190+ Names That Mean Wings [Significance & Origin]

A beautiful girl her name Malakai, meaning wings

Names that mean wings encapsulate the universal yearning for flight and transcendence across cultures and languages.

These names offer a glimpse into the shared human desire to break free from limitations and soar to new heights.

Perhaps you’re looking for a name for your child or a character, or you’re fascinated by the power of words.

These 190+ Names invite you to spread your creative wings and feel the boundless possibilities they represent.

85 Names That Mean Wings Along with Each Name Significance & Origin

SeraphinaDerived from seraphim, angelic beings with six wings in Christian traditionHebrew
MalakaiMeaning “angel” or “messenger”Hawaiian
ArielSymbolizes a lion of God, associated with angels and messengersHebrew
LarkRepresents the cheerful songbird and the freedom of flightEnglish
PhoenixRebirth and renewal, a mythical bird that rises from its own ashesGreek
PeregrineRefers to the peregrine falcon, known for its swift flightLatin
Nuriel“Fire of God,” conveys strength and divine protectionHebrew
ZephyrThe gentle west wind, associated with a calm and soothing presenceGreek
IcarusMythical character who flew too close to the sun, representing ambition and riskGreek
AzaraelAngel of death, often depicted with wingsHebrew
YaraMeaning “butterfly,” symbolizes transformation and delicate beautyArabic
AlairA variant of Alaric, meaning “ruler of all” and implying leadershipEnglish
AerinEvokes the concept of air and flight, suggesting a free-spirited natureIrish
Farid“Unique” or “precious,” symbolizing individuality and rarityArabic
HarikaMeaning “bird,” signifying a light-hearted and joyful natureTurkish
ZephyrineFeminine form of Zephyr, associated with a gentle and refreshing breezeGreek
PeriPersian mythical beings resembling fairies with wingsPersian
JibrilArabic form of Gabriel, an archangel known as a messenger of GodArabic
ThalassaRefers to the sea, linking the idea of waves and fluidity with wingsGreek
EvrenMeaning “cosmos” or “universe,” suggesting vastness and boundless potentialTurkish
Aethelbert“Noble” and “bright,” representing a regal and radiant presenceAnglo-Saxon
AesonSymbolizes “swift-moving,” evoking the image of wings in motionGreek
ZalikaDerived from “winged,” embodying the idea of flight and freedomSwahili
Nima“Air” or “breeze,” connecting with the ethereal quality of wingsPersian
CalliopeMuse of epic poetry, her name signifies eloquence and inspirationGreek
AquilaLatin for “eagle,” associated with strength, courage, and visionLatin
Zariel“Lion of God,” combining regal and divine attributesHebrew
AletheiaMeaning “truth,” suggesting a genuine and authentic natureGreek
RaziyaArabic name meaning “pleasing” and “agreeable,” representing harmonyArabic
VardanSymbolizes “giver of boons,” indicating generosity and benevolenceArmenian
Lufti“Kind” or “gentle,” portraying a nurturing and compassionate demeanorArabic
AvianaA blend of “aviary” and “Anna,” invoking both birds and graceAmerican
Faolan“Little wolf,” conveys the idea of a spirited and adventurous soulIrish
SeleneGreek goddess of the moon, associated with the night sky and celestial wingsGreek
BoreasGod of the north wind, embodying the power and force of natureGreek
NalaniHawaiian name meaning “the heavens,” evoking a celestial auraHawaiian
Thana“Praise” or “gratitude,” symbolizing appreciation and positivityArabic
ZiaRepresents “light” and “splendor,” connecting with the radiance of wingsArabic
Nuri“My light” or “my fire,” conveying a sense of illumination and warmthArabic
KalilaMeaning “beloved,” suggesting a cherished and cherished presenceArabic
TalonRefers to a bird’s claw, evoking the image of wings and strengthEnglish
Navid“Good news” or “bearer of good tidings,” signifies positivity and hopePersian
ElaraMoon of Jupiter, embodying the cosmic and mysterious aspects of wingsGreek/Roman
IzarStar,” connecting with the celestial nature of wingsBasque
LiraelDerived from “wings of song,” symbolizing creativity and expressionEnglish
OrionGreek hunter known for his speed, evokes the idea of swiftness and agilityGreek
TariqArabic name meaning “morning star,” suggesting illumination and guidanceArabic
UrielArchangel of wisdom and light, associated with divine knowledgeHebrew
RhiannonCeltic goddess of the moon and inspiration, embodying ethereal qualitiesWelsh
IzumiJapanese name meaning “spring” or “fountain,” connecting with renewalJapanese
ErytheiaMythical island associated with the setting sun, linking wings to day’s endGreek
ZephyrineFeminine form of Zephyr, associated with a gentle and refreshing breezeGreek
MithraPersian deity of the sun, evoking the radiance and warmth of wingsPersian
YavannaTolkien’s goddess of the earth, symbolizing the nurturing and fertile aspects of wingsElvish
Lev“Heart” in Russian, embodying love and emotion akin to wingsRussian
TenzinTibetan name meaning “upholder of teachings,” representing wisdom and guidanceTibetan
AnilaSanskrit name for “wind,” connecting with the invisible and free nature of wingsSanskrit
DerynWelsh name for “bird,” evoking the carefree and soaring spirit of wingsWelsh
ZephyrusGod of the west wind, associated with mild and favorable conditionsGreek
IliadEpic poem by Homer, symbolizing grandeur and inspirationGreek
VayuHindu deity of the wind, embodying the unseen and powerful qualities of wingsSanskrit
NyxGreek goddess of the night, connected with the mystical and shadowy aspects of wingsGreek
KaviSanskrit name meaning “poet,” suggesting creativity and expressionSanskrit
VarunaVedic god of the cosmic order, embodying the vastness and interconnectedness of wingsSanskrit
ArionName of a winged horse in Greek mythology, signifying majesty and eleganceGreek
AetherGod of the upper air and light, connected with the ethereal and divine nature of wingsGreek
AylaTurkish name meaning “moonlight,” symbolizing a gentle and illuminating presenceTurkish
AkariJapanese name for “light,” reflecting the radiant and glowing qualities of wingsJapanese
MahveshPersian name meaning “moon-kissed,” evoking a celestial and luminous auraPersian
VedaSanskrit for “knowledge,” embodying the wisdom and enlightenment of wingsSanskrit
AzaharSpanish name for “orange blossom,” symbolizing freshness and fragilitySpanish
SiriusBrightest star in the sky, connecting with the luminous and guiding nature of wingsLatin
MorriganCeltic goddess of war and death, embodying the fierce and powerful aspects of wingsIrish
NilaMeaning “dark blue,” linking wings to the night sky and mysterySanskrit
LiriAlbanian name for “freedom,” representing the liberating and unshackling qualities of wingsAlbanian
VardaanSanskrit for “gift,” symbolizing generosity and benevolenceSanskrit
AstraeaGreek goddess of innocence and purity, embodying the delicate and celestial aspects of wingsGreek
CyrillaDerived from “lordly,” evoking regality and grandeurGreek
YukiJapanese name meaning “snow,” connecting with the purity and serenity of wingsJapanese
TariqArabic name meaning “morning star,” suggesting illumination and guidanceArabic
NaviDerived from “navigate,” embodying the idea of journey and explorationEnglish
IcariaInspired by Icarus, symbolizing audacity and aspirationGreek
SolaraBlend of “solar” and “ara” (eagle), suggesting a radiant and majestic natureEnglish
ArmandeMeaning “soldier,” embodying the courageous and valiant qualities of wingsFrench
LevanaHebrew name for “moon,” symbolizing the celestial and ethereal aspects of wingsHebrew

55 Girl Names That Mean Wings: Significance and Origin

Girl NameSignificanceOrigin
Alaia“Winged” in BasqueBasque
AvianaDerived from “aviary,” symbolizing flight and freedomLatin
Farida“Unique” or “precious gem,” embodying the rarity and beauty of wingsArabic
SeraphinaDerived from “seraphim,” representing the highest order of angels with six wingsHebrew
Anila“Air” or “wind,” evoking the ethereal nature of wingsSanskrit
Jina“Winged” or “blessed with wings,” signifying grace and divine favorSwahili
Vayla“Wind” or “goddess of the wind,” symbolizing the gentle flutter of wingsEnglish
Izel“Unique feather” or “winged beauty,” reflecting the delicate elegance of wingsNahuatl
ZephyrineDerived from “Zephyr,” the Greek god of the west wind, embodying the essence of flightGreek
Keira“Dark-haired” or “dark beauty,” contrasting with the lightness of wingsIrish
Fereshteh“Angel” or “heavenly,” capturing the celestial nature of wingsPersian
AuroraNamed after the dawn goddess, representing the radiant glow of wingsLatin
Nuriya“Radiance” or “brilliance,” akin to the luminous glow of wingsArabic
CaeliaDerived from “caelum,” meaning “sky” or “heaven,” aligning with the realm of wingsLatin
Malika“Queen” or “royalty,” emphasizing the regal grace of winged beingsArabic
ThaliaDerived from “Thaleia,” the Greek muse of comedy and pastoral poetry, reflecting the light-hearted essence of wingsGreek
Nima“Air” or “breath,” resonating with the airy nature of wingsPersian
AstraeaNamed after the Greek goddess of justice and innocence, signifying the purity of flightGreek
Zipporah“Bird” or “sparrow,” capturing the avian inspiration behind wingsHebrew
Kamaria“Moonlight” or “like the moon,” evoking the soft glow of wingsSwahili
AeliaDerived from “aer,” meaning “air,” symbolizing the lightness and freedom of wingsLatin
Celestia“Heavenly” or “of the stars,” aligning with the celestial realm of winged beingsLatin
LuziaDerived from “lux,” meaning “light,” reminiscent of the luminous aura of wingsPortuguese
Kalinda“Sun” or “fire,” reflecting the radiant energy of winged spiritsSanskrit
AvalonNamed after the legendary island, symbolizing a realm of magic and flightCeltic
Azra“Virgin” or “pure,” embodying the untainted nature of winged beingsArabic
Vayu“Wind” or “air,” signifying the breezy essence of wingsSanskrit
FenellaDerived from “fionnghuala,” meaning “white shoulder,” mirroring the elegance of wingsScottish
Eliora“God is my light,” resonating with the divine glow of winged figuresHebrew
Esen“Breeze” or “wind,” capturing the gentle movement of wingsTurkish
Zariya“Princess” or “shining,” akin to the majestic aura of winged beingsArabic
Liora“My light” or “light for me,” echoing the luminosity of wingsHebrew
Vayla“Bird” or “goddess of the wind,” embodying the delicate flutter of wingsEnglish
Amihan“Bird” or “east wind,” drawing inspiration from the avian world of flightTagalog
Gwenith“Blessed” or “fair,” symbolizing the grace and beauty of winged beingsWelsh
Yasmin“Jasmine flower” or “fragrant flower,” evoking the delicate allure of wingsPersian
Nila“Blue” or “sapphire,” reflecting the ethereal hues often associated with wingsSanskrit
Xinyi“New wings” or “renewed flight,” signifying transformation and growthChinese
ElaraNamed after a moon of Jupiter, symbolizing celestial expanses and flightGreek
Thana“Patience” or “to be patient,” aligning with the serene grace of wingsArabic
ApolloniaNamed after the Greek god Apollo, representing enlightenment and flightGreek
Avra“Breeze” or “gentle wind,” reminiscent of the tranquil flutter of wingsGreek
Livia“Olive” or “symbol of peace,” mirroring the harmonious aura of winged beingsLatin
Nirupa“Crowned with light,” capturing the radiant presence of winged spiritsSanskrit
TaliaDerived from “tali,” meaning “dew,” evoking the refreshing essence of wingsHebrew
Yaretzi“You will always be loved,” embodying the enduring affection inspired by wingsNahuatl
Cyra“Sun” or “like the sun,” reflecting the radiant energy of winged beingsPersian
Felicia“Happy” or “fortunate,” symbolizing the joyous spirit of winged figuresLatin
Kaira“Peaceful” or “beloved,” resonating with the serene grace of wingsGreek
Nova“New” or “star,” representing the freshness and luminosity of winged beingsLatin
ZephyraDerived from “Zephyr,” the Greek god of the west wind, embodying the essence of flightGreek
Iolani“Royal hawk” or “heavenly hawk,” infusing regal majesty into winged symbolismHawaiian
Sora“Sky” or “heavens,” mirroring the celestial realm often associated with wingsJapanese
AletheiaDerived from “aletheia,” meaning “truth,” embodying the honesty and purity of wingsGreek

50 Boy Names That Mean Wings: Significance & Origin

Boy NameSignificanceOrigin
Alaric“Ruler of All” with wings of powerGermanic
Evander“Strong Man with Wings”Greek
Zephyr“West Wind” symbolizing flightGreek
Ariel“Lion of God” with heavenly wingsHebrew
PhoenixMythical bird reborn with wingsGreek
Kenan“Possession” symbolizing flightHebrew
IcarusFlew too close to the sunGreek
SeraphimAngelic beings with six wingsHebrew
FalconMajestic bird of preyEnglish
Wingate“Gate with Wings”Old English
Tariq“Morning Star” guiding lightArabic
Ramiel“Thunder of God” and wingsHebrew
Alaudin“Servant of the Divine” with wingsArabic
Anghel“Angel” with heavenly wingsRomanian
RaptorSwift bird of preyEnglish
Lysander“Liberator” with wings of changeGreek
Malachy“Messenger of God” with wingsIrish
Farid“Unique” symbolizing freedomArabic
GriffinMythical creature with wingsWelsh
ZephyrusGod of the west windGreek
CherubimAngelic beings with wingsHebrew
Niharika“Dew Drop” representing flightSanskrit
Hadriel“Glory of God” with wingsHebrew
Zohar“Brilliance” embodying wingsHebrew
Nuriel“Light of God” and celestial wingsHebrew
PhoenixBird reborn with fiery wingsEnglish
Aelius“Sun” symbolizing flightLatin
Roshan“Bright” with wings of radiancePersian
Wingard“Protector with Wings”Old English
Uriel“Light of God” guiding wingsHebrew
Shafiq“Compassionate” representing wingsArabic
OrionHunter constellation with wingsGreek
VayuHindu god of the windSanskrit
PavoPeacock” symbolizing flightLatin
Gavrel“God is My Strength” with wingsHebrew
Asher“Happy” embodying wingsHebrew
Thane“Noble” symbolizing flightScottish
Faris“Horseman” representing speedArabic
AetherPrimordial god of the upper airGreek
Peregrine“Traveler” with wings of adventureLatin
Callum“Dove” embodying wingsScottish
Shayne“God is Gracious” with wingsIrish
Yonah“Dove” symbolizing flightHebrew
SamaelVenom of God” and celestial wingsHebrew
Iniko“Born in a Time of Trouble”African
Aditya“Sun God” symbolizing flightSanskrit
Darien“Gift” with wings of potentialGreek
Aatish“Fire” representing wingsSanskrit
Virendra“Lord of Heroes” with wingsSanskrit
Kieran“Dark-Haired” embodying wingsIrish


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