190+ Middle Names For Atticus [Boys, Girls & Siblings]

a boy and a girl their middle name Atticus

Choosing a middle name for Atticus is an opportunity to craft a name that’s truly unique and meaningful.

You may opt for a classic, nature-inspired, or culturally rich middle name. The combination you choose will become a part of your child’s identity.

Take your time, explore your options, and select a middle name that resonates with you and your family.

These 190+ middle names for Atticus will have a name. It carries beauty, significance, and a touch of your own personal story.

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Atticus Name Meaning:

The name “Atticus” is of Latin origin and has a rich historical and literary background. It is derived from the Roman family name “Atticus,” which means “man of Attica.”

Attica is a region in Greece, known for its historical significance, including being the home of Athens. This ancient city-state played a major role in the development of Western civilization.

The name Atticus gained widespread recognition and popularity through literature. That is particularly through the character Atticus Finch in Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Atticus Finch is revered as a wise and morally upright character, known for his strong sense of justice and integrity.

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55 Atticus Middle Names Along with Each Name’s Meaning, Gender & Origin

Middle NameMeaningGenderOrigin
Atticus JamesSupplanterMaleHebrew
Atticus GraceEleganceFemaleLatin
Atticus BenjaminSon of the Right HandMaleHebrew
Atticus LilyPurityFemaleEnglish
Atticus WilliamResolute ProtectorMaleGermanic
Atticus HopeOptimismBothEnglish
Atticus SophiaWisdomFemaleGreek
Atticus OwenYoung WarriorMaleWelsh
Atticus EmilyIndustriousFemaleLatin
Atticus SamuelHeard by GodMaleHebrew
Atticus AuroraDawnFemaleLatin
Atticus MatthewGift of GodMaleHebrew
Atticus EthanStrongMaleHebrew
Atticus RoseFlowerFemaleEnglish
Atticus AlexanderDefender of the PeopleMaleGreek
Atticus JoyHappinessBothEnglish
Atticus OliviaOlive TreeFemaleLatin
Atticus GabrielGod is My StrengthMaleHebrew
Atticus LilySymbol of InnocenceFemaleEnglish
Atticus MichaelWho is Like God?MaleHebrew
Atticus RubyPrecious StoneFemaleEnglish
Atticus DavidBelovedMaleHebrew
Atticus GraceDivine GraceFemaleLatin
Atticus OliverOlive TreeMaleLatin
Atticus EmmaWhole, UniversalFemaleGermanic
Atticus LiamStrong-willed WarriorMaleIrish
Atticus AuroraGoddess of DawnFemaleLatin
Atticus HenryRuler of the HouseholdMaleGermanic
Atticus FinnFairMaleIrish
Atticus IsabellaDevoted to GodFemaleHebrew
Atticus WilliamWill, DesireMaleGermanic
Atticus NathanGift from GodMaleHebrew
Atticus JoyJoyBothEnglish
Atticus AmeliaWorkFemaleLatin
Atticus ChristopherChrist-bearerMaleGreek
Atticus DanielGod is My JudgeMaleHebrew
Atticus EmilyIndustriousFemaleLatin
Atticus LeoLionMaleLatin
Atticus GraceGraceFemaleLatin
Atticus LilyPure and InnocentFemaleEnglish
Atticus JoyHappinessBothEnglish
Atticus AlexanderDefender of MankindMaleGreek
Atticus RubyPrecious GemstoneFemaleEnglish
Atticus GraceDivine GraceFemaleLatin
Atticus NoahRest, ComfortMaleHebrew
Atticus LilySymbol of InnocenceFemaleEnglish
Atticus LilyFlowerFemaleEnglish
Atticus WilliamStrong-willed WarriorMaleGermanic
Atticus GraceDivine GraceFemaleLatin
Atticus EmilyIndustriousFemaleLatin
Atticus DavidBelovedMaleHebrew
Atticus LilySymbol of PurityFemaleEnglish
Atticus GraceEleganceFemaleLatin
Atticus HopeOptimismBothEnglish
Atticus EmilyIndustriousFemaleLatin

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40 Girl Names That Go with Atticus; Meaning and Origin

Girl NameMeaningOrigin
Atticus AuroraDawnLatin
Atticus IsabellaDevoted to GodHebrew
Atticus SophiaWisdomGreek
Atticus AmeliaWorkLatin
Atticus OliviaOlive treeLatin
Atticus PenelopeWeaverGreek
Atticus SeraphinaFiery-wingedHebrew
Atticus GenevieveTribe womanGermanic
Atticus VivienneAliveLatin
Atticus EleanorBright, shiningGreek
Atticus GraceGod’s favorLatin
Atticus ElizaGod is my oathHebrew
Atticus RubyPrecious stoneLatin
Atticus JulietYouthfulLatin
Atticus MaeveIntoxicatingIrish
Atticus AriaAirItalian
Atticus FreyaLadyNorse
Atticus IvyFaithfulnessEnglish
Atticus LunaMoonLatin
Atticus StellaStarLatin
Atticus HarperHarp playerEnglish
Atticus IrisRainbowGreek
Atticus AuroraGoddess of the dawnRoman
Atticus BeatriceBringer of joyLatin
Atticus CelesteHeavenlyLatin
Atticus CordeliaHeartCeltic
Atticus FionaFairGaelic
Atticus IslaIslandScottish
Atticus JuniperEvergreen shrubLatin
Atticus LyraLyreGreek
Atticus MarigoldGolden flowerEnglish
Atticus NovaNewLatin
Atticus OpheliaHelpGreek
Atticus PoppyRed flowerLatin
Atticus QuinnWiseIrish
Atticus RowanLittle redheadIrish
Atticus SageWise and healthyLatin
Atticus TheaGoddessGreek
Atticus UrsulaLittle bearLatin
Atticus VioletPurpleLatin
Atticus WillowSlenderEnglish

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40 Boy Names That Go with Atticus; Meaning and Origin

Boy NameMeaningOrigin
Atticus Liam“Noble guardian”Latin/Irish
Atticus Caleb“Faithful, devoted”Hebrew
Atticus Owen“Young warrior”Welsh
Atticus Henry“Ruler of the household”German
Atticus Jude“Praised”Hebrew
Atticus Leo“Lion”Latin
Atticus Finn“Fair, white”Irish
Atticus Miles“Soldier”Latin
Atticus Elijah“My God is Yahweh”Hebrew
Atticus Felix“Lucky, fortunate”Latin
Atticus Nolan“Noble, renowned”Irish
Atticus Samuel“God has heard”Hebrew
Atticus Wyatt“Guide, leader”English
Atticus Julian“Youthful, downy”Latin
Atticus OscarSpear of the godsOld English
Atticus Xavier“Bright, new house”Basque
Atticus Grant“Tall, great”Scottish
Atticus Elliot“God on high”English
Atticus Silas“Forest”Latin/English
Atticus Jasper“Bringer of treasure”Persian
Atticus Caleb“Faithful, devoted”Hebrew
Atticus Noah“Rest, comfort”Hebrew
Atticus Lucas“Light”Latin
Atticus Mason“Worker in stone”Old French
Atticus Arlo“Fortified hill”Old English
Atticus Elias“Jehovah is God”Greek
Atticus Finnian“Fair, white”Irish
Atticus Micah“Who is like God?”Hebrew
Atticus Roman“Of Rome”Latin
Atticus Jonah“Dove”Hebrew
Atticus Elliot“God on high”English
Atticus Cyrus“Sun”Greek
Atticus Beckett“Beehive”Old English
Atticus Orion“Hunter”Greek
Atticus Reed“Red-haired”Old English
Atticus Jonah“Dove”Hebrew
Atticus Cassius“Hollow”Latin
Atticus Blaine“Thin”Scottish

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55 Sibling Names for Atticus Along with Meaning and Origin

Sibling NameMeaningOrigin
Atticus & TitusTitus means “honorable”Latin
Atticus & AuroraAurora means “dawn”Latin
Atticus & EloiseEloise means “healthy; wide”French
Atticus & CalliopeCalliope means “beautiful voice”Greek
Atticus & JasperJasper means “treasurer”Persian
Atticus & IsabellaIsabella means “devoted to God”Hebrew
Atticus & PenelopePenelope means “weaver”Greek
Atticus & OliverOliver means “olive tree”Latin
Atticus & SeraphinaSeraphina means “fiery”Hebrew
Atticus & ClaraClara means “clear, bright”Latin
Atticus & SebastianSebastian means “venerable”Greek
Atticus & GenevieveGenevieve means “tribe woman”French
Atticus & AmeliaAmelia means “work of the Lord”Germanic
Atticus & ClementineClementine means “merciful”Latin
Atticus & EmmelineEmmeline means “industrious”Germanic
Atticus & FelixFelix means “fortunate, happy”Latin
Atticus & RosalindRosalind means “gentle horse”Germanic
Atticus & OctaviaOctavia means “eighth”Latin
Atticus & PersephonePersephone means “bringer of destruction”Greek
Atticus & CelesteCeleste means “heavenly”Latin
Atticus & LeonardoLeonardo means “brave lion”Italian
Atticus & IsoldeIsolde means “ice ruler”Germanic
Atticus & MatildaMatilda means “mighty in battle”Germanic
Atticus & AnastasiaAnastasia means “resurrection”Greek
Atticus & XavierXavier means “bright, splendid”Arabic
Atticus & EvangelineEvangeline means “bearer of good news”Greek
Atticus & LillianLillian means “lily”Latin
Atticus & RaphaelRaphael means “God has healed”Hebrew
Atticus & ArabellaArabella means “yielding to prayer”Latin
Atticus & TheodoreTheodore means “gift of God”Greek
Atticus & OpheliaOphelia means “help”Greek
Atticus & LucianaLuciana means “light”Latin
Atticus & SebastianSebastian means “revered”Greek
Atticus & ValentinaValentina means “strong, healthy”Latin
Atticus & VivienneVivienne means “alive”Latin
Atticus & NathanielNathaniel means “gift of God”Hebrew
Atticus & ClementClement means “merciful”Latin
Atticus & AuroraAurora means “dawn”Latin
Atticus & OctavianOctavian means “eighth”Latin
Atticus & IsadoraIsadora means “gift of Isis”Greek
Atticus & CaspianCaspian refers to the Caspian SeaPlace name
Atticus & ElowenElowen means “elm tree”Cornish
Atticus & SeraphimSeraphim means “burning ones”Hebrew
Atticus & FelicityFelicity means “happiness”Latin
Atticus & GideonGideon means “mighty warrior”Hebrew
Atticus & CassandraCassandra means “prophetess”Greek
Atticus & ImogenImogen means “maiden”Gaelic
Atticus & MaximilianMaximilian means “greatest”Latin
Atticus & HelenaHelena means “bright, shining light”Greek
Atticus & CordeliaCordelia means “heart”Welsh
Atticus & JulianJulian means “youthful”Latin
Atticus & PenelopePenelope means “weaver”Greek
Atticus & LeonardoLeonardo means “brave lion”Italian
Atticus & GenevieveGenevieve means “tribe woman”French
Atticus & AmeliaAmelia means “work of the Lord”Germanic


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