Yani Name Meaning [Origin, Gender, Nicknames & Variations]

Yani Name Meaning

The name Yani has various origins and meanings. In Slavic languages, it’s a diminutive of the name Jan, meaning “God is gracious.” In Persian, Yani means “always” or “forever.” It’s a name that reflects positive qualities and a sense of enduring grace across different cultural contexts.

What Does the Yani Name Meaning?

The name Yani has diverse cultural origins and meanings. In various cultures, Yani may be a diminutive of the Greek name Ioannis, meaning “God is gracious.”

Additionally, in Persian, Yani translates to “longing” or “desire.” The name’s roots also extend to Southeast Asia, where it can be a variant of the Indonesian name Yanti, often associated with sweetness and charm.

Yani’s multifaceted meanings reflect its adaptability across different linguistic and cultural landscapes, making it a name with rich and varied connotations.

Ultimately, the significance of Yani may resonate differently depending on cultural and individual interpretations.

Yani Name Origin:

The name “Yani” has diverse origins. In some cultures, it is a variant of the Greek name “Ioannis,” meaning “God is gracious.” In other cases, it is derived from various languages, carrying meanings such as “peace” or “gift of God.” The name’s roots reflect its multicultural and versatile nature.

Yani Name Gender:

The gender of the name “Yani” is unisex. It can be used for both males and females. The name Yani does not have a specific gender association, making it versatile and suitable for individuals of any gender.

Yani Name Pronunciation:

The name “Yani” is pronounced as “YAH-nee.” The emphasis is on the first syllable, and the “a” is pronounced like the “a” in “cat.” Overall, it’s a straightforward and phonetic pronunciation, commonly used for both males and females.

20 Nicknames for the Name Yani

Here are 20 nicknames for the name Yani:

  1. Yan
  2. Yans
  3. Nini
  4. Yayi
  5. Yaya
  6. Yani Bear
  7. Yanster
  8. Yani Boo
  9. Yanito
  10. Yani Pie
  11. Yani-Bug
  12. Yani Babe
  13. YanStar
  14. Yanikins
  15. Yani Doodle
  16. Yani Love
  17. Yani Breeze
  18. Yani Joy
  19. Yani Sunshine
  20. Yani Spark

15 Variations for the Name Yani

The name “Yani” can have various spellings and variations. Here are 15 possibilities:

  1. Yanni
  2. Yanie
  3. Yane
  4. Yanee
  5. Yanni
  6. Yanny
  7. Yhanie
  8. Yhanni
  9. Yhanny
  10. Yanie
  11. Yanea
  12. Yaney
  13. Yany
  14. Yhanee
  15. Yhane

20 Similar Names to Yani

Here are 20 names that are similar to Yani:

  1. Yara
  2. Yasmine
  3. Yanis
  4. Yanka
  5. Yanira
  6. Yannick
  7. Yelena
  8. Yasmin
  9. Yvette
  10. Yara
  11. Yanina
  12. Yvonne
  13. Yuliana
  14. Yasmina
  15. Yeliz
  16. Yarrow
  17. Yvaine
  18. Yessenia
  19. Yasmine
  20. Yovanna


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