310+ Names That Start With Gr (The Origins & Meanings)

A Boy Name Starting With Gr

Names that start with “Gr” offer a world of elegance, meaning, and charm. These names have a way of sticking with you, starting with the impressive Gabriel to the ageless Grace.

“Gr” names are a great option either someone is looking for a name for a new family member. It is just enjoying the beauty of names.

Remember that a name is not just a label. It’s a reflection of who we are and who we aspire to be.

So, choose wisely, and may the “Gr” names inspire grace and greatness in your life.

110 Names That Start with Gr, Meaning & Origin

GraceElegance and GratitudeLatin
GabrielGod is my StrengthHebrew
GrahamNoble and ProudScottish
GreysonWisdom and MaturityEnglish
GretaCharisma and CharmGerman
GracelynGraceful and BeautifulEnglish
GradyNoble and GraciousIrish
GreenleeGreen MeadowEnglish
GregoryWatchful and VigilantGreek
GreerAlert and WatchfulScottish
GracenFilled with GraceAmerican
GraciaGrace and FavorSpanish
GrantGreat and GenerousEnglish
GreyWisdom and SerenityEnglish
GriffinStrong and CourageousWelsh
GriselGray-Haired BeautySpanish
GwynethBlessed and FairWelsh
GrangerFarmer and ProviderEnglish
GriseldaGray WarriorGermanic
GreysenSon of the Gray-Haired OneEnglish
GregorioWatchful and AlertSpanish
GreysinGray-Haired and WiseEnglish
GracielaFull of Grace and EleganceSpanish
GracelynnGraceful and LovelyEnglish
GrisellGray-Haired MaidenSpanish
GraciaaFilled with GraceEnglish
GracianaGraceful and PiousSpanish
GrizeldaGray-Haired WarriorGermanic
GrenvilleTown by the Green MeadowFrench
GranvilleGrand VillageEnglish
GriselleGray-Haired MaidenSpanish
GreysynSon of the Gray-Haired OneEnglish
GrigorVigilant and WatchfulArmenian
GraingerFarmer and ProviderEnglish
GriswaldGray ForestGermanic
GrissomGray-Haired and TenaciousEnglish
GraydonGray-Haired WarriorEnglish
GraziellaGraceful and ElegantItalian
GreidysFilled with GraceEnglish
GrierAlert and WatchfulScottish
GrissellGray-Haired MaidenSpanish
GrayeGray-Haired and WiseEnglish
GrazianoGraceful and SkilledItalian
GrizelGray-Haired MaidenSpanish
GriffonStrong and ValiantWelsh
GreeranceNoble and GraciousEnglish
GreylenSon of the Gray-Haired OneEnglish
GreysinnaGray-Haired and WiseEnglish
GracindaFull of Grace and BeautyPortuguese
GraylynGray-Haired and BeautifulEnglish
GreysleyGray-Haired and StrongEnglish
GrangerdFarmer and ProtectorEnglish
GraziaGrace and KindnessItalian
GracilynGraceful and BrightEnglish
GreylingSon of the Gray-Haired OneEnglish
GriseldeGray-Haired MaidenSpanish
GrimwaldFierce ProtectorGermanic
GrimaldoBold and CourageousItalian
GregoireWatchful and WiseFrench
GriselisGray-Haired MaidenSpanish
GryffithStrong and HeroicWelsh
GrayceElegance and BeautyEnglish
GrishamGray-Haired and WiseEnglish
GraesynSon of the Gray-Haired OneEnglish
GreysenetteGray-Haired and DelicateEnglish
GracielleGraceful and RadiantFrench
GracinaFilled with GraceItalian
GraziellyGraceful and LovelyItalian
GreyaGray-Haired and WiseEnglish
GrisbyGray SettlementEnglish
GrazianoaGraceful and GiftedItalian
GriffenStrong and FearlessWelsh
GreylonSon of the Gray-Haired OneEnglish
GreysenmarieGray-Haired and BelovedEnglish
GrisellisGray-Haired MaidenSpanish
GracelleGraceful and SweetEnglish
GracyllaFull of Grace and CharmItalian
GraysenSon of the Gray-Haired OneEnglish
GreenlyGreen MeadowEnglish
GracelynneGraceful and EnchantingEnglish
GrissombeGray-Haired and StrongEnglish
GritsGray-Haired and TenaciousEnglish
GraylinGray-Haired and BeautifulEnglish
GresynSon of the Gray-Haired OneEnglish
GracintoFull of Grace and CharmItalian
GracilisGraceful and DelicateLatin
GreysenmariaGray-Haired and BelovedEnglish
GryffinStrong and ValiantWelsh
GregoriusWatchful and VigilantLatin
GriselaGray-Haired MaidenSpanish
GracianneGraceful and NobleFrench
GraziaaGrace and KindnessItalian
GriselinaGray-Haired and PureSpanish
GraycieElegance and GraceEnglish
GrangerusFarmer and ProtectorEnglish
GrizzlyGray-Haired and FierceEnglish
GreywolfWise and CourageousEnglish
GreenlandGreen LandEnglish
GrisellusGray-Haired MaidenSpanish
GryffithsStrong and HeroicWelsh
GrazzyFull of Grace and JoyEnglish
GregorianaWatchful and NobleItalian
GretchinGraceful and ElegantEnglish
GracelinaGraceful and PureItalian
GrimsleyGray-Haired and BraveEnglish
GrisogonnaGray-Haired MaidenItalian
GreylahSon of the Gray-Haired OneEnglish
GracinellaFilled with GraceItalian
GracilynneGraceful and JoyfulEnglish
GraydanGray-Haired and WiseEnglish
GraciusGraceful and GentleLatin
GrevinGray-Haired and WiseEnglish

75 Names Starting with Gr for Boy, Meaning and Origin

Boy NameMeaningOrigin
GrahamGravel homeScottish
GreysonSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GriffinStrong lordWelsh
GregoryWatchful, vigilantGreek
GradyNoble, illustriousIrish
GreerWatchful, vigilantScottish
GreydonGray hillEnglish
GrizzlyFierce, powerfulEnglish
GroverGrove dwellerEnglish
GreysenSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GreylingLittle gray oneEnglish
GreenColor of natureEnglish
GranvilleLarge townFrench
GrimoaldFamous for strengthGermanic
GrigorWatchful, vigilantArmenian
GruffuddStrong lordWelsh
GrishamFierce protectorEnglish
GrierWatchful, vigilantScottish
GravielStrength of GodHebrew
GromwellFlourishing, healthyEnglish
GrigolWatchful, vigilantGeorgian
GranthamGrand homeEnglish
GreystonSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GrimaldoFierce protectorItalian
GryphonMythical creatureGreek
GrahameGravel homeScottish
GreerWatchful, vigilantIrish
GrimsleyDark meadowEnglish
GraidyNoble, illustriousEnglish
GreelyAlert, watchfulIrish
GrigoriyWatchful, vigilantRussian
GrishanFierce protectorSanskrit
GrigoriosWatchful, vigilantGreek
GrizwaldGray forestEnglish
GrigorisWatchful, vigilantGreek
GrindanFrom the green valleyOld English
GranthamGrand homeEnglish
GreerWatchful, vigilantScottish
GraysenSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GranvilleLarge townOld French
GrimaldiFierce protectorItalian
GreystokeGray tree stumpEnglish
GryffinMythical creatureWelsh
GrigoreWatchful, vigilantRomanian
GregoriosWatchful, vigilantGreek
GreycenSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GrishmaEarly summerSanskrit
GrigoreWatchful, vigilantRomanian
GregorioWatchful, vigilantSpanish
GrigorijeWatchful, vigilantSerbian
GraemeGravel homeScottish
GruffuddStrong lordWelsh
GriffinStrong lordWelsh
GrishmanFierce protectorSanskrit

100 Names That Start with Gr for Girl, Meaning and Origin

Girl NameMeaning
GraceElegance and gratitudeLatin
GabriellaGod is my strengthHebrew
GreerWatchful and vigilantScottish
GracelynGraceful and beautifulEnglish
GracelynnGraceful and kindEnglish
GracieGraceful and charmingLatin
GreciaLand of GreeceGreek
GriseldaGray battleGermanic
GreysenSon of the gray-haired manEnglish
GreysynSon of the gray-haired manEnglish
GrayceGrace and eleganceLatin
GraysonSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GracynGraceful and beautifulEnglish
GraciaGrace and favorSpanish
GraziellaGraceful and belovedItalian
GriselleGray and battleGermanic
GriselGray warriorGermanic
GrisellGray warriorGermanic
GriseldeGray warriorGermanic
GriselkaGray warriorGermanic
GrizeldaGray battleGermanic
GriswaldGray forestEnglish
GriswoldGray forestEnglish
GrazielleGraceful and belovedItalian
GradenFrom the gray hillEnglish
GreerlynnVigilant and beautifulScottish
GreyleighGray meadowEnglish
GrierWatchful and alertScottish
GrikkaRuler of the homeScandinavian
GriselmaGray helmetGermanic
GriseldeGray warriorGermanic
GriselkaGray warriorGermanic
GrizeldaGray battleGermanic
GrizeldeGray battleGermanic
GriseldeGray warriorGermanic
GriswaldGray forestEnglish
GriswoldGray forestEnglish
GreylanSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GreylarSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GreysinSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GreysunSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GreysynSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GracelinGraceful and sereneEnglish
GracelynnGraceful and kindEnglish
GracindaGraceful and purePortuguese
GraciosaGraceful and elegantPortuguese
GracitaGraceful and smallSpanish
GraciousFull of graceEnglish
GraciusFull of graceEnglish
GracelynneGraceful and beautifulEnglish
GracenGraceful and favoredEnglish
GraceyGraceful and charmingEnglish
GraciliaGraceful and kindEnglish
GracilynGraceful and sereneEnglish
GracilynnGraceful and kindEnglish
GracieGraceful and charmingLatin
GracynGraceful and beautifulEnglish
GradieFrom the gray hillEnglish
GradyNoble and illustriousIrish
GraedyFrom the gray hillEnglish
GraelinFrom the gray hillEnglish
GraelinnFrom the gray hillEnglish
GraesonSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GraesynSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GraesynnSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GraiOf the gray colorEnglish
GrailHoly chaliceFrench
GrailynFrom the gray hillEnglish
GrailyFrom the gray hillEnglish
GrainneGrace and charmIrish
GraisynSon of the gray-haired oneEnglish
GranbyFrom the great estateEnglish
GranceFrom the gray hillEnglish
GraniellaGraceful and belovedItalian
GranieceGraceful and pureEnglish
GranleighFrom the great meadowEnglish
GranleyFrom the gray meadowEnglish
GranleighFrom the great meadowEnglish
GranleyFrom the gray meadowEnglish

30 Last Names Starting with Gr, Meaning and Origin

Last NameMeaningOrigin
GrahamDerived from “grāfham,” meaning “gravel home.”Scottish
GreenRefers to the color green or someone who lived by a village green.English
GriffinDerived from the mythical creature, a combination of eagle and lion.Welsh
GreySignifies the color gray or someone with gray hair.English
GreenwoodRefers to someone who lived near a green forest or woods.English
GrimesLikely derived from the Old English word “grim,” meaning “stern” or “fierce.”English
GrossOriginally meant “big” or “tall” in German.German
GrantComes from the Old English word “graunt,” meaning “large” or “tall.”English
GravesRefers to someone who lived near a gravel pit or grave site.English
GraysonA variation of “Grey,” meaning someone with gray hair or gray clothing.English
GreerDerived from the Old English word “grēg,” meaning “watchful” or “vigilant.”English
GriffithsA patronymic surname meaning “son of Griffith,” a Welsh personal name.Welsh
GrangerOriginally an occupational name for a farmer or agricultural worker.French
GregoryDerived from the Greek name “Gregorios,” meaning “watchful” or “vigilant.”Greek
GreenfieldRefers to someone who lived near a green field or pasture.English
GruberMeans “digger” or “excavator” in German, often an occupational name.German
GroveRefers to someone who lived by a grove of trees.English
GuerreroA Spanish name meaning “warrior” or “soldier.”Spanish
GrimaldiAn Italian surname of Germanic origin, meaning “mask” or “helmet.”Italian
GrazianoAn Italian name meaning “graceful” or “elegant.”Italian
GravestoneA descriptive name referring to someone who worked with gravestones.English
GreavesOriginally an occupational name for a metalworker, particularly armor.English
GrenvilleLikely derived from the Old French word “grain,” meaning “grain” or “corn.”French
GriswoldA variation of “Gray’s wood,” indicating someone from a gray forest.English
GrigoriouA Greek patronymic name, meaning “son of Grigorios” (Gregory).Greek
GrangeOriginally an occupational name for someone who worked at a granary.French
GrubbsLikely an English variant of “Gruber,” meaning “digger” or “excavator.”English
GrecoAn Italian surname indicating someone from Greece.Italian
GriceDerived from the Old English word “grīs,” meaning “young pig” or “piglet.”English


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