100 Names That Mean Beast for Boys and Girls

names that mean beast

Names that mean “beast” evoke strength and primal energy. Labels like “Savage,” “Brute,” or “Wildheart” resonate with power and untamed vitality.

These names, charged with a sense of untethered might, personify the essence of the untamed wilderness. They summon images of formidable creatures, unbridled and fierce, capturing the raw force that lies within.

Choosing a name that means “beast” reflects a desire for a moniker that roars with elemental vigor. They embody the untamed spirit that connects us to the primal forces of nature.

30 Names Meaning Beast That Echo the Essence of the Wild

Brutus: A name that exudes raw power and strength, perfect for someone with a beastly nature.

Ferox: Meaning fierce and untamed, this name is ideal for an individual who possesses a wild and aggressive demeanor.

Savage: A straightforward name that reflects a wild and ferocious personality, suitable for someone untamed and primal.

Rampage: Conveying a sense of uncontrollable fury, this name is a perfect match for someone with a beast-like disposition.

Grimm: With a hint of darkness, this name suggests a menacing and ominous presence. It is perfect for someone with a beastly edge.

Predator: A name that signifies a natural inclination towards hunting and dominance, capturing the essence of a true beast.

Roarke: Combining “roar” with a unique twist, this name suggests a vocal and assertive nature, reminiscent of a beast’s powerful roar.

Ravage: Denoting destruction and chaos, this name is fitting for someone who leaves a trail of intensity and wildness.

Bane: A name that implies a source of harm or distress, perfect for someone with a fearsome and formidable demeanor.

Mauler: Signifying a tendency to maul or crush, this name is suitable for someone with a physically dominating and beastly presence.

Feral: Reflecting a wild and untamed nature, this name is ideal for someone who embraces their primal instincts.

Onslaught: Suggesting a relentless and overpowering force, this name is perfect for someone with an aggressive and beastly approach.

Vorax: Meaning voracious and eager, this name suits an individual with an insatiable appetite for challenges and conquests.

Razorclaw: Combining sharpness with a beastly reference, this name conveys a lethal and formidable persona.

Brawler: Indicating a love for physical confrontation, this name is fitting for someone with a combative and beast-like spirit.

Havoc: Denoting widespread chaos and destruction, this name is suitable for someone with a turbulent and wild nature.

Fangor: Blending “fang” with a unique twist, this name suggests a sharp and predatory quality, reminiscent of a beast’s fangs.

Ruthless: A straightforward name that implies a lack of mercy or compassion, perfect for someone with a beastly heart.

Thunderclaw: Combining power with a sharp edge, this name conveys a mighty and formidable presence, akin to a beast’s strike.

Prowler: Suggesting a stealthy and predatory demeanor, this name is ideal for someone with a cunning and elusive nature.

Blitz: Signifying a sudden and intense assault, this name is fitting for someone with a swift and beast-like approach.

Vicious: A name that speaks to a brutal and aggressive nature, suitable for someone with a penchant for ferocity.

Fury: Conveying a sense of intense anger and passion, this name is perfect for someone with a beastly and volatile temperament.

Enforcer: Denoting a strong and imposing figure, this name is suitable for someone with a commanding and beastly presence.

Carnage: Indicating widespread and violent destruction, this name is fitting for someone with a chaotic and beastly energy.

Brimstone: A name that suggests a fiery and intense nature, perfect for someone with a hot-tempered and beastly disposition.

Juggernaut: Signifying an unstoppable force, this name is suitable for someone with a relentless and beast-like determination.

Menace: Conveying a sense of threat and danger, this name is ideal for someone with a menacing and beastly aura.

Thunderjaw: Blending power with a reference to a mighty creature, this name conveys a formidable and beastly presence.

Rogue: Suggesting a rebellious and untamed spirit, this name is fitting for someone with a wild and unpredictable nature.

15 Male Names That Mean Beast

Leo – This name means “lion” in Latin, symbolizing courage and strength.

Conan – Of Irish origin, this name means “little wolf” and conveys a sense of fierceness.

Ragnar – With Norse roots, this name signifies “warrior” or “judgment warrior,” embodying a fearless and formidable spirit.

Drake – Derived from Old English, this name translates to “dragon” and signifies power and dominance.

Ari – Of Hebrew origin, this name means “lion of God,” representing bravery and nobility.

Fang – A straightforward English name that evokes the image of sharp teeth and primal strength.

Kain – With Hebrew origins, this name means “spear” or “acquired” and implies a warrior-like persona.

Siegfried – Rooted in Germanic mythology, this name translates to “victorious peace” and symbolizes triumph over adversity.

Ryker – An English name meaning “superior strength” or “mighty,” suggesting a powerful and indomitable nature.

Ethan – This Hebrew name means “strong” or “enduring,” reflecting resilience and fortitude.

Hercules – From Greek mythology, this name is synonymous with strength and heroism, representing legendary might.

Bjorn – Of Scandinavian origin, this name means “bear,” symbolizing both ferocity and protection.

Jagger – An English surname turned first name, evoking the image of jagged rocks and untamed wilderness.

Axel – Rooted in Scandinavia, this name means “father of peace” and carries connotations of both power and authority.

Thor – From Norse mythology, this name signifies “thunder” and embodies the strength and resilience of the god of thunder and storms.

15 Girl Names That Mean Beast

Aria (Beastly Strength): Aria, meaning “lioness” in Italian, reflects the untamed strength and courage associated with a beast.

Brielle (Wild and Strong): Brielle, with French origins, signifies a girl with untamed, wild qualities and formidable strength.

Kyra (Fierce and Powerful): Kyra, of Greek origin, embodies a girl who possesses a fierce and powerful nature akin to a formidable beast.

Zara (Bold as a Bear): Zara, meaning “princess” in Arabic, captures the essence of a girl with boldness and the resilience of a bear.

Luna (Majestic and Wild): Luna, derived from Latin, evokes images of the wild and majestic. It resembles the untamed spirit of a beast.

Leona (Lion-hearted): Leona, a name of Latin origin, symbolizes a girl with a lion-hearted spirit, brimming with courage and strength.

Serena (Serpent Strength): Serena, with Latin roots, suggests a girl possessing the silent and powerful strength reminiscent of a serpent.

Freya (Noble Beast): Freya, of Norse origin, represents a girl who combines nobility with the untamed spirit of a beast.

Valencia (Strong and Vigorous): Valencia, from Spanish, describes a girl who exudes strength and vigor comparable to that of a powerful beast.

Selene (Moonlit Ferocity): Selene, of Greek origin, paints a picture of a girl with ferocity and strength, like a beast under the moonlight.

Athena (Wise and Formidable): Athena, from Greek mythology, embodies wisdom and formidable strength, much like a beast with intellect.

Fiona (Wild and Untamed): Fiona, with Celtic roots, signifies a girl who is wild and untamed, possessing the primal qualities of a beast.

Isolde (Iron-willed): Isolde, originating from Celtic traditions, represents a girl with an iron-willed determination, akin to the strength of a beast.

Sybil (Prophetic Power): Sybil, with Greek origins, conveys a girl with a prophetic and powerful nature, reminiscent of a mystical beast.

Athenais (Majestic Strength): Athenais, derived from Greek, reflects a girl with majestic strength, embodying the power and grace of a beast.

20 Names That Mean Beast in Japanese

Kemono – This name means “beast” in Japanese and is often associated with wild and untamed creatures.

Chikushou – Translating to “beast” or “brute,” this name embodies strength and ferocity.

Kaiju – Literally meaning “strange beast,” this name conjures images of massive and powerful monsters.

Yajuu – Signifying “wild beast,” this name reflects the untamed nature of creatures in the wilderness.

Bakemono – This name translates to “monster” or “apparition,” portraying a sense of fear and mystery.

Oni – Meaning “demon” or “ogre,” this name symbolizes a malevolent and formidable creature.

Kishin – Translating to “fierce god,” this name evokes the image of a powerful and relentless beast.

Bakemon – This name signifies “transforming monster,” highlighting the shapeshifting abilities of mythical creatures.

Kaibutsu – Meaning “monster” or “abnormal creature,” this name suggests something monstrous and out of the ordinary.

Majin – Translating to “demonic creature,” this name implies a terrifying and otherworldly being.

Kaijin – Signifying “mysterious creature,” this name hints at the enigmatic and uncanny nature of beasts.

Hakaiju – This name means “destructive beast,” emphasizing the havoc and devastation such creatures can cause.

Kikaiju – Translating to “mechanical beast,” this name combines the concept of technology with the ferocity of a creature.

Shinigami – Meaning “death god” or “death spirit,” this name embodies a fearsome and lethal entity.

Kyōjin – Signifying “giant,” this name conjures images of colossal and imposing creatures.

Kaibutsusha – This name translates to “monster person,” indicating a being with monstrous characteristics.

Shinjuu – Meaning “divine beast,” this name suggests a creature of mythical and celestial origins.

Yurei – Translating to “ghost” or “apparition,” this name portrays a haunting and spectral presence.

Tsuchigumo – Signifying “earth spider,” this name combines elements of nature with the image of a beast.

Shinjū – This name means “divine beast” or “sacred animal,” conveying a sense of reverence and awe towards the creature.

20 Surnames Meaning Beast

Wildman: A surname that evokes the image of someone untamed and rugged, like a wild beast roaming the wilderness.

Savage: Reflecting a primal fierceness, individuals with this surname may embody strength and ferocity akin to a wild animal.

Feral: Suggesting a primal nature or wildness, those with this surname may possess an untamed spirit akin to a beast in the wild.

Beastly: Carrying connotations of strength and power reminiscent of a formidable creature, individuals with this surname may exude a commanding presence.

Brutal: Symbolizing a relentless force or aggression, bearers of this surname may exhibit an uncompromising demeanor akin to a savage beast.

Untamed: Reflecting a refusal to be subdued or controlled, individuals with this surname may embody a wild and free-spirited nature akin to a beast in its natural habitat.

Fierce: Conveying an intense and unyielding disposition, those with this surname may possess a fiery and competitive spirit reminiscent of a fearsome predator.

Primal: Signifying an innate and instinctual nature, bearers of this surname may display a raw and elemental strength akin to that of a primal beast.

Rampant: Reflecting an unrestrained and dominant presence, individuals with this surname. That may exhibit a powerful and assertive demeanor akin to a beast on the prowl.

Predator: Suggesting a natural inclination for hunting and dominance. Those with this surname may organize a predatory instinct akin to that of a skilled hunter in the animal kingdom.

Hunt: Evoking the image of a relentless pursuer, individuals with this surname may possess a determined and focused demeanor akin to a hunter tracking its prey.

Claw: Symbolizing a sharp and formidable nature, bearers of this surname may exhibit a tenacious and aggressive spirit reminiscent of a beast wielding its claws in combat.

Roar: Conveying a powerful and commanding presence, those with this surname may exude a voice or personality akin to the mighty roar of a fearsome beast.

Fang: Reflecting a sharp and predatory nature, individuals with this surname may possess a keen and assertive demeanor akin to a beast baring its fangs in readiness to strike.

Snarl: Signifying a fierce and aggressive disposition, bearers of this surname may exhibit a threatening and intimidating presence reminiscent of a beast snarling in defiance.

Ravage: Suggesting a destructive and relentless force, those with this surname may embody a fierce and uncompromising nature akin to a beast wreaking havoc in its wake.

Clawson: Derived from “claw,” individuals with this surname may carry the traits of resilience and determination akin to a beast using its claws to navigate through challenges.

Wolver: Derived from “wolverine,” bearers of this surname may exhibit a feisty and tenacious spirit akin to the relentless nature of this small yet fierce animal.

Bearheart: Symbolizing courage and strength, individuals with this surname may possess a resilient and brave heart akin to that of a mighty bear.

Lionheart: Reflecting bravery and valor, those with this surname may embody the noble and courageous spirit reminiscent of a lion, the king of beasts.

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