150+ Boy Middle Names For Wesley [Meanings & Origins]

A baby boy his middle name Wesley

Selecting the perfect middle name for Wesley. It is an opportunity to infuse even more meaning and personality into your child’s identity.

The possibilities are endless, whether you opt for a classic choice. A name with special family significance, or a unique gem.

Each name on this list carries its unique charm and symbolism. It gives you a wide range of options to consider.

You are choosing a middle name that resonates with you and your family. You’re crafting a name that your child will proudly carry.

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Wesley Name Meaning:

The name “Wesley” is of English origin and is commonly used as a given name for boys. It has Old English roots and is derived from two elements: “west,”. Which means “west,” and “Leah,” which means “meadow” or “clearing.”

Therefore, the name “Wesley” can be interpreted as “western meadow” or “meadow in the west.” It combines geographical and nature-related terms, giving the name a pleasant and rustic feel.

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30 Middle Names for Wesley with Each Name’s Meaning, Gender & Origin

Middle NameMeaningGenderOrigin
Wesley JamesSupplanter, HealerMaleEnglish
Wesley GraceElegance, Divine FavorFemaleEnglish
Wesley JudePraised, BelovedMaleHebrew
Wesley MaePearl, DignifiedFemaleEnglish
Wesley LeoLion, BraveMaleLatin
Wesley ClaireBright, ClearFemaleFrench
Wesley FinnFair, WhiteMaleIrish
Wesley RoseFlower, LoveFemaleEnglish
Wesley ColeVictorious, CharcoalMaleEnglish
Wesley SageWise, PlantFemaleEnglish
Wesley OwenYoung Warrior, Born to RuleMaleWelsh
Wesley HopeOptimism, TrustFemaleEnglish
Wesley MilesSoldier, MercifulMaleEnglish
Wesley SkyeSheltering, LimitlessFemaleEnglish
Wesley EliAscension, UpliftingMaleHebrew
Wesley AdaNoble, GracefulFemaleGermanic
Wesley JudePraised, BelovedMaleHebrew
Wesley EveLife, LivingFemaleHebrew
Wesley QuinnWise, DescendantMaleIrish
Wesley IrisRainbow, MessengerFemaleGreek
Wesley KnoxRound Hill, FortifiedMaleScottish
Wesley LunaMoon, EnlightenedFemaleSpanish
Wesley SethAppointed, ChosenMaleHebrew
Wesley MaeveIntoxicating, QueenFemaleIrish
Wesley NashAsh Tree, AdventurousMaleEnglish
Wesley JuneYoung, VitalFemaleEnglish
Wesley DeanValley, LeaderMaleEnglish
Wesley NovaNew, StarFemaleLatin
Wesley BlakeDark, PaleMaleEnglish
Wesley MaeveIntoxicating, QueenFemaleIrish
Wesley HeathNoble, HeathlandMaleEnglish

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30 First Names for Wesley with Meaning, Gender & Origin

First NameMeaningGenderOrigin
Liam WesleyStrong-willed warriorMaleIrish
Emma WesleyWhole, universalFemaleGerman
Owen WesleyYoung warriorMaleWelsh
Ava WesleyBirdFemaleLatin
Caleb WesleyFaithful, devotedMaleHebrew
Sophia WesleyWisdomFemaleGreek
Ethan WesleyStrong, firmMaleHebrew
Mia WesleyMineFemaleScandinavian
Lucas WesleyLightMaleLatin
Isabella WesleyDevoted to GodFemaleHebrew
Noah WesleyRest, comfortMaleHebrew
Olivia WesleyOlive treeFemaleLatin
Henry WesleyRuler of the householdMaleGermanic
Amelia WesleyWork of the LordFemaleGerman
Benjamin WesleySon of the right-handMaleHebrew
Ava WesleyBirdFemaleLatin
William WesleyStrong-willed warriorMaleGermanic
Harper WesleyHarp playerFemaleEnglish
Jackson WesleySon of JackMaleEnglish
Emily WesleyRival, industriousFemaleLatin
Oliver WesleyOlive treeMaleLatin
Sophia WesleyWisdomFemaleGreek
Samuel WesleyHeard by GodMaleHebrew
Grace WesleyFavor, blessingFemaleEnglish
Alexander WesleyDefender of the peopleMaleGreek
Ella WesleyLightFemaleEnglish
Daniel WesleyGod is my judgeMaleHebrew
Ava WesleyBirdFemaleLatin
David WesleyBelovedMaleHebrew
Lily WesleyLilyFemaleEnglish

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30 Last Names That Go with Wesley; Meaning & Origin

Last NameMeaningOrigin
Wesley BrooksNear a streamEnglish
Wesley HughesBright heartEnglish
Wesley KnightNoble servantEnglish
Wesley BanksBy the river bankEnglish
Wesley ClarkeScholarly and learnedEnglish
Wesley MartinOf Mars, the god of warEnglish
Wesley ReidRedheadedScottish
Wesley CarterCart driver or makerEnglish
Wesley ColeCharcoal or coal minerEnglish
Wesley HallDweller at the manorEnglish
Wesley StoneStrong and unyieldingEnglish
Wesley EllisJehovah is GodWelsh
Wesley FoxCunning and slyEnglish
Wesley CrossSymbol of ChristianityEnglish
Wesley DayDay laborerEnglish
Wesley GrayGray-hairedEnglish
Wesley HuntHunterEnglish
Wesley YorkFrom the Yew Tree estateEnglish
Wesley LaneBy the riverbankEnglish
Wesley MossMossy placeEnglish
Wesley PriceValuable and preciousEnglish
Wesley SmithMetalworker or blacksmithEnglish
Wesley TurnerLathe worker or wood turnerEnglish
Wesley WhiteFair or white-hairedEnglish
Wesley ClarkLearned and scholarlyEnglish
Wesley HayesHedged area or enclosureEnglish
Wesley KingMonarch or rulerEnglish
Wesley LeeMeadow or pastureEnglish
Wesley ScottFrom ScotlandScottish
Wesley WoodsForest or woodsEnglish
Wesley ReedRedheadedEnglish

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30 Girl Names That Go with Wesley; Meaning & Origin

Girl NameMeaningOrigin
AmeliaIndustrious, StrivingGerman
OliviaOlive TreeLatin
GraceElegance, CharmEnglish
CharlotteFree, PetiteFrench
EmmaWhole, UniversalGerman
SophiaWisdom, KnowledgeGreek
LilyLily FlowerEnglish
HarperHarp PlayerEnglish
IsabellaDevoted to GodHebrew
AbigailFather’s JoyHebrew
ScarlettReddish, VibrantEnglish
GraceElegance, CharmEnglish
MadisonSon of MaudEnglish
EmilyIndustrious, EagerLatin
HarperHarp PlayerEnglish
VioletPurple FlowerLatin
HazelHazelnut TreeEnglish
RubyRed GemstoneLatin
ClaraBright, ClearLatin
ChloeBlooming, FertilityGreek
IvyIvy PlantEnglish

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30 Boy Names That Go with Wesley; Meaning & Origin

Boy NameMeaningOrigin
WesleyWestern meadowEnglish
EthanStrong, firmHebrew
CalebDevotion to GodHebrew
OwenYoung warriorWelsh
LucasLight, illuminationLatin
LeviJoined, attachedHebrew
HenryRuler of the householdGermanic
EliAscension, upliftingHebrew
LiamStrong-willed warriorIrish
JackGod is graciousEnglish
SamuelHeard by GodHebrew
BenjaminSon of the right-handHebrew
AlexanderDefender of the peopleGreek
NathanielGift of GodHebrew
NoahRest, comfortHebrew
AidenLittle fireIrish
MichaelWho is like God?Hebrew
AndrewManly, courageousGreek
OliverOlive treeLatin
DanielGod is my judgeHebrew
JacksonSon of JackEnglish
CalebFaithful, devotedHebrew
RyanLittle kingIrish
GabrielGod is my strengthHebrew
WilliamStrong-willed warriorGermanic
JosephGod will increaseHebrew
MatthewGift of GodHebrew


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