310 Middle Names for Josephine [Unique & Elegant Choices]

Middle Names For Josephine

Josephine, a popular name, graces many with its timeless charm. Its roots lie in the French tradition, signifying “God will increase.”

Josephine organizes elegance and strength, making it a choice cherished for generations. In literature, history, or everyday life, Josephine remains a name that resonates with grace and resilience.

Its enduring popularity is a testament to the enduring allure of this beloved name.

In this exploration, we will discover a range of delightful and harmonious middle names for Josephine.

Josephine Name Meaning:

The name Josephine is of French origin and is the feminine form of the name Joseph. It is a classic and timeless name with a rich history.

The name Josephine is often associated with qualities such as elegance, grace, and strength. Its meaning is generally interpreted as “God will increase” or “may Jehovah add/increase.”

The name Josephine has been borne by several notable historical figures. That includes Empress Josephine, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Josephine Baker.

She is a renowned American-born French entertainer and civil rights activist. It remains a popular and beautiful name for girls, known for its vintage charm and sophistication.

50 Boy Middle Names That Go with Josephine

Boy Middle NameMeaningOrigin
Josephine JamesSupplanterHebrew
Josephine AlexanderDefender of the PeopleGreek
Josephine WilliamProtectorGermanic
Josephine BenjaminSon of the Right HandHebrew
Josephine MichaelWho is like God?Hebrew
Josephine CharlesFree ManGermanic
Josephine HenryRuler of the HouseholdGermanic
Josephine ThomasTwinAramaic
Josephine SamuelHeard by GodHebrew
Josephine DanielGod is my JudgeHebrew
Josephine ChristopherChrist-bearerGreek
Josephine RobertBright FameGermanic
Josephine AnthonyPricelessLatin
Josephine MatthewGift of GodHebrew
Josephine LouisFamous WarriorGermanic
Josephine DavidBelovedHebrew
Josephine TheodoreGift of GodGreek
Josephine EdwardWealthy GuardianEnglish
Josephine AndrewManly, BraveGreek
Josephine WilliamResolute ProtectorGermanic
Josephine GeorgeFarmerGreek
Josephine RichardBrave RulerGermanic
Josephine FrancisFree ManLatin
Josephine JohnGod is GraciousHebrew
Josephine NicholasVictory of the PeopleGreek
Josephine MatthewGift of GodHebrew
Josephine PeterRockGreek
Josephine JonathanGift of GodHebrew
Josephine ChristopherChrist-bearerGreek
Josephine JosephHe will addHebrew
Josephine PatrickNoblemanLatin
Josephine VincentConqueringLatin
Josephine LawrenceLaurel-CrownedLatin
Josephine ChristopherChrist-bearerGreek
Josephine RaymondWise ProtectorGermanic
Josephine VictorConquerorLatin
Josephine GabrielGod is my StrengthHebrew
Josephine ArthurNoble, BearCeltic
Josephine ElijahMy God is the LordHebrew
Josephine AlbertNoble, BrightGermanic
Josephine OscarDivine SpearmanEnglish
Josephine JasperTreasurer, CarrierPersian
Josephine CalebFaithful, DevotionHebrew
Josephine NathanielGift of GodHebrew
Josephine MalcolmDisciple of SaintScottish
Josephine WesleyWestern MeadowEnglish
Josephine ErnestSerious, DeterminedGermanic
Josephine FelixFortunate, HappyLatin
Josephine LeviJoined in HarmonyHebrew
Josephine XavierBright, SplendidBasque
Josephine EugeneNoble, Well-BornGreek

50 Girl Names That Go with Josephine

Girl Middle NameMeaningOrigin
Josephine GraceGraceful and DivineLatin
Josephine RoseA symbol of loveEnglish
Josephine MarieBitter and beautifulFrench
Josephine AvaLife, livelyLatin
Josephine MaeMotherlyEnglish
Josephine IvyFaithfulness, loyaltyEnglish
Josephine ElenaShining lightGreek
Josephine ClaireBright, clearFrench
Josephine RubyPrecious gemstoneLatin
Josephine EmmaWhole, universalGerman
Josephine AuroraDawn, morning lightLatin
Josephine FaithTrust, beliefEnglish
Josephine SophiaWisdom, skillGreek
Josephine BelleBeautifulFrench
Josephine OliviaOlive treeLatin
Josephine LilyPurity and innocenceEnglish
Josephine GraceGraceful and DivineLatin
Josephine RoseA symbol of loveEnglish
Josephine MarieBitter and beautifulFrench
Josephine AvaLife, livelyLatin
Josephine MaeMotherlyEnglish
Josephine IvyFaithfulness, loyaltyEnglish
Josephine ElenaShining lightGreek
Josephine ClaireBright, clearFrench
Josephine RubyPrecious gemstoneLatin
Josephine EmmaWhole, universalGerman
Josephine AuroraDawn, morning lightLatin
Josephine FaithTrust, beliefEnglish
Josephine SophiaWisdom, skillGreek
Josephine BelleBeautifulFrench
Josephine OliviaOlive treeLatin
Josephine LilyPurity and innocenceEnglish
Josephine JadePrecious stoneSpanish
Josephine LunaMoonLatin
Josephine HazelThe hazelnut treeEnglish
Josephine ZoeLifeGreek
Josephine RubyRed gemstoneLatin
Josephine PearlPrecious jewelEnglish
Josephine SkyeThe skyEnglish
Josephine LilyFlowerEnglish
Josephine VioletPurple flowerEnglish
Josephine NovaNew, youngLatin
Josephine EdenDelight, paradiseHebrew
Josephine EliseConsecrated to GodFrench
Josephine StellaStarLatin
Josephine AuroraGoddess of dawnRoman
Josephine MaeveIntoxicatingIrish
Josephine CamillePerfect, unblemishedFrench
Josephine EsmeBelovedFrench
Josephine RubyRed gemstoneLatin
Josephine WrenSmall birdEnglish
Josephine IslaIslandScottish

100 Unique Middle Names for Josephine

Unique Middle NameMeaningOrigin
Josephine AmaraImmortalSanskrit
Josephine AstridDivine strengthNorse
Josephine SeleneMoonlightGreek
Josephine LennoxElm groveScottish
Josephine SeraphinaFiery-wingedHebrew
Josephine CalistaMost beautifulGreek
Josephine IsoldeIce rulerGerman
Josephine AriaMelodyItalian
Josephine BriarThorny bushEnglish
Josephine ElestrenStarCornish
Josephine ZephyrGentle breezeGreek
Josephine MarcellaWarlikeLatin
Josephine ElowenElm treeCornish
Josephine FioraFlowerItalian
Josephine ThalassaSeaGreek
Josephine InaraIlluminatingArabic
Josephine AlaricRuler of allGermanic
Josephine ElowynElm treeWelsh
Josephine FiorellaLittle flowerItalian
Josephine ThaliaTo blossomGreek
Josephine AilithNobleOld English
Josephine CaelumSkyLatin
Josephine SerenStarWelsh
Josephine ThandieBelovedAfrican
Josephine ValenciaBraveSpanish
Josephine AcaciaThornyGreek
Josephine LucianaLightItalian
Josephine EvadnePleasing oneGreek
Josephine LysanderLiberatorGreek
Josephine ThorneThornyEnglish
Josephine FelicityHappinessLatin
Josephine AelianaSunLatin
Josephine ElaraBright oneGreek
Josephine ZephyrineGentle breezeGreek
Josephine SableBlackEnglish
Josephine MarigoldGolden flowerEnglish
Josephine ThessalyFertile landGreek
Josephine AndromedaRuler of menGreek
Josephine CelestiaHeavenlyLatin
Josephine SeraphineFiery-wingedFrench
Josephine ElysiaBeautifulGreek
Josephine LysandraLiberatorGreek
Josephine ThaliahTo blossomHebrew
Josephine FioralbaWhite flowerAlbanian
Josephine AinsleyMeadowOld English
Josephine CaelanPowerfulIrish
Josephine SaffronYellow flowerEnglish
Josephine EvelinaLifeLatin
Josephine MaelisSweet beautyFrench
Josephine ThaisaBandageGreek
Josephine AmelieHardworkingGerman
Josephine ElodieWealthyFrench
Josephine ZafiraVictoriousArabic
Josephine SerenellaStarItalian
Josephine IridessaRainbowGreek
Josephine CalliopeBeautiful voiceGreek
Josephine SableeBlackFrench
Josephine MagnoliaFlowerLatin
Josephine ThelmaWillGreek
Josephine AnoukGraceDutch
Josephine CelinaHeavenlyLatin
Josephine SelenaMoon goddessGreek
Josephine ElainaShining lightGreek
Josephine AmityFriendshipEnglish
Josephine EvelineLifeFrench
Josephine SabineOf the SabinesLatin
Josephine ZaraBlooming flowerArabic
Josephine SeraphiniaFiery-wingedItalian
Josephine ThessalieFertile landFrench
Josephine IsabeauPledged to GodFrench
Josephine MagnaGreatLatin
Josephine ElyriaShining oneGreek
Josephine AmoretLittle loveFrench
Josephine SelwynFriend of the castleEnglish
Josephine ThalikaBlossomSanskrit
Josephine CaeliaHeavenlyLatin
Josephine AmaryllisFreshGreek
Josephine SabrielGod is my strengthHebrew
Josephine ZahirahShining, radiantArabic
Josephine MaellePrincessBreton
Josephine CalantheBeautiful flowerGreek
Josephine ElyssaNoble kindGreek
Josephine AnikaGraciousHebrew
Josephine SeraphieFiery-wingedFrench
Josephine EvalunaMoonlightItalian
Josephine IlysseNoble promiseGreek
Josephine ThalassaSeaGreek
Josephine AmarineEndlessFrench
Josephine CeliseHeavenly lightLatin
Josephine SabrinaPrincessLatin
Josephine ZephyrineGentle breezeFrench
Josephine FiorenzaBlossomingItalian
Josephine ElestriaStarGreek
Josephine AmelinaIndustriousGerman
Josephine SelenaMoon goddessGreek
Josephine LucastaPure lightLatin
Josephine ThalassiaSeaGreek
Josephine AlaraDreamerTurkish
Josephine ElysianDivineGreek
Josephine SaffiraSapphireHebrew

30 Short Middle Names for Josephine

Short Middle NameMeaningOrigin
Josephine GraceGraceful and elegantLatin
Josephine MaeBitter or belovedEnglish
Josephine ClaireBright, clearFrench
Josephine AnneGracious, full of graceHebrew
Josephine LeeMeadow or clearingEnglish
Josephine RoseA symbol of love and passionLatin
Josephine PearlPrecious gemEnglish
Josephine EveLiving, enliveningHebrew
Josephine ElleShe, herFrench
Josephine HopeOptimism, aspirationEnglish
Josephine FaithTrust and beliefEnglish
Josephine JoyHappiness, delightEnglish
Josephine JaneGod is graciousHebrew
Josephine KatePure and clearGreek
Josephine BelleBeautifulFrench
Josephine IvySymbol of fidelityEnglish
Josephine RuthCompassionate friendHebrew
Josephine FayeLoyalty, beliefEnglish
Josephine JuneSixth month of the yearLatin
Josephine RubyRed gemstoneLatin
Josephine EveLife, livingHebrew
Josephine LynnLake, waterfallEnglish
Josephine FaithTrust, beliefEnglish
Josephine GraceElegance, beautyLatin
Josephine BrookeSmall streamEnglish
Josephine SkyeExpanse of heavenEnglish
Josephine QuinnDescendant of ConnIrish
Josephine KayPure, clearGreek
Josephine SageWise and knowingLatin
Josephine PearlPrecious gemEnglish
Josephine NoelChristmas, birth of ChristFrench

30 One-Syllable Middle Names for Josephine

One-Syllable Middle NameMeaningOrigin
Josephine AnneGraciousHebrew
Josephine BelleBeautifulFrench
Josephine BlueCalm, sereneEnglish
Josephine BreeStrengthIrish
Josephine ClaireBright, clearFrench
Josephine DawnFirst lightEnglish
Josephine ElleSheFrench
Josephine FayeFaithFrench
Josephine GemPrecious stoneEnglish
Josephine GraceDivine favorLatin
Josephine HopeOptimismEnglish
Josephine JadeGreen gemstoneSpanish
Josephine JoyHappinessLatin
Josephine JuneSixth monthLatin
Josephine KatePureGreek
Josephine LaneSmall roadEnglish
Josephine LeighMeadowEnglish
Josephine MaeBitter, pearlEnglish
Josephine MoonLunarEnglish
Josephine NellBright, shiningEnglish
Josephine PaigeYoung servantFrench
Josephine PearlPrecious jewelLatin
Josephine QuinnDescendant of ConnIrish
Josephine RainBlessingEnglish
Josephine RoseFlowerLatin
Josephine SkyeHeavenEnglish
Josephine SloaneWarriorIrish
Josephine StarrStarEnglish
Josephine WrenSmall birdEnglish
Josephine BlaiseStammererFrench
Josephine BeauHandsomeFrench

50 First Name for Josephine

First NameMeaningOrigin
Amelia JosephineWork of the LordEnglish
Leo JosephineLionLatin
Elise JosephineConsecrated to GodFrench
Eliana JosephineMy God has answeredHebrew
Oscar JosephineDivine spearOld English
Seraphina JosephineFiery-wingedHebrew
Vincent JosephineConqueringLatin
Fiona JosephineFairGaelic
Julian JosephineYouthfulLatin
Helena JosephineBright, shiningGreek
Xavier JosephineBright, new houseBasque
Luciana JosephineLightItalian
Maximilian JosephineGreatestLatin
Arabella JosephineBeautiful altarLatin
Atticus JosephineMan of AtticaGreek
Clara JosephineClear, brightLatin
Damian JosephineTo tame, subdueGreek
Evangeline JosephineGood newsGreek
Sebastian JosephineVenerableGreek
Camilla JosephineYouthfulLatin
Gabriel JosephineGod is my strengthHebrew
Natalia JosephineChristmas DayLatin
Isabella JosephineDevoted to GodHebrew
Lillian JosephineLilyEnglish
Benedict JosephineBlessedLatin
Valentina JosephineStrong, healthyLatin
Cecilia JosephineBlindLatin
Augustine JosephineMajestic, venerableLatin
Anastasia JosephineResurrectionGreek
Margot JosephinePearlFrench
Evander JosephineGood manGreek
Julius JosephineDowny-beardedLatin
Thea JosephineGoddessGreek
Darius JosephineUpholder of goodPersian
Seraphine JosephineFiery-wingedFrench
Arthur JosephineNoble, bearCeltic
Ingrid JosephineBeautiful, belovedNorse
Dominic JosephineBelonging to the LordLatin
Cecily JosephineBlindLatin
Leopold JosephineBrave peopleGerman
Adelaide JosephineNoble and kindGerman
Nicolette JosephineVictory of the peopleFrench
Miranda JosephineAdmirableLatin
Isidore JosephineGift of IsisGreek
Eloise JosephineFamous in battleFrench
Augustus JosephineMajestic, venerableLatin
Aurora JosephineDawnLatin
Raphael JosephineGod has healedHebrew
Vivian JosephineFull of lifeLatin
Celia JosephineHeavenLatin
Silas JosephineWooded, forestLatin


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