220+ Best Female Demon Names [Evil, Monster & Giant]

Demonic Names for Females

The female demon, a wicked entity with sinister allure, seduces and ensnares unsuspecting souls with her evil charm.

Cloaked in darkness, she stalks the shadows, weaving a web of temptation that lures the vulnerable into her clutches.

With eyes ablaze with otherworldly intensity, she casts a spell that binds victims to her will. Her unearthly beauty conceals a vicious nature, and her every step resonates with a haunting grace.

Beware the siren call of this she-demon, for beneath her enchanting facade lies a force of darkness. Ready to consume those who succumb to her nefarious enticements.

In the realm of the supernatural, the female demon weaves a tale of deceit and peril, leaving a trail of shattered souls in her wake.

Unleash the allure of the mystical with our compilation of 220+ female demon names.

Demon Name Meaning:

The term “demon” typically refers to a supernatural being, often depicted as malevolent and associated with evil or mischief in various religious, mythological, and occult traditions. The concept of demons varies across cultures, and the meanings attributed to them can differ widely.

In Christian theology, demons are often considered fallen angels who rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven. In other belief systems, demons may be entities associated with the underworld or spirits that bring harm to humans.

The word “demon” itself is derived from the Greek word “daimon,” which originally referred to a divine or supernatural being. Over time, the term took on negative connotations, especially in the context of monotheistic religions.

It’s important to note that the meaning and characteristics of demons can vary significantly depending on cultural, religious, and mythological contexts. If you have a specific cultural or religious tradition in mind, I can provide more detailed information about the associated beliefs and meanings.

20 Demonic Names for Females – Fires of the Female Underworld

Unleash the mystique with our compilation of 20 names for demon’s females. Dive into a realm of dark enchantment as we present a collection of evocative and powerful monikers. Each name carries an otherworldly allure that captivates the imagination.

Explore the intriguing 20 demon names female with us.


A prominent figure in various mythologies, Lilith is often considered the mother of demons. In Jewish folklore, she refused to be subservient to Adam, leading to her expulsion and transformation into a demonic entity associated with nocturnal seduction.


A demoness mentioned in Jewish mysticism, Naamah is often portrayed as a seductress and one of the consorts of the fallen angel Samael. Her name is linked to the concept of pleasantness, but her actions are deemed perilous.

Eisheth Zenunim

This demoness, also known as the “Seductress of Whoredom,” is cited in Kabbalistic texts as a consort of Samael. Her presence symbolizes the allure of forbidden desires and is associated with enticing mortal men.


Originating from Mesopotamian mythology, Lamashtu is a fearsome demon goddess who preys on infants and pregnant women. Described with a lion’s head and donkey’s teeth, she embodies the horrors of childbirth and maternal vulnerability.


Hailing from Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, Pazuzu is a malevolent demon who brings storms and droughts. Despite his malevolent nature, he is often invoked for protection against other malicious spirits, reflecting a complex duality.


In Greek mythology, Hecate is associated with witchcraft, crossroads, and the underworld. While not inherently demonic, her portrayal as a triple-faced goddess aligns with various dark aspects, linking her to mystical and supernatural realms.


A demoness featured in medieval grimoires, Hecuba is often invoked in magical rituals. Her name carries an air of mystery and power, and she is believed to possess esoteric knowledge that can be harnessed by practitioners.


A Celtic goddess associated with war, fate, and death, the Morrigan is a complex figure often depicted as a crow. In some interpretations, she embodies the darker aspects of conflict, aligning with the concept of a demoness.


A primordial goddess in Babylonian mythology, Tiamat is often considered chaotic and monstrous. Her embodiment of the sea symbolizes both creation and destruction, blurring the lines between divine and demonic.


Found in Christian and Judaic traditions, Abaddon is an angel of the abyss associated with destruction. In some interpretations, he transforms into a malevolent force, leading armies of locusts and symbolizing the ultimate chaos.


A demon mentioned in demonological grimoires, Marbas is associated with healing and medicinal knowledge. Despite his demonic status, he is said to assist practitioners in the pursuit of medical wisdom.


Featured in demonology, Naberius is often depicted as a three-headed dog or a raven. Despite his infernal nature, he is associated with wisdom and is said to provide guidance on arts and sciences.


A demon from the Ars Goetia, Leraie is associated with battles and conflicts. Described as a cunning archer, he is said to command a legion of demons, embodying the destructive aspects of warfare.


A powerful demon in demonology, Gremory is often depicted as a camel-riding figure. Despite his demonic nature, he is said to have knowledge of past and future events and can facilitate communication with the deceased.


Featured in demonological grimoires, Gamigin is a demon associated with necromancy. He is said to possess the ability to summon and control the spirits of the deceased, offering insights into the afterlife.


A demon associated with sloth and wealth, Belphegor tempts individuals with inventive and lucrative ideas. His demonic influence is often tied to the allure of material wealth and the consequences of indulgence.


Found in various ancient cultures, including Phoenician and Canaanite, Ashtoreth is a goddess associated with fertility and war. Over time, her worship became intertwined with demonic connotations, reflecting shifting cultural perceptions.


Originating from Greek mythology, Lamia is a female demon who preys on children. Cursed by Hera, she transforms into a monster with a snake’s lower body, embodying the tragic consequences of jealousy and revenge.


In Roman mythology, Mania is a goddess of the dead and the underworld. Over time, her depiction evolved into a darker, more demonic figure associated with madness and the chaotic aspects of the afterlife.


A female demon from various Middle Eastern and Judaic traditions, Abyzou is often depicted as a malevolent entity causing miscarriages and stillbirths. Her presence underscores the vulnerability of maternal experiences and the fragility of life.

50 Badass Female Demon Names with Meaning

Badass NameMeaning
LilithNight monster, seductress
MorganaSea-born enchantress, sorceress
HecateQueen of the underworld, magic
VesperaEvening star, dark beauty
NyxNight, primordial goddess of night
BelladonnaBeautiful lady, poisonous plant
SeraphinaBurning one, fiery angelic presence
MaliceIntention to harm, malevolence
SableDark, black fur
RavennaRaven, dark beauty
AzraelAngel of death, divine messenger
SeleneMoon goddess, luminous and mysterious
ObsidianDark volcanic glass, symbolizing strength
NephthysLady of the temple, protectress
TempestViolent storm, tempestuous spirit
LilithNight monster, seductress
MoranaDeath, Slavic goddess of winter
StyxRiver of the underworld, unbreakable oath
CalistaMost beautiful, ethereal charm
InfernaHellish, fiery torment
IsoldeFair lady, tragic beauty
SanguinaBloodthirsty, craving for blood
OpheliaSerpent, symbol of transformation
HelleborePoisonous plant, symbolizing revenge
MorriganGreat queen, war goddess
TemptressSeductive allure, irresistible charm
SerpentinaSerpent-like, cunning and mysterious
MalificentMalevolent, embodying evil
PhaedraBright, glowing, radiant beauty
AzuraSky-blue, serene and mystical
NocturnaNightfall, embodying the darkness
VexaraVexing, causing trouble or distress
ZephyraWest wind, gentle yet powerful
DesdemonaIll-fated, bringing disaster and tragedy
NyxiraNight goddess, mysterious and shadowy
ValkyriaChooser of the slain, warrior maiden
MalevoliaWishing harm or evil to others
NebulaCosmic cloud, vast and enigmatic
BellatrixFemale warrior, fierce and fearless
ObscuraDark and mysterious, shrouded in secrecy
SerpentaraSerpent queen, ruler of the underworld
LysandraLiberator of man, defender of the oppressed
ZephyrinaGentle breeze, harbinger of change
MorgaraEnchanting sorceress, mistress of magic
StygianaPertaining to the river Styx, dark and foreboding
AbyssiaBottomless pit, symbolizing endless darkness
VesperiaEvening star, guiding light in the shadows
SinistraSinister, suggesting evil or harm
OmbraShadow, embodying darkness and mystery

50 Powerful Female Demon Names with Meaning

Powerful NameMeaning
LilithNight monster or storm goddess
HecateThe distant one, associated with witchcraft
MorriganGreat queen, war goddess
LamiaDevouring spirit or vampire
AbyzouDemoness who causes miscarriages
SuccubusSeductive demon feeding on life force
EmpusaOne-footed creature, a shape-shifter
Agrat Bat MahlatMidnight demon associated with seduction
GorgonDreadful, female creatures with snakes for hair
LilithuNight monster, variant of Lilith
ManiaGoddess of the dead and ghosts
NocticulaDemon lord of darkness and lust
LamiaiChild-devouring monster with a serpent’s tail
MarilithQueen of snakes, a demoness with multiple arms
NaamahBeautiful seductress, associated with music
TiamatPrimordial goddess of the sea and chaos
LamashtuDemoness who causes disease and death
NehemaDemoness who seduces men and causes destruction
PaimonDemon king of the West, skilled in arts and sciences
LilithimFollowers of Lilith, associated with dark arts
IsharaGoddess of love and war, associated with the underworld
LamastuDemoness who preys on infants and pregnant women
VeparWater demon, controls the waters
IposDemon count and prince, knowledgeable in astrology
BelialDemon associated with lawlessness and wickedness
Glasya-LabolasPresident of Hell, grants knowledge of past and future
ShaxSteals wealth and possessions
SitriCauses men and women to fall in love
AstarothGreat Duke of Hell, associated with vanity
LilimOffspring of Lilith, demons of the night
CamioGreat president of Hell, commands legions of spirits
RosierTeaches the art of love and lust
AgaresGrand Duke of the East, causes earthquakes
BathshebaConjures spirits and demons
BuerPresident of Hell, heals all infirmities
ValeforTempts people to steal and create discord
VerinInvents new things and imparts knowledge
HecubaQueen of the underworld, associated with necromancy
NyxGoddess of the night, mother of sleep and death
GremoryDuke of Hell, teaches philosophy and liberal arts
Eisheth ZenunimQueen of demons, associated with sensuality
AbaddonAngel of the abyss, destroyer of worlds
AndrasMarquis and Great Earl of Hell, causes discord
FlereousDemon prince of fire, causes cities to burn
MarchosiasMarquis of Hell, commands 30 legions of demons
NaberiusMarquis of Hell, teaches arts, science, and rhetoric
RonoveMarquis and Great Earl of Hell, knowledgeable in art
SabnockMarquis of Hell, builds high towers and castles
VolacPresident of Hell, commands 30 legions of demons

50 Pretty Female Demon Names with Meaning

Pretty NameMeaning
LilithNight, stormy, or ghostly
SeraphinaFiery-winged, burning ardor
MorganaSea circle, bright water
BellatrixFemale warrior, warrior woman
LysandraFreeing a man, liberator
SableDark, black, or of the night
AzuraSky blue, serene
SeleneMoonlight, heavenly
NefertariBeautiful companion, the most beautiful
IsoldeFair lady, ice ruler
DesdemonaIll-fated, wretched
LilithNight, stormy, or ghostly
HecateThe distant one, powerful goddess
EvadnePleasing, water nymph
VesperaEvening, star of the evening
MoranaDeath, goddess of winter
ValkyrieChooser of the slain, warrior maiden
NyxNight, goddess of the night
CalistaMost beautiful, fairest
RavennaRaven, dark beauty
LamiaShark, mythical queen
ErisStrife, discord
ThalassaSea, goddess of the sea
NyssaGoal, beginning
MorriganGreat queen, phantom queen
PersephoneBringer of death, goddess of the underworld
AstarteStar, goddess of love and war
ElaraBright, shining light
ObsidianDark, black gemstone
LilithNight, stormy, or ghostly
ZarinaGolden, queen
VesperEvening, star of the evening
SelenaMoon goddess, bright, shining
MalificentDoing evil or harm
CeridwenFair, blessed
PandoraAll-giving, gifted
SapphiraSapphire, precious gemstone
TempestStorm, violent wind
DesolationComplete emptiness, devastation
SeraphielFiery, angelic being
NocturnaNight, nocturnal
ThanaDeath, immortal queen
SolitudeState of being alone, isolation
IsabeauGod is my oath, consecrated to God
OndineLittle wave, water spirit
BelladonnaBeautiful lady, deadly poison
ZephyraWest wind, gentle breeze
CursediaMarked by a curse, accursed
IncendiaFiery, burning intensity

50 Female Demon Names Fantasy with Meaning

Fantasy NameMeaning
LilithNight Monster
MaelisDark Seductress
SeraphinaFiery Enchantress
MoranaDeath Queen
NyxShadow Goddess
BelialaBeautiful Destructor
LilithaTemptress of the Abyss
IsoldeIce Sorceress
SeleneMoonlit Huntress
MalpharaMalevolent Phantom
VesperaEvening Star Demoness
ErebellaMistress of Shadows
NocturnaNightfall Enigma
AshtaraAbyssal Empress
ValkyraValkyrie of the Damned
NephraSoul Harvester
LysandraTwilight Sorceress
MorosiaFate-Weaver Demoness
RavennaRaven Queen
ZephyriaStormbringer Succubus
HecateCrossroads Enchantress
IgniferaFirestorm Temptress
AstaraStarlit Serpent
NysaEnigmatic Nightshade
SyltharaSylph of Darkness
MaloraCursed Temptress
StygianaRiver Styx Guardian
PhaedraPhantom Dreamweaver
AzuraAzure Serpent
VindictaAvenger of the Damned
ObsidiaObsidian Sorceress
SanguinaBloodlust Siren
MorgaraMorgue Empress
ThalassaSea-Witch of Tempests
ErebusiaAbyssal Huntress
SelvoraForest Banshee
UmbraShadow Weaver
LyraCelestial Enchantress
NefariaSinister Temptation
CeridwenCauldron Sorceress
ValeriaVengeful Empress
XyraVoid Mistress
IgnisiaFlame-Forged Succubus
MalachraMaleficent Matriarch
SerildaSerpent Queen
CalypsaEnchanting Siren
ZaraMoonlit Conjurer
VeridiaVerdant Enigma


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