260+ Names That Start With “Ed” (Boys & Girls)

A baby boy named Edward

Names are incredibly powerful – they define our identity, convey our heritage, and shape our destiny. 260+ Names that start with “Ed” have an undeniable charm, reflecting both tradition and innovation.

The letter combination “Ed” offers a delightful medley of choices, each with its own story. From the classic allure of ‘Edward’ and ‘Edith’ to the modern vibrancy of ‘Edison’ and ‘Edaline’.

These names encapsulate the essence of tradition, innovation, and cultural diversity. Whether you’re drawn to timeless elegance or contemporary flair.

“Ed” names hold the key to a world of endless possibilities – a testament to the enduring charm of linguistic creativity.

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100 Names That Start with “Ed”: Each Name Origin & Significance

EdwardOld English“Wealthy guardian,” regal and noble
EdithOld EnglishProsperous in war,” grace and elegance
EdisonOld EnglishTribute to inventor Thomas Edison
EdmundOld English“Fortunate protector,” nobility and honor
EdnaHebrew“Pleasure” or “delight,” enduring beauty
EdgarOld English“Fortunate spearman,” mystery and intrigue
EdenHebrewParadise and bliss, heavenly connotations
EduardoSpanishMulticulturalism and diversity
EdwinaOld EnglishFeminine twist on tradition
EdrickGermanicStrength and leadership
EdalineModernMelodic masterpiece, traditional-modern blend
EdmondOld English“Protector of riches,” guardian and strength
EdessaGreekAncient city, historical significance
EdwynOld English“Valuable friend,” camaraderie and loyalty
EdoliaGreek“Scent of a rose,” fragrant and delicate
EdinaScottish“Prosperous” city, modern and dynamic
EdanIrish“Little fire,” energy and vitality
EdvinSwedishRich in friendship,” social bonds
EdwigeGermanic“Warrior in battle,” courage and strength
EdlynOld English“Noble beauty,” elegance and grace
EdgartonOld English“Fortified town,” resilience and protection
EdinaHungarian“Life” or “soul,” vitality and spirit
EdrinaCeltic“Fresh and new,” renewal and growth
EdselOld English“Noble dwelling,” prestige and distinction
EdmundaOld English“Protector of wealth,” determination
EdolineOld English“Noble serpent,” wisdom and transformation
EdurneBasque“Snow,” purity and clarity
EdmondsonOld English“Son of Edmond,” lineage and heritage
EdoliaGreek“Scent of a rose,” delicate and fragrant
EdvardScandinavian“Guardian of wealth,” legacy and honor
EdaleneModernMelodic and enchanting
EdrianEnglish“From Adrian,” connection and unity
EdrinaCeltic“Fresh and new,” rebirth and growth
EdytaPolish“Rich in war,” strength and determination
EdwigeGermanic“Warrior in battle,” resilience and bravery
EdmondaOld English“Protector of prosperity,” strength and power
EdwinaOld English“Friend of prosperity,” harmony and unity
EdricOld English“Powerful ruler,” leadership and authority
EdvaHebrew“Pleasant,” positivity and joy
EdoraGreek“Gift of the sun,” warmth and happiness
EdmonOld English“Guardian of prosperity,” responsibility
EdaraArabic“Awake,” awareness and mindfulness
EdreaHebrew“Powerful and noble,” strength and dignity
EdellaOld English“Noble and kind,” compassion and grace
EdalynnModern“Noble waterfall,” fluidity and adaptability
EdrianEnglish“From Adrian,” connection and inclusivity
EdraWelsh“Ferocious,” determination and tenacity
EdmonaOld English“Protector of fortune,” security and stability
EdriceModernModern twist on a classic
EdvigeItalian“Warrior in battle,” courage and valor
EdmundaOld English“Guardian of wealth,” prosperity and legacy
EdwynnOld English“Blessed friend,” companionship and loyalty
EdvardaScandinavian“Wealthy guardian,” noble and dignified
EdellaOld English“Noble and gracious,” refinement and poise
EdileneModern“Fresh and vibrant,” new beginnings
EdwynOld English“Valued friend,” camaraderie and companionship
EdaraArabic“Awake,” awareness and mindfulness
EdanIrish“Small fire,” energy and passion
EdurneBasque“Snow,” purity and tranquility
EdvardoPortuguese“Guardian of wealth,” enduring legacy
EdraWelsh“Ferocious,” determination and strength
EdoliaGreekFragrance of roses,” delicate and alluring
EdrickGermanic“Wealthy ruler,” leadership and dominance
EdwynnOld English“Blessed friend,” loyalty and camaraderie
EdinaHungarian“Life” or “soul,” vitality and joy
EdonaAlbanian“Our pleasure,” happiness and contentment
EdvardaScandinavian“Guardian of riches,” strength and nobility
EdritaAlbanian“Elegant and noble,” grace and sophistication
EdriaEnglish“Rich and powerful,” prosperity and success
EdanIrish“Small fire,” energy and warmth
EdilonModern“Lively spirit,” vibrancy and enthusiasm
EdvardoPortuguese“Guardian of wealth,” legacy and honor
EdithaOld English“Warrior maiden,” strength and resilience
EdeliraModern“Free spirit,” independence and liberation
EdolynnModern“Delightful waterfall,” joy and movement
EdriaEnglish“Rich and abundant,” prosperity and success
EdmonOld English“Prosperous guardian,” protection and success
EdalinaOld English“Noble and kind,” elegance and grace
EdmonaOld English“Protector of wealth,” stability and strength
EdaHebrew“Pleasantness,” positivity and joy
EdgardOld English“Fortunate spearman,” mystery and intrigue
EdelinOld English“Noble waterfall,” grace and fluidity
EdelweissGermanic“Noble and pure,” beauty and resilience
EdieOld English“Rich in war,” strength and determination
EdikRussian“Prosperous ruler,” leadership and success
EdmarOld English“Famous protector,” legacy and influence
EdreaHebrew“Powerful and noble,” strength and dignity
EdeliaOld English“Noble and gracious,” elegance and poise
EdimarOld English“Famous protector,” honor and legacy
EdselOld English“Noble dwelling,” prestige and distinction
EdnaHebrew“Pleasure” or “delight,” timeless beauty
EdnyOld English“Renowned and bright,” fame and illumination
EdvinSwedish“Friend of the woods,” harmony and nature
EdwineOld English“Valuable friend,” camaraderie and loyalty
EdrisWelsh“Blessed and prosperous,” good fortune
EdurneBasque“Snow,” purity and tranquility
EdselOld English“Noble dwelling,” distinction and prestige
EdaHebrew“Pleasantness,” joy and positivity
EdytheOld English“Wealth and strife,” resilience and strength

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15 Names with “Ed” at The End: Origin & Significance

JaredHebrew“Descent” or “to descend”
ReedEnglishRefers to a reed plant or a red-haired person
TedEnglishShort form of Theodore, meaning “gift of God”
WilfredOld English“Desiring peace”
SaeedArabic“Blessed” or “fortunate”
FredEnglishShort form of Frederick, meaning “peaceful ruler”
ObedHebrew“Servant” or “worshipper
AhmedArabicVariant of Ahmad, meaning “highly praised”
AlfredOld English“Elf counselor” or “wise counsel”
AlredOld English“Elf counsel” or “wise counsel”
OsredOld English“Divine counsel”
ZephyredGreek“West wind”
EdredOld English“Rich counsel”
SaeedArabic“Blessed” or “fortunate”

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50 Names That Can Be Shortened to “Ed”: Origin & Significance

EdwardOld English“Wealthy guardian”; Royal and regal name with historical and cultural significance.
EdithOld EnglishProsperous in war“; A name of grace and elegance with literary and historical ties.
EdisonEnglishInspired by Thomas Edison; Symbolizes innovation and groundbreaking achievements.
EdmundOld English“Fortunate protector”; Carries a sense of nobility and honor, often found in history.
EdnaHebrew“Pleasure” or “delight”; A vintage name with enduring beauty and sweet simplicity.
EdgarOld English“Fortunate spearman”; Associated with mystery and enigma, including literary fame.
EdenHebrewA biblical name symbolizing paradise and bliss, evoking a sense of divine connection.
EduardoSpanish/PortugueseA multicultural variant of Edward, embracing diversity and unity in different cultures.
EdwinaOld EnglishA feminine twist on Edwin; Represents a blend of tradition and modernity.
EdrickGermanic“Rich and powerful ruler”; Carries strength and leadership, suitable for determined souls.
EdalineCombination of “Ed” and “Adeline”Melodic and harmonious, blending traditional and contemporary qualities.
EdwinOld English“Wealthy friend”; Classic and timeless, often associated with historical figures.
EduardoSpanish/PortugueseCelebrates multiculturalism and unity; A name with global and diverse connotations.
EdselEnglishA unique and distinctive choice; Reflects individuality and stands out from the crowd.
EdvigeItalianA name of Italian origin; Evokes a sense of beauty and charm with a European flair.
EdmondOld EnglishVariation of Edmund; Carries the same sense of nobility and honor in a different form.
EdelweissGermanNamed after a mountain flower; Symbolizes purity, love, and devotion in German culture.
EdeniaCombination of “Eden” and “Nia”Modern and creative, merging heavenly paradise with contemporary innovation.
EdrisWelsh“Rich ruler”; A strong and meaningful choice, reflecting authority and prosperity.
EdwidgeFrenchRepresents a blend of French and Old English origins; Offers a sense of cultural fusion.
EdwynOld EnglishVariation of Edwin; Offers a twist on a classic name while maintaining its charm.
EditaLatin“Rich gift”; Elegantly captures the sentiment of giving and receiving in a name.
EdmarEnglishA modern and stylish option; Imbues a sense of sophistication and contemporary appeal.
EdonaAlbanian“Pleasure” or “satisfaction”; A name that brings joy and happiness to its bearer.
EduardineCombination of “Eduard” and “Adine”Merges strength and elegance, creating a name of unique character.
EdalynCombination of “Ed” and “Lyn”A combination of tradition and modernity, exuding a sense of feminine strength.
EdrisaAfricanA name of African origin, representing strength and leadership in various cultures.
EdelineFrenchVariation of Adeline; Balances traditional charm with a touch of modern allure.
EdvardScandinavianScandinavian variant of Edward; Reflects the rich heritage of the Nordic region.
EdmondaItalianA feminine form of Edmond; Carries the same noble attributes with a feminine touch.
EdifelSpanishA name of Spanish origin; Represents beauty and inspiration, offering a positive aura.
EdranCombination of “Ed” and “Ran”A modern-sounding name with an adventurous and energetic vibe.
EdnaraCombination of “Eden” and “Ara”A unique name inspired by nature and mystery, combining paradise and wonder.
EdvardineCombination of “Edvard” and “Adine”Blends the classic with the modern, creating a name of diverse appeal.
EdrianEnglishA name that exudes strength and courage, suitable for those with a determined spirit.
EdelGerman“Noble”; Carries an air of sophistication and prestige, harking back to nobility.
EdonaAlbanianReflects a sense of joy and contentment, evoking positive emotions in its bearer.
EdvardScandinavianA Scandinavian twist on Edward; Embraces the heritage and traditions of the North.
EdreiHebrew“Mighty”; Conveys strength and power, making it an ideal choice for determined individuals.
EdusaCombination of “Ed” and “Ursa”A celestial-inspired name that links the bearer to the stars and the universe.
EdvardinaCombination of “Edvard” and “Nina”A harmonious fusion of classic and modern, offering a unique and memorable choice.
EdwoldOld EnglishA name with historical roots, representing tradition and time-honored values.
EdikRussianA diminutive of Edward; Offers a friendly and approachable option with Russian flair.
EdikArmenianA name of Armenian origin; Carries a sense of cultural heritage and individuality.
EdelineFrench“Noble”; A name that signifies elegance and grace, with a touch of aristocracy.
EdenaCombination of “Ed” and “Nina”A modern name with a touch of mystique, offering an alluring and unique choice.
EdrydWelsh“Powerful lord”; Represents authority and leadership, making it a strong name choice.
EdnerEnglishA name that conveys strength and resilience, resonating with those who overcome challenges.
EdimarPortuguese/SpanishProsperous sea“; A name that symbolizes abundance and success, inspired by the ocean.
EdisTurkishA Turkish name that conveys charm and elegance, offering a unique cultural touch.

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50 Girl Names That Start With “ED”, Origin & Significance

Girl NameOriginSignificance
EdenHebrewSymbolizes paradise and bliss
EdithOld EnglishMeans “prosperous in war,” graceful elegance
EdnaHebrewMeans “pleasure” or “delight,” enduring beauty
EdelineOld FrenchA combination of “Ed” and “Adeline,” melodious
EdwinaOld EnglishFeminine twist on tradition, vintage and modern
EdinaScottishRefers to Edinburgh, a city of cultural heritage
EdrieOld EnglishMeans “rich and powerful,” strong and bold
EdessaGreekAncient city with a sense of history
EdelineOld FrenchBlend of “Ed” and “Adeline,” melodic beauty
EdmeeOld FrenchSignifies “beloved,” evokes affection
EdreaHebrewDerived from “Edna,” brings delight
EdvigeItalianName for a warrior maiden, noble and brave
EdwenaOld EnglishVariant of Edwina, combines traditional and new
EdriaSpanishElegant name with a hint of mystery
EdrysWelshMeans “ardor” or “passion,” fiery and spirited
EdrianaLatinFeminine form of “Edrian,” strong and graceful
EdlynnOld EnglishCombines “Ed” and “Lynn,” beautiful union
EdytaPolishHonors hardworking and diligent individuals
EdraHebrewSymbolizes “power” and “authority,” strong
EdmeaSpanishMeaning “prosperous,” reflects abundance
EdelinaGermanicBlend of “noble” and “gentle,” elegant
EdoliaGreekSignifies “sea nymph,” enchanting and fluid
EdrisWelshAssociated with “ardor” and “passion,” fiery
EdwineOld EnglishFeminine form of “Edwin,” symbolizes prosperity
EdlyraGreekMythical reference, embodies wonder and awe
EdriahHebrewVariation of Edria, carries an air of mystery
EdaliaGreekDerived from “Edel,” signifies nobility
EdrielleAmericanBlend of Ed and Elle, strong and graceful
EditaLatinSignifies “editor” or “scribe,” creative minds
EdabellaEnglishCombination of Ed and Bella, lovely and bright
EdelisaSpanishRepresents “noble” and “pledged to God”
EdweenaOld EnglishUnique and melodious, a twist on Edwina
EdnoraIrishMeaning “honor” and “light,” radiant and pure
EdonnaItalianEvokes a sense of “noblewoman,” regal and refined
EdessaArmenianSignifies “well-bred,” elegant and dignified
EdylaSpanishCombination of Ed and Lyla, enchanting and delicate
EdiyaHebrewCarries the meaning of “witness,” observant and wise
EdmiraLatinMeaning “beloved,” exudes affection and warmth
EdaraIrishSignifies “from the oak tree,” sturdy and resilient
EdlinaSwedishBlend of “noble” and “gentle,” elegance and grace
EdovinaPortugueseEvokes “happy warrior,” brave and joyful
EdmondaItalianFeminine form of “Edmund,” signifies protection
EdwaraOld EnglishUnique and intriguing twist on Edward
EdriciaSpanishExotic and captivating, carries a hint of mystery
EdeltraudGermanRepresents “noble” and “strong,” resilient
EdelineaLatinBlends Ed and Linea, harmonious and balanced
EdarahHebrewVariation of Edara, signifies strength and power
EdelweissGermanNamed after a delicate alpine flower, purity
EdelmiraSpanishSymbolizes “noble” and “peaceful,” gracious
EdinahHebrewMeans “pleasure” or “delight,” joyful and radiant

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48 Boy Names That Start With “ED”: Origin & Significance

Boy NameOriginSignificance
EdwardOld EnglishMeaning “wealthy guardian,” royal and timeless
EdmundOld EnglishTranslates to “fortunate protector,” noble and strong
EdgarOld EnglishSignifies “fortunate spearman,” mysterious and literary
EdwinOld EnglishMeans “prosperous friend,” classic and enduring
EduardoSpanish/PortugueseVariant of Edward, embracing diversity and culture
EdisonEnglishHonors Thomas Edison, symbol of innovation and progress
EdrickGermanicName of strength and leadership, bold and powerful
EdanIrishDerived from “eadaoin,” meaning “little fire”
EddardOld EnglishBlend of “Ead” and “weard,” symbolizing protection
EdredOld EnglishRepresents “wealthy counsel,” wise and strategic
EdselEnglishA name inspired by “Ed’s son,” unique and modern
EdmundsonEnglishMeaning “son of Edmund,” carries on a family legacy
EdemAkanSignifies “favor, mercy,” reflecting grace and kindness
EdrianEnglishBlend of “Ed” and “Adrian,” offering a fresh perspective
EdvardScandinavianVariant of Edward, resonates with Scandinavian heritage
EddyEnglishDiminutive of Edward or Edgar, friendly and approachable
EdvinScandinavianScandinavian variation of Edwin, embodying strength
EduardoSpanish/PortuguesePopular across Spanish-speaking regions, diverse and dynamic
EdomHebrewReferring to “red,” symbolizing warmth and passion
EdzelEnglishA creative and modern twist on “Ed” names
EdynEnglishA contemporary name with a touch of uniqueness
EdgardoSpanishVariant of Edgar, conveying a sense of mystery
EdanHebrewMeaning “firm, strong,” representing resilience
EdrasHebrewDerived from Ezra, symbolizing help and support
EdwynOld EnglishCombination of “Ead” and “wine,” evokes friendship
EdricOld EnglishSignifies “powerful ruler,” embodies authority
EdmondOld EnglishVariant of Edmund, carrying the same noble essence
EduardoSpanish/PortugueseAnother variant of Edward, embracing cultural diversity
EdvardScandinavianScandinavian form of Edward, connecting to heritage
EdlinEnglishModern and melodic, evoking a sense of rhythm
EdvinSwedishSwedish variation of Edwin, paying homage to tradition
EdselEnglishUnconventional and contemporary, stands out from the crowd
EdwynWelshReflects “blessed friend,” conveying positivity
EdomBiblicalCarries a rich biblical history and connotations
EdrickGermanStrong and commanding, appeals to leadership qualities
EdredOld EnglishElegantly vintage, imbued with a sense of history
EdselEnglishA modern choice, associated with individuality
EdwynWelshA name that embodies friendship and positive connections
EdricOld EnglishStrong and enduring, resonates with character
EdvinSwedishRepresents strength and resilience with a touch of elegance
EdwynWelshA name that celebrates the bond of friendship
EdricOld EnglishEvokes a sense of authority and strength
EdredOld EnglishCarries a historical and noble significance
EdmonEnglishA unique twist on Edmund, modern and distinctive
EdselEnglishA name that stands out and captures attention
EdricOld EnglishA name imbued with strength and leadership qualities
EdanIrishRepresents inner fire and passion, unique and spirited


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