190+ Middle Names For Abigail (Pretty Cool & Awesome)

A baby girl her name abigail

The right middle name not only sounds harmonious with Abigail but also holds personal meaning for you and your family.

Feel free to mix and match, explore various cultures, and feel the uniqueness of each name combination.

With these inspiring middle names. You’re well on your way to bestowing an extra layer of beauty and significance upon your precious child’s name.

Abigail Name Meaning:

The name “Abigail” is of Hebrew origin and carries the meaning of “my father’s joy” or “source of joy.” It is derived from the Hebrew name אֲבִיגַיִל (Avigayil). Which is a combination of the words “avi” meaning “my father” and “Gail” or “gil” meaning “joy” or “rejoice”.

In the Old Testament of the Bible. Abigail is also the name of a wise and beautiful woman known for her kindness and resourcefulness.

The name has remained popular across different cultures and languages due to its positive and meaningful connotations.

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50 Middle Names for Abigail Along with Meaning & Origin

Middle NameMeaningOrigin
Abigail GraceGraceful and elegantEnglish
Abigail RoseDelicate and beautifulEnglish
Abigail MarieBeloved and cherishedFrench
Abigail MaeBitter and belovedEnglish
Abigail JoyHappiness and delightEnglish
Abigail FaithTrust and confidenceEnglish
Abigail HopeOptimism and aspirationEnglish
Abigail GraceElegance and divine favorEnglish
Abigail SkyeLimitless and free-spiritedEnglish
Abigail BrookeSmall stream and resilienceEnglish
Abigail RubyPrecious gemstoneEnglish
Abigail PearlPurity and wisdomEnglish
Abigail LilyPurity and renewalEnglish
Abigail JadeHarmony and balanceSpanish
Abigail AuroraDawn and new beginningsLatin
Abigail CelesteHeavenly and divineLatin
Abigail EdenParadise and delightHebrew
Abigail NaomiPleasantness and beautyHebrew
Abigail EliseOath of God and consecrationFrench
Abigail SereneCalmness and tranquilityFrench
Abigail IsabellaDevoted to God and promiseItalian
Abigail SophiaWisdom and insightGreek
Abigail ElenaBright and shiningGreek
Abigail AmaraEternal and unfadingAfrican
Abigail MayaIllusion and enchantmentSanskrit
Abigail RubyPrecious gemstoneEnglish
Abigail DaphneLaurel tree and victoryGreek
Abigail FionaFair and whiteGaelic
Abigail IrisRainbow and messengerGreek
Abigail AuroraDawn and new beginningsLatin
Abigail NadineHope and tenderFrench
Abigail ValenciaStrength and healthSpanish
Abigail VivianLively and full of lifeLatin
Abigail CelesteHeavenly and divineLatin
Abigail HelenaBright and shiningGreek
Abigail OpheliaHelp and supportGreek
Abigail CalliopeBeautiful voice and museGreek
Abigail EvangelineGood news and bearer of lightFrench
Abigail JasmineFragrant flower and gracePersian
Abigail AuroraDawn and new beginningsLatin
Abigail PenelopeWeaver and skilledGreek
Abigail AuroraDawn and new beginningsLatin
Abigail AmeliaIndustrious and hardworkingGermanic
Abigail EloiseHealthy and wideFrench
Abigail JuniperYouthful and vibrantLatin
Abigail SeraphinaFiery and angelicHebrew
Abigail ValentinaStrong and healthyLatin
Abigail WinterCold season and introspectionEnglish
Abigail AnastasiaResurrection and rebirthGreek
Abigail ElowenElm tree and inspirationWelsh

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30 Good Middle Names for Abigail with Meaning & Origin

Good Middle NameMeaningOrigin
Abigail GraceGraceful and elegantEnglish
Abigail RoseSymbol of love and beautyEnglish
Abigail ElizabethConsecrated to GodHebrew
Abigail MarieWished for, belovedFrench
Abigail LilyPurity and innocenceEnglish
Abigail WillowFlexibility and resilienceEnglish
Abigail AuroraDawn, new beginningLatin
Abigail SeraphinaFiery, angelicHebrew
Abigail JuniperYoung, energeticLatin
Abigail VictoriaVictory, triumphLatin
Abigail HarperHarp player, minstrelEnglish
Abigail EmersonIndustrious, braveEnglish
Abigail SofiaWisdom, knowledgeGreek
Abigail AmaraGrace, kindnessIgbo (African)
Abigail NataliaChristmas, born on ChristmasLatin
Abigail ClementineMerciful, gentleLatin
Abigail PersephoneBringer of destructionGreek
Abigail CalliopeBeautiful voiceGreek
Abigail EleanorBright, shining lightEnglish
Abigail AmeliaIndustrious, strivingLatin
Abigail CelesteHeavenly, celestialLatin
Abigail MaeveIntoxicating, queenIrish
Abigail ElaraShining, lightGreek
Abigail AuroraMorning light, dawnLatin
Abigail IsabellaPledged to GodHebrew
Abigail EstelleStar, brightFrench
Abigail VivienneFull of life, livelyLatin
Abigail WillowGraceful, slenderEnglish
Abigail FelicityHappiness, good fortuneLatin
Abigail SeraphinaFiery, ardentHebrew
Abigail JuniperYoung, youthfulLatin

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30 First Names for Abigail with Meaning and Origin

First NameMeaningOrigin
AbigailFather’s JoyHebrew
IsabellaDevoted to GodItalian
OliviaOlive TreeLatin
GraceElegance, BeautyEnglish
EmilyIndustrious, EagerLatin
CharlotteFree WomanFrench
AmeliaWork, IndustriousGerman
HarperHarp PlayerEnglish
LilyLily FlowerEnglish
ElizabethGod is My OathHebrew
HazelThe Hazel TreeEnglish
GraceElegance, BeautyEnglish
NatalieChristmas DayLatin
ChloeBlooming, Young Green ShootGreek
ClaraClear, BrightLatin
HannahFavor, GraceHebrew
EleanorBright, Shining LightGreek
RubyRed GemstoneLatin
MadelineHigh TowerEnglish
EmmaWhole, UniversalGerman
MiaMine, BelovedItalian

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50 Last Names for Abigail: Meaning and Origin

Last NameMeaningOrigin
JohnsonSon of JohnEnglish
WilliamsSon of WilliamEnglish
JonesSon of JohnEnglish
DavisSon of DavidEnglish
MillerMiller, GrinderEnglish
WilsonSon of WilliamEnglish
MooreMoor, MarshlandEnglish
AndersonSon of AndrewScottish
MartinezSon of MartinSpanish
LopezSon of LopeSpanish
HernandezSon of HernandoSpanish
JohnsonSon of JohnIrish
MurphySea WarriorIrish
KellyWar, Bright-headedIrish
RodriguezSon of RodrigoSpanish
MartinezSon of MartinSpanish
GonzalezSon of GonzaloSpanish
LewisFamed WarriorFrench
TurnerLathe WorkerEnglish
WrightCraftsman, CarpenterEnglish
ScottFrom ScotlandScottish
CooperBarrel MakerEnglish
BennettLittle Blessed OneEnglish
HarrisSon of HarryEnglish
MartinezSon of MartinPortuguese
OliveiraOlive TreePortuguese
LeePlum, Joy, or WoodKorean
ParkEnclosure, ParkKorean
ChoWill, BeautifulKorean
SongPine TreeKorean
TanakaDweller in the Rice PaddyJapanese
SuzukiBell TreeJapanese
YamamotoBase of the MountainJapanese
KimuraTree VillageJapanese

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30 Names Similar to Abigail Along with Meaning & Origin

Similar NameMeaningOrigin
IsabellaDevoted to GodHebrew
AmeliaWork of the LordGermanic
OliviaOlive treeLatin
CharlotteFree manFrench
GraceCharm, eleganceLatin
MadisonSon of MaudEnglish
ElizabethPledged to GodHebrew
EvelynBeautiful birdEnglish
GraceCharm, eleganceLatin
IsabellaDevoted to GodHebrew
AmeliaWork of the LordGermanic
OliviaOlive treeLatin
CharlotteFree manFrench
MadisonSon of MaudEnglish
ElizabethPledged to GodHebrew


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