120+ Names Meaning Prophecy For Boys & Girls

Names that mean prophecy

The name “Prophecy” is a noun that refers to a prediction or a statement that foretells a future event or outcome.

It is often associated with the idea of a divine or supernatural revelation of the future. The word “prophecy” is commonly used in religious, mystical, and literary contexts.

That describes the act of foreseeing or foretelling events, often through spiritual or supernatural means.

The name “Prophecy” itself does not have a specific meaning in the same way that traditional names do. 

It is a word with a specific definition related to predictions and foretelling, rather than a name with a distinct origin or historical significance.

As a name, it might be chosen for its symbolic or metaphorical significance rather than a traditional meaning associated with personal names.

Names that mean prophecy’ hold a mystic allure, suggesting foresight and destiny. These names, steeped in ancient wisdom, often inspire a sense of wonder and anticipation.

They make them a fascinating choice for anyone seeking some unique and meaningful names meaning Prophecy.

40 Girl Names Meaning Prophecy, Meaning and Significance

Girl NameMeaningSignificance
CassandraShining upon manA mythical seeress in Greek mythology
TheodoraGod’s giftA name associated with divine insight
SeraphinaFiery angelSuggesting divine messages and foresight
SibylProphetessA title for ancient seers and oracles
FaridaUnique, preciousA name signifying a rare gift of prophecy
VaticiaProphetessA modern name with a prophetic meaning
OphiraGoldSymbolizing valuable insights and wisdom
DivinaDivineReflecting a connection to the spiritual realm
KalilaBelovedSuggesting a special bond with prophetic wisdom
SeleneMoonAssociated with lunar-related prophecies
AnaisGraceEvokes the idea of graceful foresight
AltheaHealerSignifying the power to foresee and heal
CelestiaHeavenlyRelating to celestial prophecies and insights
AmaraImmortalSuggesting eternal knowledge and prophecy
ZaraBlossomSymbolizing the blooming of foresight
ThalassaSeaLinked to water-related prophecies
ElaraBright starA name suggesting celestial wisdom
MireiaMiracleReflecting miraculous visions and foresight
AuraBreath of airSignifying ethereal insights and premonitions
IsoldeFair ladyA name with mystical and prophetic connotations
VedaKnowledgeRooted in ancient Indian prophetic texts
AureliaGoldenSuggesting golden prophecies and revelations
LysandraFreeing manEvokes the idea of liberating insights
CallistaMost beautifulSignifying beautiful and inspired visions
SaffronPrecious spiceA name associated with prophetic fragrances
KassandraShining upon manA variant of Cassandra, with prophetic meaning
MelioraBetterSuggesting the foresight for a brighter future
AltheiaHealingLinked to the power of healing through prophecy
NyxNightAssociated with nocturnal prophecies
ElioraGod is my lightA name suggesting divine illumination
SerenStarSignifying celestial prophecies and insight
EvadnePleasingReflecting visions that bring pleasure
KalistaMost beautifulA variant of Callista, symbolizing beauty
PhoebeRadiantA name linked to radiance and foresight
EulaliaSweetly speakingSuggesting the power of eloquent prophecies
TheaGoddessEvokes a divine connection and prophetic gifts
AmabelLovableReflecting affectionate and lovable prophecies
CaelumHeavenSignifying heavenly insights and messages
CleopatraGlory of the fatherA name with historical prophetic significance
AstraeaStar maidenAssociated with celestial prophecies
CharisGraceSuggesting the grace of prophetic wisdom

These names not only sound beautiful but also carry deep meanings associated with prophecy and foresight, making them a meaningful choice for a girl’s name.

50 Boy Names That Mean Prophecy, Meaning and Significance

Boy NameMeaningSignificance
Aaron“Exalted, enlightened”A name of biblical significance, linked to prophecy and leadership.
Ezekiel“God will strengthen”A prophetic figure in the Bible, known for his visions and divine messages.
Micah“Who is like God?”Micah was a prophet in the Old Testament, foretelling events and God’s word.
Jonah“Dove”Jonah was a prophet who received divine revelations and encountered God’s will.
Amos“Bearer of burden”Amos was a minor prophet in the Bible, known for his insightful prophecies.
Nathan“Given”A name associated with King David’s prophet, who conveyed God’s messages.
Joel“Yahweh is God”Joel was a prophet who spoke of visions and the Day of the Lord’s coming.
Isaiah“Salvation of the Lord”A major prophet in the Bible, known for his prophecies of the Messiah.
Malachi“My messenger”Malachi’s name reflects his role as a messenger of God’s words and prophecies.
Zephaniah“Hidden by God”Zephaniah was a biblical prophet who delivered messages of impending judgment.
Daniel“God is my judge”Known for interpreting dreams and visions, Daniel had a strong prophetic gift.
Samuel“Heard by God”Samuel was a prophet and judge in the Bible, known for receiving divine guidance.
Elihu“He is my God”Elihu was a wise figure who offered insights and guidance in the book of Job.
Josiah“Yahweh supports”Josiah was a righteous king in the Bible, who followed God’s prophecies and reforms.
Obadiah“Servant of Yahweh”Obadiah’s name reflects his role in delivering prophecies of Edom’s downfall.
Gideon“Feller”Gideon was a biblical figure chosen by God to lead Israel, guided by divine signs.
Elisha“God is salvation”Elisha was a prophet with a gift for miracles and receiving God’s revelations.
Seth“Appointed”In the Bible, Seth’s descendants played important roles in fulfilling God’s plans.
Zechariah“Yahweh remembers”Zechariah was a prophet who received visions about future events and the Messiah.
Elijah“My God is Yahweh”Elijah was a powerful prophet known for his miraculous deeds and messages from God.
Zebediah“Gift of Yahweh”A unique name that combines “gift” with a reference to God, symbolizing prophecy.
Uriah“God is my light”Uriah was a biblical figure connected to King David and the prophetic tradition.
Elam“Forever”Elam is an ancient name that signifies enduring prophecies and timeless wisdom.
Enoch“Dedicated”Enoch was a biblical figure who “walked with God” and was known for his prophetic visions.
Ezekias“God will strengthen”A variation of Ezekiel, reflecting divine strength and insight in prophetic matters.
Malachai“Messenger of God”A variant of Malachi, emphasizing the role of being a divine messenger in prophecy.
Nathanial“Gift of God”A name combining “gift” with a reference to God, suggests the blessing of prophecy.
Eliazar“God is my help”Eliazar’s name highlights the divine assistance and guidance in prophetic endeavors.
Amoz“Strong”Amoz, the father of the prophet Isaiah, signifies strength and determination in prophecy.
Immanuel“God is with us”A name that represents the presence of God in prophetic revelations and guidance.
Jairus“He will enlighten”Jairus reflects the idea of divine enlightenment and insight associated with prophecy.
Jeremiel“Mercy of God”A name that underscores the compassionate aspect of prophecy and divine messages.
Jedidiah“Beloved of God”Jedidiah conveys the special favor and affection from God, essential in prophecy.
Kaleb“Faithful, devoted”Kaleb signifies the unwavering dedication and faith required in interpreting prophecies.
Mathan“Gift”Mathan represents the idea of prophecy as a divine gift, shared with those chosen by God.
Raphael“God has healed”Raphael implies the healing power of prophecy and the restoration of spiritual insight.
Silas“Wood, forest”Silas symbolizes the depth and abundance of knowledge and wisdom in prophetic visions.
Tobias“God is good”Tobias suggests that goodness and divine favor play a role in interpreting prophecies.
Uzziah“My strength is God”Uzziah reflects the strength derived from God in delivering and interpreting prophecies.
Zachariah“Yahweh remembers”Zachariah emphasizes the divine memory and fulfillment of prophecies by God.
Caius“Rejoice”Caius signifies the joy and fulfillment that can come from understanding prophecies.
Dariel“Open to God”Dariel conveys the idea of being receptive and open to divine messages and prophecies.
Eben“Stone”Eben suggests the enduring nature of prophecies, like stones that stand the test of time.
Habakkuk“Embrace”Habakkuk’s name symbolizes the acceptance and understanding of divine prophecies.
Ignatius“Fiery”Ignatius represents the passionate and burning insight often associated with prophecy.
Josiah“Yahweh supports”Josiah was a righteous king in the Bible, who followed God’s prophecies and reforms.
Matan“Gift”Matan represents the idea of prophecy as a divine gift, shared with those chosen by God.
Obadiah“Servant of Yahweh”Obadiah’s name reflects his role in delivering prophecies of Edom’s downfall.
Uriah“God is my light”Uriah was a biblical figure connected to King David and the prophetic tradition.

These names encompass various biblical and spiritual connections. They emphasize the importance of prophecy and divine guidance in the lives of those who bear them.

30 Biblical Names Meaning Prophecy, Meaning and Significance

Biblical NameMeaningSignificance
Samuel“Heard by God”Samuel was a prophet and the last judge of Israel.
Ezekiel“God strengthens”Ezekiel was a prophet who received divine visions.
Daniel“God is my judge”Known for interpreting dreams and visions.
Nathan“Given by God”Nathan was a prophet and advisor to King David.
Micah“Who is like God”Micah prophesied about the Messiah’s birthplace.
Joel“Yahweh is God”His prophecies focus on the Day of the Lord.
Isaiah“Yahweh is salvation”Wrote extensive prophecies in the Old Testament.
Jeremiah“Yahweh exalts”Known for his prophecies of the Babylonian exile.
Zechariah“Yahweh remembers”Wrote about future events and the coming Messiah.
Malachi“My messenger”Delivered messages about the coming Day of the Lord.
Haggai“Festal”Encouraged the rebuilding of the Second Temple.
Amos“Carried”Prophesied against social injustice and corruption.
Hosea“Salvation”His life symbolized God’s love for unfaithful Israel.
Zebedee“Gift of God”Father of two of Jesus’ disciples, James and John.
Jonah“Dove”Known for the story of being swallowed by a whale.
Zephaniah“Yahweh has hidden”Prophesied about the Day of the Lord’s wrath.
Deborah“Bee”A prophetess and judge in the Bible.
Uriah“Yahweh is my light”A prophet during the reign of King Ahaz.
Agabus“Locust”Foretold a famine and the arrest of Paul.
Eldad“God has loved”One of the prophets chosen by God in the wilderness.
Elihu“He is my God”Spoke to Job on behalf of God in the book of Job.
Shemaiah“Yahweh has heard”Prophesied the downfall of King Rehoboam.
Jezreel“God sows”A symbolic name in the book of Hosea.
Shiloh“Peace”A prophetic name for the Messiah in Genesis.
Elisha“God is salvation”Performed many miracles and received visions.
Eleazar“God has helped”Served as a priest and prophet in the Old Testament.
Meshach“Who is what Aku is”One of Daniel’s companions in Babylon.
Shaphan“Cony”A scribe who played a role in King Josiah’s reforms.
Shear-Jashub“A remnant will return”Isaiah’s son, symbolizing Israel’s future hope.
Habakkuk“Embrace”Composed a book of prophetic poetry in the Bible.
Nehemiah“Comforted by God”Led the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls.

These names reflect the rich prophetic tradition in the Bible and their significant roles in the history and message of Christianity.


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