100+ Names That Mean Nothingness


Nothingness surrounds us, an empty expanse devoid of substance or meaning. It cloaks existence in a void where silence reigns supreme, a vast emptiness stretching into infinity.

Within this vacuum, absence dominates, erasing the traces of significance. It is a canvas untouched by life’s brushstrokes, a blank page void of narratives.

In this realm, there is no resonance, no tangible substance to grasp. It is the absence of all, a profound stillness where existence dissolves, leaving only the echo of emptiness.

Nothingness, a silent observer to the ebb and flow of time, an eternal void that echoes the quietude of the unknown.

Read these 100 impressive names that mean nothingness. This curated list promotes the state of emptiness, void, and insignificance.

They offer a unique journey through words that brief the concept of nothingness in a diverse and accessible manner.

30 Girl Names That Mean Nothingness

Sure, here is a table of 30 girl names meaning nothingness, along with their meanings and origins:

Girl NamesMeaningOrigin
VanishaVoid or emptinessSanskrit
NihiraWithout substance or essenceIndian
VacantiaEmpty space or nothingnessLatin
ShunyaAbsolute zero or emptinessSanskrit
NullaNo existence or nothingLatin
AvyayaImperishable or indestructible voidSanskrit
TabulaBlank slate or emptinessLatin
KhaishaEmpty or devoidIndian
NihilanaNull or nonexistentLatin
NadaNothingness or zeroSpanish
NirvikaBeyond existence or emptinessSanskrit
VacareTo be empty or vacantLatin
SunyaEmpty space or voidSanskrit
NihilithaDevoid of substance or nothingnessLatin
BlankitaBlank or devoidSpanish
KhaliyaEmpty or vacantArabic
VacuaEmpty or voidLatin
ShunyaikaSingular emptinessSanskrit
NihilenaNull or without essenceLatin
EkmaraOne without attributes or emptinessSanskrit
CarentaLacking or devoidLatin
VoidaraEssence of emptinessSanskrit
NuloEmpty or nullSpanish
VacivitaVacant life or emptinessLatin
NiraWithout substance or nothingnessHebrew
NihilissaDevoid of substance or nothingnessLatin
VaciaEmpty or voidSpanish
ShunikaWithout form or emptinessSanskrit
NullaraVoid or emptyLatin
KhaishikaPertaining to emptinessSanskrit

30 Boy Names That Mean Nothingness

Here is a table of 30 boy names meaning nothingness, along with their meanings and origins:

Boy NamesMeaningOrigin
VoidEmptiness or nothingnessEnglish
NullAbsolute absence or zeroLatin
CipherSymbolizing nothingnessArabic
NihiloDerived from “Nihil,” meaning nothingLatin
VacantEmpty or devoidLatin
NaughtZero or nothingOld English
BlankLacking substance or contentOld French
NulliusLatin for “of no one”Latin
VacuousEmptiness or lack of thoughtLatin
ZerothPertaining to zeroEnglish
HollowEmpty or voidOld English
NonexistentHaving no existenceEnglish
AbsenceState of being missingLatin
NegationDenial or absenceLatin
VainLacking substance or worthOld French
GhostSpirit without substanceOld English
NullifyTo make null or voidLatin
UnseenNot perceived or noticedOld English
VoiderOne who empties or nullifiesOld French
WipeoutComplete eradicationEnglish
BlankspaceEmpty or vacant spaceEnglish
AetherThe substance of nothingnessGreek
NonbeingState of not beingEnglish
VacuumA space devoid of matterLatin
NonentityLack of existence or realityLatin
NullifyrA person or thing that nullifiesEnglish
ZilchAbsolutely nothingAmerican slang
ShadowA faint, indistinct imageOld English
InaneLacking sense or substanceLatin
VoidishResembling or pertaining to voidEnglish

20 Male Names Meaning Nothingness

Get these 20 male names that mean nothingness, along with their meanings and origins:

Male NamesMeaningOrigin
VoidanSymbolizes emptinessEnglish
NihiloRepresents nothingLatin
VacantusDenotes emptinessLatin
NulliusSignifies nothingLatin
BlanksonImplies emptinessEnglish
AbyssiusReflects nothingnessLatin
ZeronRepresents zeroEnglish
NadaanSignifies nothingnessArabic
EmptyonDenotes emptinessEnglish
NihilosSymbolizes nothingGreek
NullarRepresents nullEnglish
VoidrickReflects voidEnglish
VacuoSignifies emptinessLatin
BlankfordDenotes blanknessEnglish
NixiusRepresents nothingnessLatin
NullifyrImplies nullityEnglish
VacantiusSignifies vacancyLatin
NoughtanDenotes nothingEnglish
BlankusSymbolizes blankLatin
ZerothRepresents zeroEnglish

20 Female Names Meaning Nothingness

Read these 20 female names meaning nothingness, along with their meanings and origins:

Female NamesMeaningOrigin
VoidaEmptiness or blanknessSanskrit
NihilaDerived from “Nihilo,” meaning nothingnessLatin
NullaLatin for “nothing”Latin
VacaraSignifying emptinessSanskrit
ZeroniaInspired by “zero”Greek
NadaSpanish for “nothing”Spanish
NebulaEvoking emptiness of spaceLatin
ShunyaSanskrit for “void”Sanskrit
NuloPortuguese for “null”Portuguese
LirianaA blend of “void” and “nothing”Invented
NihiraMeaning emptinessSanskrit
AnulaSanskrit for “void” or “empty”Sanskrit
NihilityDirect reference to nothingnessEnglish
VanishraA fusion of “vanish” and “void”Invented
NihilaniCombination of “nihil” (nothing) and “lani” (heaven)Invented
NihalinaA variation of “Nihal,” meaning nothingInvented
NullaraFusion of “null” and a feminine touchInvented
VacantiaLatin for “emptiness”Latin
NulissaA creative blend of “null” and “issa”Invented
HushaConveys a sense of silence or nothingnessInvented


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