150 Names That Mean Doll, Puppet

names meaning doll

Names that mean “doll” often carry an endearing charm, personifying qualities associated with sweetness and innocence. Popular choices include “Molly,” meaning a precious and lovable companion, and “Lulu,” conveying a sense of playfulness.

Embracing simplicity, names like “Poppy” and “Pippa” evoke the delightful essence of a cherished plaything. These names resonate with tender affection, capturing the essence of a doll’s enchanting allure.

Parents seeking a name that mirrors the delightful spirit of a doll can explore these options. Each name resonated with a sense of warmth and adoration.

Doll Name Meaning:

The name “Doll” is typically used as a diminutive or nickname for the given name Dorothy. Dorothy is of Greek origin and means “gift of God.” It has been a popular name for centuries and has various forms and variations in different cultures. The use of “Doll” as a nickname may stem from the affectionate and endearing qualities associated with dolls. Which are often cherished and seen as special gifts.

30 Unisex Names That Mean Doll

Evelyn: A name meaning “little doll” in English, reflecting charm and delicacy.

Lila: A name derived from the Arabic word for “night” or “dark beauty,” often associated with the enchanting qualities of a doll.

Zoe: Originating from Greek, meaning “life” or “vitality,” suggesting the liveliness and animation of a doll.

Mia: This name, of Italian and Scandinavian origin, signifies “mine” or “beloved”. It symbolizes the affection and ownership one might feel toward a cherished doll.

Clara: From Latin, meaning “bright” or “clear,” evoking the pristine and radiant appearance of a doll.

Annie: A diminutive of “Anne” or “Anna,” conveying sweetness and innocence, akin to the demeanor of a doll.

Cara: This name, of Latin origin, translates to “beloved” or “dear,” reflecting the endearment and fondness often associated with dolls.

Pippa: Derived from the Greek name “Philipa,” meaning “lover of horses,” portraying the playful and spirited nature akin to a doll.

Nora: Of Irish origin, signifying “light” or “honor,” reflecting the illumination and dignity attributed to a doll’s presence.

Lucy: Derived from Latin, meaning “light” or “illumination,” suggesting the radiant and captivating allure of a doll.

Jasmine: This name, of Persian origin, represents the fragrant flower, symbolizing grace and beauty reminiscent of a doll.

Daisy: A name inspired by the cheerful flower, conveying innocence and simplicity akin to the charm of a doll.

Ruby: Derived from the precious gemstone, symbolizing passion and vitality, mirroring the vibrant presence of a doll.

Violet: This name, derived from the flower, signifies modesty and grace, reflecting the demure elegance of a doll.

Lily: Inspired by the delicate flower, symbolizing purity and renewal, akin to the innocence of a doll.

Ivy: From the climbing plant, representing resilience and growth, reflecting the enduring appeal of a doll.

Eliza: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “pledged to God,” suggesting devotion and loyalty, akin to the attachment one might feel toward a cherished doll.

Nina: This name, of Spanish and Italian origin, signifies “little girl” or “child,” reflecting the youthful and playful essence of a doll.

Aria: Derived from Italian, meaning “air” or “melody,” portraying the graceful and harmonious qualities reminiscent of a doll.

Hazel: Inspired by the nut-bearing tree, symbolizing wisdom and protection, mirroring the nurturing presence of a doll.

Belle: Of French origin, meaning “beautiful,” evoking the exquisite and captivating allure of a doll.

Sadie: Derived from Hebrew, meaning “princess,” suggesting grace and refinement, akin to the regal demeanor of a doll.

Nova: This name, of Latin origin, signifies “new” or “young,” reflecting the fresh and vibrant presence of a doll.

Stella: Inspired by Latin, meaning “star,” evoking radiance and luminosity akin to the enchanting glow of a doll.

Willow: Derived from the graceful tree, symbolizing flexibility and resilience, mirroring the enduring charm of a doll.

Leah: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “weary” or “cow,” suggesting gentleness and patience, akin to the nurturing qualities of a doll.

Rose: Inspired by the classic flower, symbolizing love and beauty, reflecting the timeless elegance of a doll.

Grace: Of Latin origin, meaning “elegance” or “charm,” evoking the graceful and refined qualities reminiscent of a doll.

Sophie: Derived from Greek, meaning “wisdom” or “knowledge,” suggesting intelligence and insight, akin to the engaging presence of a doll.

Aurora: This name, of Latin origin, signifies “dawn” or “daybreak,” reflecting the radiant and captivating allure of a doll.

Hannah: From Hebrew, meaning “grace” or “favor,” suggesting kindness and benevolence, akin to the comforting presence of a doll.

Zara: Derived from Arabic, meaning “princess” or “flower,” mirroring the regal and delicate qualities reminiscent of a doll.

Maya: Of Sanskrit origin, meaning “illusion” or “magic,” reflecting the enchanting allure of a doll.

Ava: Inspired by Latin, meaning “bird” or “life,” suggesting freedom and vitality, akin to the lively presence of a doll.

Emma: Derived from Germanic, meaning “whole” or “universal,” evoking the completeness and perfection often associated with a cherished doll.

15 Male Names Meaning Doll

Cade – This name means “doll” and carries a sense of charm and playfulness.

Liam – With its origin in Irish, this name also signifies “doll,” embodying a combination of strength and gentleness.

Ethan – This name, meaning “strong” or “firm,” brings a sturdy quality to the concept of a doll.

Noah – Meaning “rest” or “comfort,” this name evokes a sense of calmness and serenity associated with a cherished doll.

Milo – Of German origin, this name conveys the idea of a precious doll, emphasizing endearment and sweetness.

Felix – With Latin roots, this name means “happy” or “fortunate,” adding a joyful and delightful touch to the concept of a doll.

Owen – This Welsh name signifies “youth” or “well-born,” lending an air of innocence and purity to the idea of a doll.

Leo – Meaning “lion,” this name suggests strength and courage, adding a dynamic and protective quality to the notion of a doll.

Asher – Of Hebrew origin, this name translates to “happy” or “blessed,” infusing a sense of contentment and positivity into the concept of a doll.

Finn – With Irish roots, this name signifies “fair” or “white,” bringing a light and ethereal quality to the image of a doll.

Caleb – Meaning “faithful” or “devotion,” this name adds a loyal and committed aspect to the idea of a cherished doll.

Evan – Of Welsh origin, this name translates to “young warrior,” incorporating a spirited and lively essence into the concept of a doll.

Logan – This name, meaning “hollow” or “dweller in a little hollow,” carries a sense of coziness and intimacy akin to a small, cherished doll.

Aidan – With Irish roots, this name signifies “little fire,” adding a spark of warmth and energy to the idea of a doll.

Mason – Meaning “worker in stone,” this name imparts a solid and enduring quality, symbolizing the lasting bond between a child and their doll.

20 Female or Girl Names That Mean Doll

Zara – This name means “princess” and exudes regal charm, perfect for a little doll-like beauty.

Lila – Derived from the word “lilac,” this name suggests delicate and sweet, much like a lovely doll.

Mia – Meaning “mine” or “belonging to me,” Mia reflects the endearing possession one feels towards a cherished doll.

Ella – A classic name meaning “beautiful fairy” that captures the enchanting essence of a doll.

Cara – This name means “dear” or “beloved,” evoking the deep affection one has for a precious doll.

Leah – With the meaning of “delicate” or “gentle,” Leah suits a doll with a tender and graceful demeanor.

Chloe – A trendy name meaning “blooming” or “young green shoot,” symbolizing the growth and freshness of a doll’s charm.

Ava – A name suggesting “life” or “living,” fitting for a lively and animated doll.

Sofia – Meaning “wisdom,” this name imparts a sense of intelligence and grace, perfect for a doll with timeless allure.

Bella – Derived from the word “beautiful,” Bella is a name that encapsulates the aesthetic appeal of a doll.

Emma – A popular name meaning “universal” or “whole,” symbolizing the completeness and perfection of a doll.

Olivia – With the meaning of “olive tree,” this name conveys peace and serenity, ideal for a calm and collected doll.

Grace – Reflecting elegance and charm, this name suits a doll with a poised and graceful presence.

Zoe – Meaning “life” or “alive,” Zoe captures the vibrant and lively spirit of a cherished doll.

Lily – Inspired by the flower, Lily symbolizes purity and innocence, making it a fitting name for a doll.

Aria – This name means “air” or “melody,” suggesting a doll with a light and melodious aura.

StellaMeaning “star,” Stella shines brightly, just like a beloved doll does in a child’s eyes.

Nora – With the meaning of “light,” Nora suits a doll that brings brightness and joy into one’s life.

IsabelA name meaning “pledged to God,” Isabel conveys a sense of devotion and loyalty, perfect for a cherished doll.

Eva – Meaning “life” or “living one,” Eva is a name that brings a doll to life with a sense of vitality and energy.

25 Japanese Names Meaning Doll

Miyuki – Meaning “beautiful snow,” Miyuki is a delicate and enchanting name, reminiscent of a pristine and flawless doll.

Haruka – Translating to “distant,” Haruka evokes a sense of mystery, making it a fitting name for a doll with an elusive charm.

Hikari – With the meaning of “light,” Hikari radiates brightness and innocence, like a charming doll that captivates with its luminous presence.

Akira – Signifying “bright and clear,” Akira is a name that suggests a doll with a sparkling personality, exuding warmth and friendliness.

Yuki – Meaning “snow,” Yuki conjures images of purity and gentleness, making it a perfect name for a doll with a serene and angelic aura.

Natsuki – Translating to “summer hope,” Natsuki embodies the lively and optimistic nature of a doll that brings joy and positivity.

Sakura – Inspired by the cherry blossoms, Sakura symbolizes beauty and grace, making it an ideal name for a doll with an ethereal and elegant presence.

Kazuki – Signifying “harmony,” Kazuki suggests a doll that radiates tranquility and balance, captivating everyone with its peaceful demeanor.

Aika – Meaning “love song,” Aika exudes a sweet and melodious charm, much like a doll that captures hearts with its endearing qualities.

Ren – Translating to “lotus,” Ren represents purity and resilience, making it a suitable name for a doll with grace and strength.

Sora – With the meaning of “sky,” Sora suggests a doll with a limitless spirit, embodying freedom and openness.

Hana – Inspired by the word “flower,” Hana signifies beauty and delicacy, making it a fitting name for a doll with a charming floral-like allure.

Taiko – Meaning “big, great,” Taiko suggests a doll with a strong and imposing presence, commanding attention with its impressive stature.

Kiyomi – Translating to “pure beauty,” Kiyomi describes a doll that is not only visually stunning but also possesses a soulful purity that enchants observers.

Riko – Signifying “child of truth,” Riko implies a genuine and sincere doll, captivating hearts with honesty and authenticity.

Yumi – Inspired by the “archery bow,” Yumi suggests a doll with a poised and graceful demeanor, capturing attention with its elegant and refined movements.

TsubasaMeaning “wings,” Tsubasa evokes a sense of freedom and flight, making it a suitable name for a doll with a light and airy presence.

Koharu – Translating to “small spring,” Koharu embodies the freshness and vitality of a doll that brings a sense of renewal and rejuvenation.

Izumi – Signifying “fountain,” Izumi suggests a doll with a source of endless charm and vitality, much like a bubbling spring of joy.

Riku – Meaning “land,” Riku implies a doll with a grounded and down-to-earth nature, connecting with others through its solid and reliable presence.

Aimi – Translating to “love and beauty,” Aimi captures the essence of a doll that radiates affection and attractiveness, charming everyone in its proximity.

Yua – Inspired by “binding love,” Yua suggests a doll that forms strong emotional bonds, becoming a beloved companion with its affectionate nature.

Mio – Meaning “beautiful cherry blossom,” Mio embodies the timeless beauty and grace of a doll, captivating hearts with its delicate charm.

Kenta – Signifying “strong and healthy,” Kenta describes a doll that exudes vitality and well-being, inspiring a sense of resilience and robustness.

Akihiko – Translating to “bright prince,” Akihiko suggests a doll with a regal and dignified presence, captivating onlookers with its noble and majestic aura.

20 Names for Dolls

Lily Grace: A charming doll with golden curls and a floral dress, radiating sweetness and innocence.

Max Steel: An adventurous action figure with a strong, muscular build, ready for daring missions.

Ruby Sparkle: A vibrant and lively doll adorned in a glittering red dress, spreading joy with her infectious energy.

Oliver Explorer: An inquisitive doll, always equipped with a miniature backpack and a map for exciting adventures.

Mia Sunshine: A cheerful and radiant doll with a perpetual smile, brightening up any playtime with her positive vibes.

Ethan TechyBot: A futuristic robot doll with blinking lights and interactive features, sparks imaginative play in technology.

Sophie Serenade: A musical doll with a love for melodies, carrying a tiny instrument and inspiring creativity through the magic of music.

Leo the Brave: A courageous knight doll in shining armor, ready to defend the kingdom and embark on noble quests.

Ava Starlight: An ethereal doll dressed in a celestial gown, embodying the beauty of the night sky and inspiring dreams.

Oscar Gigglepuff: A whimsical and mischievous doll with contagious laughter, bringing joy and laughter to playtime.

Zoe Sports Star: A sporty doll with a passion for athletics, always in her sporty gear and encouraging an active lifestyle.

Noah Nature Explorer: An eco-conscious doll with a love for the outdoors, promoting environmental awareness and exploration.

Grace Ballerina: An elegant and graceful ballet doll, twirling in a tutu and inspiring a love for dance and elegance.

Carter Construction Crew: A hardworking construction doll with a toolbox, teaching the importance of teamwork and building.

Chloe Fashionista: A stylish doll with a flair for fashion, showcasing the latest trends and encouraging creativity in wardrobe choices.

Milo Dino Explorer: A dinosaur enthusiast doll equipped with a tiny magnifying glass, sparking curiosity about prehistoric times.

Hannah Sweet Treats: A confectionery-inspired doll with a candy-themed dress, igniting a love for all things sweet and delightful.

Lucas Racing Racer: A speed-loving racecar driver doll with a passion for zooming around tracks, promoting the thrill of competition.

Emma Bookworm: A literary-minded doll with glasses and a stack of miniature books, encouraging a love for reading and storytelling.

Daniel Doctor: A caring and nurturing doll dressed as a doctor, inspiring compassion and empathy towards others in the world of healthcare.

25 Cute Doll Names

Rosie: A sweet, petite doll with rosy cheeks and a charming smile.

Sunny: A cheerful doll that radiates happiness, dressed in bright and sunny colors.

Coco: An adorable doll with a love for chocolate, featuring a cocoa-colored outfit.

Bubbles: A bubbly and effervescent doll that spreads joy wherever she goes.

Sparkle: A dazzling doll that shines bright with glittery accessories and sparkly attire.

Lulu: A lovable doll with a penchant for lullabies, always ready for bedtime stories.

Peaches: A cute doll with a peachy complexion and a love for fruity accessories.

Twinkle: A twinkling star among dolls, known for her enchanting charm and radiant smile.

Minty: A fresh and mint-colored doll that brings a cool breeze of happiness.

Honey: A sweet-natured doll with golden locks and an outfit reminiscent of honey.

Snuggles: A cuddly doll with a soft, huggable body, perfect for comforting moments.

Daisy: A flower-themed doll, adorned with daisies and embodying the spirit of spring.

Berry: A berry-licious doll with a fruity ensemble and a berry-sweet personality.

Jingles: A festive doll that loves spreading holiday cheer with jingling accessories.

Panda: A panda-inspired doll with black and white fur, capturing the essence of cuteness.

Bubblegum: A pink-themed doll with a bubblegum-scented charm that delights the senses.

Milo: A mischievous yet lovable doll, always ready for playful adventures.

Starlight: A celestial doll that glows in the dark, bringing a touch of magic to playtime.

Cherry: A cherry-red doll with a cherry-on-top hat, adding a pop of sweetness to any collection.

Buttercup: A sunshine-yellow doll with a heart as bright as her cheerful demeanor.

Cupcake: A confectionery-inspired doll with a sprinkle of sweetness and a cupcake-themed wardrobe.

Rainbow: A colorful doll that embodies the vibrant hues of a rainbow, spreading joy and positivity.

Frosty: An icy-blue doll with a winter wonderland theme, perfect for snowy adventures.

Lollipop: A candy-themed doll with a lollipop accessory, bringing a touch of sweetness to playtime.

Giggles: A giggly and laughter-filled doll that is always ready for a good time, lifting spirits with infectious joy.

15 Names Meaning Puppet

Marionette: Derived from the French word “marionette,” meaning “little Mary,” this name symbolizes a puppet controlled by strings, typically associated with theatrical performances.

Manipulatrix: This name stems from the Latin word “manipulus,” meaning “to handle,” emphasizing the control and manipulation aspect of puppetry.

Stringer: With origins in English, this name directly refers to the strings attached to puppets, highlighting their means of manipulation.

Puppeteer: Literally meaning “one who controls puppets,” this name underscores the role of the person operating the puppet.

Dollman: Combining “doll” and “man,” this name portrays a human-like puppet, often used for entertainment or display.

Puppetress: A feminine form of “puppeteer,” this name denotes a woman skilled in the art of manipulating puppets.

Marotte: Originating from French, a “marotte” refers to a type of puppet often used in comedic performances, usually depicting a fool or jester.

Cordelia: This name originates from Latin and means “daughter of the sea,” but it can also be associated with “cord,” highlighting the connection to puppet strings.

Flicker: With English roots, “flicker” suggests the quick and precise movements of a puppet as it is manipulated.

Marauder: This name, originating from French and meaning “raider” or “plunderer,” conveys the sense of control and domination over a puppet.

Tangler: Derived from English, “tangler” emphasizes the intricate web of strings that control the movements of a puppet.

Puppetkin: Combining “puppet” with “kin,” this name portrays a sense of belonging or relation to the world of puppets.

Manipuladora: With roots in Spanish, “Manipuladora” directly translates to “manipulator,” emphasizing the act of controlling puppets.

Threader: Derived from English, “threader” signifies the delicate threads used to control the movements of a puppet.

Figurine: Originating from French, “figurine” denotes a small, human-like sculpture often used as a puppet, particularly in artistic or decorative contexts.

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