world, Elysian Eden is a paradise with lush landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and a perfect climate. It is said to be a sanctuary where time stands still, allowing visitors to savor every moment in blissful serenity.

10 One-Piece Island Names

Coralhaven: An island surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, known for its crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and diving in this aquatic paradise.

Ember Isle: A volcanic island with molten lava streams and fiery landscapes. Brave adventurers can explore the rugged terrain and witness spectacular eruptions.

Whispering Pines: Covered in dense pine forests, this tranquil island is a haven for nature lovers. The gentle rustle of the trees creates a soothing melody throughout the day.

Mystic Mist Isle: Enshrouded in a perpetual mist, this mysterious island is rumored to be home to ancient spirits and hidden treasures. Explorers beware, as illusions and secrets abound.

Golden Sands Oasis: A sun-drenched paradise with endless stretches of golden beaches. The warm, inviting waters and palm-fringed shores make it a perfect retreat for sunseekers.

Moonlit Serenade: This island comes alive at night with bioluminescent flora and fauna. The moonlit glow creates a magical atmosphere, perfect for romantic strolls along the luminescent beaches.

Eternal Frost Peak: Towering snow-capped mountains dominate this icy landscape. Adventurers can partake in thrilling winter sports while enjoying breathtaking views of the frozen wilderness.

Thunderstorm Archipelago: Known for its frequent thunderstorms and electrifying displays of lightning, this archipelago is a spectacle of nature’s power. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring experience.

Sapphire Lagoon: Nestled between emerald-green hills, this lagoon is famed for its brilliant blue waters. Visitors can relax in natural hot springs and marvel at the picturesque surroundings.

Harmony Haven: An island where diverse cultures peacefully coexist, creating a harmonious blend of traditions. Colorful markets, lively festivals, and friendly locals make it a welcoming destination for travelers seeking cultural richness.

12 Other Names for Island

WaveHaven: A serene island surrounded by gentle waves, offering a tranquil retreat for those seeking relaxation and peace.

CoralEden: An island adorned with vibrant coral reefs, inviting underwater explorations and a paradise for marine enthusiasts.

TropicalGem: A lush, green island nestled in the heart of the tropics, boasting exotic flora and fauna for nature lovers.

AzureIsle: A picturesque island with crystal-clear blue waters, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying the beauty of the sea.

MistHarbor: A mystical island covered in mist, shrouded in mystery and ideal for those who enjoy an air of enchantment.

SunsetCove: A romantic island where every evening offers breathtaking sunsets, creating a dreamy atmosphere for couples and photographers alike.

GoldenShores: A sandy paradise with golden beaches, inviting visitors to indulge in sun-soaked relaxation and beachside activities.

JadeHaven: An island with lush, jade-colored landscapes, providing a refreshing and invigorating environment for outdoor adventures.

IsleofWhispers: A quiet and secluded island, where the gentle rustle of leaves and soft whispers of the breeze create a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

VolcanoVista: An island featuring a dormant volcano, offering a unique blend of adventure and stunning volcanic landscapes.

SapphireBay: A coastal retreat with sapphire-blue waters, perfect for water sports enthusiasts and those seeking an active seaside escape.

MoonlitMeadow: A magical island where meadows come alive under the moonlight, creating a surreal and enchanting experience for nighttime wanderers.

10 Mythical Island Names

Aetheria: Nestled in the heart of the Celestial Sea, Aetheria is a floating island bathed in perpetual golden sunlight. Its lush landscapes are adorned with radiant flora that emit a gentle glow, and its inhabitants are said to possess ethereal abilities granted by the island’s magical aura.

Serpentara: This mysterious island is shaped like a colossal serpent coiled around a central mountain. Serpentara is home to ancient serpent guardians that protect the island’s hidden treasures, including enchanted gemstones and relics rumored to possess transformative powers.

Luminesca: Located beneath the ocean’s surface, Luminesca is a bioluminescent island where radiant sea creatures illuminate the underwater city. The residents, known as Lumarians, harness the power of glowing flora and fauna to create mesmerizing underwater art.

Eclipsara: Situated in the Eternal Twilight Archipelago, Eclipsara experiences a perpetual solar eclipse. This mystical island is home to shadow-wielding creatures and enigmatic beings who thrive in the balance between darkness and the fleeting moments of twilight.

Verdantopia: A hidden paradise amidst the dense emerald-green Canopy Isles, Verdantopia is a lush, floating island filled with vibrant flora and fauna. Its serene atmosphere is guarded by mythical winged creatures that soar through the emerald skies.

Mystara: Shrouded in mist and mystery, Mystara is an ever-changing island where illusions come to life. It is said that the island’s shifting landscapes are a reflection of the desires and dreams of those who visit, making it a place of both wonder and danger.

Ignis Isle: A volcanic island with molten rivers and fiery geysers, Ignis Isle is home to the Emberkin, a resilient tribe that has mastered the art of fire manipulation. The island’s vibrant red and orange hues create a surreal and captivating landscape.

Harmony Haven: Floating gracefully in the Celestial Harmony Sea, Harmony Haven is a utopian island where mythical creatures from various realms coexist in peace. The island’s inhabitants, known as Harmonians, possess the ability to communicate with animals and maintain the delicate balance of nature.

Eternal Frostreach: Enveloped in an everlasting frost, this icy island is home to majestic ice dragons and frost giants. The shimmering glaciers and icy spires of Eternal Frostreach are said to conceal ancient frost magic that can be harnessed by those brave enough to explore its frigid depths.

Celestialis: Soaring high above the clouds, Celestialis is a celestial haven accessible only by rainbow bridges. The island is said to be the residence of benevolent sky spirits who gift visitors with radiant wings, allowing them to explore the floating realms of the heavens.

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