130 Boys And Girls Names That Mean Brother, Sister

Names That Mean Brother

Names like “Brody” and “Liam” carry a brotherly vibe, embodying the essence of camaraderie. Derived from various origins, these monikers reflect the universal bond of brotherhood. “Ethan,” with its straightforward charm, signifies a reliable and friendly companion, much like a cherished brother.

Similarly, “Miles” resonates with warmth, capturing the spirit of familial closeness. These names meaning brother, evoke a sense of kinship and loyalty, embodying the enduring connection shared by brothers.

Choosing a name with brotherly significance can infuse a sense of unity and solidarity. The very fabric of a family fosters enduring relationships grounded in trust and mutual support.

35 Names That Mean Brother for Boys and Girls

Bryan (Celtic): A strong and noble name, Bryan signifies a brother who is virtuous and honorable.

Liam (Irish): A name denoting a resolute and determined brother, Liam is often associated with loyalty and dependability.

Ethan (Hebrew): With a meaning rooted in strength, Ethan is a fitting name for a brother who is robust and steadfast.

Mason (English): Symbolizing a skilled and resourceful brother, Mason conveys a sense of craftsmanship and reliability.

Nolan (Irish): A name suggesting a brother with charm and charisma, Nolan is often chosen for those who bring joy to others.

Owen (Welsh): Meaning “young warrior,” Owen represents a brother with a brave and courageous spirit.

Felix (Latin): Signifying happiness and good fortune, Felix is a name for a brother who brings positivity and joy to those around him.

Maxwell (Scottish): A name associated with great strength, Maxwell is fitting for a powerful and resilient brother.

Victor (Latin): Denoting a triumphant and successful brother, Victor is ideal for someone who overcomes challenges with grace.

Cole (English): Representing a brother with a strong and determined personality, Cole is often chosen for its simplicity and impact.

Leo (Latin): Meaning “lion,” Leo is a name for a brother with a bold and fearless nature.

Cameron (Scottish): Conveying a sense of camaraderie, Cameron is a suitable name for a brother who values friendship and companionship.

Gabriel (Hebrew): Signifying the strength of God, Gabriel is a name for a brother with a spiritual and resilient character.

Aaron (Hebrew): Denoting a lofty and exalted brother, Aaron is often chosen as someone with a noble and dignified presence.

Isaac (Hebrew): Meaning “laughter,” Isaac is a name for a brother with a joyful and lighthearted spirit.

Tristan (Welsh): A name symbolizing a bold and adventurous brother, Tristan is fitting for someone with a daring nature.

Dylan (Welsh): Conveying a sense of harmony and tranquility, Dylan is a name for a brother who brings peace to those around him.

Eli (Hebrew): Signifying ascension, Eli is a name for a brother with a strong sense of purpose and determination.

Colton (English): Representing a brother with a resilient and enduring nature, Colton is ideal for someone who faces challenges head-on.

Julian (Latin): Denoting youthful energy and vitality, Julian is a name for a brother with a vibrant and dynamic personality.

Gavin (Welsh): Meaning “white hawk,” Gavin is a name for a brother with a sharp and perceptive mind.

Blake (English): Signifying a brother with a bold and assertive personality, Blake is chosen for its strong and straightforward sound.

Connor (Irish): A name representing a brother who is dedicated and steadfast, Connor is ideal for someone with unwavering loyalty.

Noah (Hebrew): Denoting comfort and rest, Noah is a name for a brother who provides a sense of security and calm.

Miles (Latin): Symbolizing a brother with great strength and endurance, Miles is chosen for its robust and timeless appeal.

Carter (English): Conveying a sense of trustworthiness and reliability, Carter is a name for a brother who can be counted on.

Logan (Scottish): A name representing a brother with a deep and contemplative nature, Logan is ideal for someone with introspective qualities.

Henry (German): Signifying ruler or leader, Henry is chosen as a brother who possesses qualities of authority and guidance.

Dominic (Latin): Denoting a brother with a strong and commanding presence, Dominic is a name for a natural leader.

Gabriel (Hebrew): A name representing a brother with a strong connection to the divine, Gabriel is chosen for its spiritual significance.

Evan (Welsh): Conveying a sense of grace and charm, Evan is ideal for a brother with a magnetic and captivating personality.

Nathan (Hebrew): Signifying a brother with compassion and kindness, Nathan is a name for someone who cares deeply for others.

Caleb (Hebrew): Denoting loyalty and devotion, Caleb is a suitable name for a brother who values strong bonds and relationships.

Aiden (Irish): Representing a fiery and passionate brother, Aiden is chosen for his energetic and vibrant qualities.

Wyatt (English): A name symbolizing a brother with strength and resilience, Wyatt is ideal for someone who faces challenges with determination.

30 Girl Names That Mean Sister

Alyssa – A name of Greek origin, meaning “defender” or “protector,” reflecting a sisterly bond that is protective and nurturing.

Bella – Of Italian origin, it means “beautiful.” This name suggests a sisterly connection that adds beauty and grace to the family.

Claire – A French name meaning “clear” or “bright,” symbolizing a sister who brings clarity and light into her brother’s life.

Eva – Of Hebrew origin, it means “life” or “living one,” indicating a sisterly presence that brings vitality and energy.

Fiona – A Scottish name meaning “fair” or “white,” suggesting a sister with a fair and just nature.

Grace – An English name embodying elegance and poise, illustrating a sister who adds a touch of grace to her brother’s world.

Hannah – Of Hebrew origin, it means “grace” or “favor,” symbolizing a sister who is a source of favor and blessing.

Isabel – A Spanish name meaning “pledged to God,” signifying a sister who is devoted and committed to her brother.

Jasmine – Of Persian origin, it means “gift from God,” representing a sister who is a precious gift in her brother’s life.

Kara – A name of Greek origin, meaning “beloved” or “dear,” portraying a sisterly bond that is cherished and treasured.

Lily – An English name symbolizing purity and innocence, highlighting a sister who brings a sense of purity into her brother’s life.

Mia – Of Italian and Spanish origin, meaning “mine” or “my own,” emphasizing the possessive and protective nature of a sister.

Nora – A name of Irish origin, meaning “light” or “honorable,” suggesting a sister who brings honor and brightness to her brother.

Olivia – Of Latin origin, meaning “olive tree,” representing a sister who provides nourishment and sustenance to her brother.

PaigeAn English name meaning “young helper” or “servant,” illustrating a sister who is supportive and helpful to her brother.

Quinn – Of Irish origin, meaning “wise” or “counsel,” indicating a sister who provides wise counsel and guidance to her brother.

Ruby – A gemstone name symbolizing passion and vitality, reflecting a sister who adds a spark of passion to her brother’s life.

Sophia – Of Greek origin, meaning “wisdom,” portraying a sister with a wise and insightful nature.

Tessa – A diminutive of Theresa, meaning “harvester” or “reaper,” suggesting a sister who brings abundance and prosperity to her brother’s life.

Violet – An English name representing the violet flower, symbolizing modesty and simplicity, and a sister who brings a sense of modesty to her brother.

Willow – A nature-inspired name, reflecting flexibility and resilience, illustrating a sister who is adaptable and supportive.

Xena – A name of Greek origin, meaning “hospitable” or “welcoming,” symbolizing a sister who is warm and welcoming to her brother.

Yara – Of Arabic origin, meaning “small butterfly,” portraying a sister who brings lightness and joy to her brother’s life.

Zara – A name of Arabic origin, meaning “princess” or “flower,” suggesting a sister with a regal and delicate presence.

Amelia – An English name meaning “industrious” and “striving,” indicating a sister who is hardworking and dedicated.

Brooklyn – A modern name representing the bond between siblings, particularly brothers and sisters from Brooklyn, New York.

Daisy – A flower name symbolizing innocence and purity, illustrating a sister who adds a touch of innocence to her brother’s life.

Eliza – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “pledged to God” or “consecrated,” emphasizing a sister’s commitment to her brother.

Gabriella – A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is my strength,” portraying a sister who provides strength and support.

Hailey – An English name meaning “hero” or “champion,” suggesting a sister who is a champion and protector for her brother.

30 Boy Names Meaning Brother

Aidan: Meaning “little fire,” Aidan is a spirited and lively boy, radiating warmth and energy, just like a flickering flame.

Barrett: Derived from the Germanic word “baro,” meaning “bear,” Barrett represents a strong and protective brother, much like the mighty bear.

Caleb: Of Hebrew origin, Caleb signifies “faithful” or “devoted,” making him a reliable and steadfast companion in the journey of brotherhood.

Damon: Greek for “to tame” or “gentle,” Damon embodies a calm and composed presence, providing a soothing influence in the bond between siblings.

Ethan: With a Hebrew origin meaning “strong” or “firm,” Ethan symbolizes a resilient and determined brother, unyielding in the face of challenges.

Felix: Latin for “happy” or “fortunate,” Felix brings joy and positivity, infusing a cheerful spirit into the dynamics of brotherhood.

Gabriel: Of Hebrew origin, Gabriel translates to “God is my strength.” This name embodies a brother who is a pillar of support and encouragement.

Hugo: Derived from the Old Germanic word “hugi,” meaning “mind” or “spirit,” Hugo represents a brother with a sharp intellect and thoughtful demeanor.

Isaac: With a Hebrew origin meaning “laughter,” Isaac brings a sense of joy and humor, making him an enjoyable sibling.

Jack: A classic name, Jack, derived from the Middle English word “jakke,” represents a down-to-earth and friendly brother, easy to connect with.

Kai: Of Hawaiian origin, Kai means “sea” or “ocean.” Kai is a free-spirited and adventurous brother, ready to explore the depths of life with his siblings.

Leo: Latin for “lion,” Leo symbolizes strength, courage, and protective nature, making him an ideal brother who stands up for his family.

Mason: Meaning “worker in stone,” Mason represents a diligent and industrious brother, laying the foundation of a strong and lasting bond.

Nolan: Of Irish origin, Nolan means “noble” or “champion,” portraying a brother with a noble character and a winning spirit.

Owen: Derived from the Welsh name Owain, meaning “young warrior” or “well-born,” Owen embodies a spirited and noble brother ready for any challenge.

Parker: Of Old English origin, Parker signifies a guardian in a park or enclosed space, reflecting a brother who protects and preserves the family’s well-being.

Quinn: Of Irish origin, Quinn means “wise” or “intelligent.” Quinn represents a brother with sharp intellect and thoughtful decision-making.

Reid: A Scottish name meaning “red,” Reid represents a brother with a warm and passionate personality, adding vibrancy to the family dynamics.

Samuel: Of Hebrew origin, Samuel means “heard by God.” Samuel represents a brother who is attentive, understanding, and a good listener in times of need.

Tristan: Derived from Celtic roots, Tristan means “bold” or “outcry.” Tristan is a daring and adventurous brother, always ready for excitement and challenges.

Upton: Of Old English origin, Upton means “upper town” or “high settlement,” symbolizing a brother with aspirations and a lofty spirit.

Victor: Latin for “conqueror” or “winner,” Victor represents a brother who faces challenges with determination and emerges victorious.

Wesley: Of Old English origin, Wesley means “west meadow.” Wesley embodies a brother with a peaceful and grounding presence, like a serene meadow.

Xander: A modern name derived from Alexander, Xander represents a brother with strength and bravery, ready to defend and support his siblings.

Yale: Of Old English origin, Yale means “fertile upland” or “fortunate.” Yale represents a brother who brings abundance and good fortune to the family.

Zane: A name of American origin, Zane means “God is gracious.” Zane is a brother who carries an attitude of gratitude and kindness towards his family.

Asher: Of Hebrew origin, Asher means “happy” or “blessed.” Asher embodies a brother who brings joy and blessings into the lives of his siblings.

Brody: Of Irish origin, Brody means “ditch” or “muddy place.” Brody represents a brother who navigates through challenges with resilience and adaptability.

Cole: Of English origin, Cole means “coal” or “dark-haired.” Cole represents a brother with a strong and determined personality, akin to the robust qualities of coal.

Dylan: A Welsh name meaning “son of the sea,” Dylan represents a brother with a deep and mysterious nature, much like the vastness of the ocean.

15 Names That Mean Little Brother

Two Little Brother are walking

Leo: Meaning “little lion,” Leo is a name that exudes strength and playfulness, perfect for a spirited younger sibling.

Benji: A diminutive form of Benjamin, Benji carries a friendly and approachable vibe, making it an endearing choice for a little brother.

Nate: Short for Nathan or Nathaniel, Nate signifies a compact, lively presence, reflecting the charm of a younger sibling.

Max: A name with universal appeal, Max means “greatest” or “littlest,” capturing the essence of a cherished younger family member.

Ollie: A cute and trendy choice, Ollie is often associated with warmth and friendliness, making it an ideal fit for a younger brother.

Andy: Derived from Andrew, Andy conveys a sense of familiarity and affability, suitable for a little brother who brings joy to the family.

Eli: Short for Elijah or Elias, Eli carries a sense of elegance and simplicity, perfect for a younger sibling with a sweet and gentle nature.

Milo: This trendy name, meaning “merciful,” adds a touch of uniqueness to a little brother’s identity while maintaining a playful and friendly tone.

Sammy: A friendly and approachable name, Sammy is often associated with a laid-back and easygoing personality, ideal for a little brother.

Caleb: Meaning “faithful” or “devoted,” Caleb brings a sense of loyalty and sincerity, reflecting the special bond with a younger sibling.

Finn: With its roots in Irish mythology, Finn symbolizes a sense of adventure and curiosity, making it an apt choice for an energetic little brother.

Charlie: A timeless and versatile name, Charlie radiates warmth and charm, fitting for a younger brother who brightens up the family.

Luca: Of Italian origin, Luca has a sophisticated yet approachable appeal, making it a stylish choice for a little brother with a cool demeanor.

Mason: Meaning “worker in stone,” Mason carries a sturdy and reliable aura, suitable for a little brother who is strong-willed and determined.

Zack: A modern and energetic name, Zack exudes a sense of cool confidence, making it an excellent choice for a little brother with a lively personality.

20 Biblical Names Meaning Brother

Reuben: Meaning “behold, a son,” Reuben is the firstborn of Jacob and Leah, and his name signifies the joy of a mother over her firstborn son.

Ephraim: This name means “fruitful” or “to be fruitful,” symbolizing the abundant blessings and prosperity associated with brotherhood.

Abel: Signifying “breath” or “vanity,” Abel is remembered for his righteousness and the tragic story of his brother Cain’s jealousy.

Benjamin: Translating to “son of the right hand,” Benjamin was Jacob’s youngest son and was considered precious and favored.

Simeon: Meaning “heard” or “hearkened,” Simeon’s name reflects Leah’s gratitude to God for granting her another son after feeling unloved.

Levi: Levi’s name means “joined” or “attached,” symbolizing the close bond between brothers and their unity.

Aaron: Representing “high mountain” or “exalted,” Aaron was Moses’ older brother and played a significant role in the biblical narrative.

Jonathan: This name means “gift of God” and highlights the idea of brotherhood as a divine blessing.

Caleb: Signifying “faithful, devoted,” Caleb was known for his loyalty and fearlessness, qualities often associated with brotherly love.

Asher: Meaning “happy” or “blessed,” Asher’s name emphasizes the joy and positivity that siblings can bring into each other’s lives.

Zebulun: Translating to “dwelling” or “habitation,” Zebulun’s name underscores the idea of the brothers finding a home in each other.

Gideon: Representing “mighty warrior” or “one who cuts down,” Gideon’s name reflects strength and courage, qualities that can be found in brotherly bonds.

Manasseh: Meaning “forgetting” or “making to forget,” Manasseh’s name suggests the ability of brothers to forgive and move forward together.

Joab: Signifying “Yahweh is father” or “God is father,” Joab’s name acknowledges the spiritual connection within the brotherhood.

Eliab: Translating to “God is father,” Eliab’s name emphasizes the divine nature of the brotherly relationship.

Naphtali: Meaning “my struggle” or “wrestling,” Naphtali’s name reflects the challenges and victories that brothers may face together.

Josiah: Signifying “Yahweh supports” or “Yahweh heals,” Josiah’s name highlights the idea of brothers being a source of support and healing for each other.

Micah: Translating to “who is like God?” or “gift from God,” Micah’s name conveys the uniqueness and preciousness of each brother.

Malachi: Meaning “my messenger” or “my angel,” Malachi’s name suggests the role of brothers in delivering important messages of love and support.

Elihu: Representing “my God is He” or “God is the one,” Elihu’s name emphasizes the spiritual connection and shared beliefs within brotherhood.

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