300 Nicknames That Start With “N” (2024 Best Picks)

Nicknames That Start With N

When it comes to nicknames, the letter “N” offers a plethora of delightful choices. These names add a touch of affection, playfulness, or even nostalgia to our names, creating a unique identity.

Whether you’re seeking a quirky nickname for a friend or a cute one for your significant other, we’ve got you covered!

This article will explore an extensive list of 300 nicknames starting with “N”.

100 Nicknames That Start with “N” and Their Meanings, Genders, Origins

1NalaSuccessful; BelovedFemaleSwahili
2NicoVictory of the peopleMaleGreek
3NessaPure; GentleFemaleHebrew
4NateGod has givenMaleHebrew
5NellShining light; HornFemaleEnglish, Greek
6NeoNew; GiftMaleGreek
7NovaNew; StarFemaleLatin
8NashDweller by the ash treeMaleEnglish
9NixieWater spriteFemaleGermanic
10NimSwift; AgileUnisexEnglish
11NikoVictory of the peopleMaleFinnish
12NayaRenewal; New beginningFemaleNative American, Hindi
13NiallChampion; CloudMaleIrish
15NoahRest; ComfortMaleHebrew
16NikaVictory; GoodFemaleRussian
17NolenChampion; NobleMaleIrish
18NariWoman; ThunderFemaleKorean, Sanskrit
19NicoletteThe victory of the peopleFemaleFrench
20NaviMessenger; ProphetUnisexIndian, Hebrew
21NessaPure; GentleFemaleScottish, Greek
22NiloMoon; ChampionMaleGreek, Swahili
25NaveenNew; BeautifulMaleSanskrit, Hindi
26NellyBright; ShiningFemaleEnglish, Greek
27NolanChampion; Descendant of a chariot-makerMaleIrish
29NemoNobody; NothingMaleLatin
30NixWater spriteMaleLatin
31NylaWinner; ChampionFemaleArabic
32NandoBrave; CourageousMaleItalian, Spanish
33NoaMovement; LoveUnisexHebrew, Japanese
34NeveBright; SnowFemaleLatin, Irish
35NikitaUnconquered; VictoriousUnisexRussian, Greek
36NemoNobody; NothingMaleLatin
37NiraPlough; GrainFemaleHebrew, Indian
38NikoThe beauty of the moonMaleHawaiian, Japanese
39NiaBright; RadiantFemaleSwahili, Welsh
40NixonSon of NickMaleEnglish
41NikaVictory; GoodFemaleSlavic, Greek
42NodinWindMaleNative American
43NyraBeauty of the moonFemaleHindi
44NicoVictory of the peopleMaleItalian, Spanish
46NylaWinner; ChampionFemaleAfrican, Arabic
48NandoBrave; CourageousMalePortuguese, Spanish
49NaraHappy; ProsperousFemaleJapanese, Hindi
50NixonSon of NickMaleEnglish
51NixieWater spriteFemaleGermanic
52NolaNoble; FamousFemaleIrish, Italian
53NatanGod has givenMaleHebrew
54NellyBright; ShiningFemaleEnglish, Greek
55NimSwift; AgileUnisexHebrew
56NovaNew; StarFemaleLatin
57NicoletteVictory of the peopleFemaleFrench
58NalaSuccessful; BelovedFemaleAfrican, Swahili
59NashDweller by the ash treeMaleEnglish
60NixWater spriteMaleLatin
61NaraHappy; ProsperousFemaleKorean, Hindi
62NivenHoly; Little boneMaleGaelic, Hebrew
63NikaVictory; GoodFemaleRussian, Greek
64NellaHorn; SunFemaleEnglish, Latin
65NicoVictory of the peopleMaleGreek
66NessaPure; GentleFemaleHebrew
67NiallChampion; CloudMaleIrish
68NidaCall; VoiceFemaleArabic, Urdu
69NairiLand of riversFemaleArmenian
70NashDweller by the ash treeMaleEnglish
71NyraBeauty of the moonFemaleGreek
72NolenChampion; NobleMaleIrish
74NaloLoved; CherishedUnisexHawaiian
75NimueLady of the lakeFemaleArthurian Legend
76NatanGod has givenMaleHebrew
77NellaHorn; SunFemaleItalian, Latin
78NemoNobody; NothingMaleLatin
80NashDweller by the ash treeMaleEnglish
83NaveenNew; BeautifulMaleSanskrit, Hindi
84NaiaraReference to the Virgin MaryFemaleBasque
85NicanorVictorious armyMaleGreek
86NikaVictory; GoodFemaleRussian, Greek
87NilaDark blueFemaleSanskrit
88NollieOlive treeUnisexEnglish
90NikolaiVictory of the peopleMaleRussian, Greek
91NellaHorn; SunFemaleEnglish, Latin
92NilesSon of the championMaleEnglish
93NalaSuccessful; BelovedFemaleAfrican, Swahili
94NixWater spriteMaleLatin
95NeraCandle; LightFemaleSlavic, Irish
98NicoletteVictory of the peopleFemaleFrench
99NealChampion; CloudMaleIrish
100NaraHappy; ProsperousFemaleJapanese, Hindi

These 100 nicknames encompass a wide range of meanings, origins, and gender associations. Whether you’re looking for a strong and powerful name or a sweet and endearing one.

This list will surely offer the perfect nickname for any individual. Remember, nicknames hold special significance and can strengthen the bond between friends, family, and loved ones.

100 Enchanting Nicknames with “N” for Girls: Meanings, Styles, and Origins

This delightful compilation presents 100 captivating nicknames that start with “N” for girls. Each nickname has its unique meaning, style, and origin.

Adding a touch of charm and individuality to your loved ones’ names. Whether looking for something sweet, stylish, or exotic, this table has everything!

1.NalaA queenly figureRegalAfrican
2.NessaA free-spirited soulAdventurousGreek
3.NellieShining lightClassicEnglish
5.NovaNew beginningsModernLatin
7.NeveahHeaven spelled backwardWhimsicalAmerican
9.NatashaBorn on Christmas DayElegantRussian
10.NerissaSea nymphMythicalGreek
11.NolaMagnolia flowerSouthern charmIrish
13.NicoletteVictory of the peopleFeminineFrench
15.NyxGoddess of the nightMysteriousGreek
16.NataliaBorn on Christmas DayElegantLatin
19.NimueThe victory of the peopleLegendaryArthurian legend
24.NerinaSea nymphEtherealGreek
27.NualaWhite shoulderDaintyIrish
28.NaviThe navigatorAdventurousIndian
29.NellShining lightSweetEnglish
33.NiraPlowed fieldNature-inspiredHebrew
35.NerineSea nymphMelodicGreek
39.NellaShining lightChicItalian
46.NitaBearStrongNative American
47.NellaShining lightGlamorousItalian
58.NaviFrom the NorthCuriousIndian
60.NinaLittle girlEndearingSpanish
63.NyxGoddess of the nightEmpoweringGreek
66.NerineSea nymphWhimsicalGreek
68.NaidaWater nymphGracefulGreek
69.NarelleThe NavigatorNature-inspiredAustralian
71.NoyaBeautiful lightEtherealHebrew
73.NeomaNew moonMysticalGreek
74.NovaleeNew lifeModernAmerican
78.NaliniLotus flowerElegantSanskrit
79.NynaLittle girlCharmingIrish
82.NirvanaUltimate blissSpiritualSanskrit
83.NualaWhite shoulderRefinedIrish
85.NessaA free-spirited soulBohemianGreek
87.NoyaBeautiful lightRadiantHebrew
88.NarelleFrom the northUniqueAustralian
89.NinaLittle girlSweetSpanish
91.NyxGoddess of the nightEdgyGreek
94.NerineSea nymphEnchantingGreek
100.NalaA queenly figureMajesticAfrican

Note: The meanings, styles, and origins mentioned here are based on cultural and historical references. However, the interpretation of these names can vary, and individuals may associate them differently.

These 100 enchanting nicknames with “N” for girls offer various options, each with unique allure and significance.

Whether you opt for a regal name like “Nala,” a free-spirited name like “Nessa,” or a classic choice like “Nellie”. You’re sure to find a nickname that perfectly complements the personality and essence of your loved ones.

100 Unique and Endearing Nicknames with “N” for Boys: Meanings, Styles, and Origins

If you’re searching for the perfect nickname for a special boy, look no further! We’ve curated a list of 100 delightful nicknames that start with “N” for Boys.

From classic choices to modern jewels, these names come with meanings, styles, and origins to help you find the ideal name.

1.NateA diminutive of Nathan, “gift from God.”Classic and endearingHebrew
2.NicoShort for Nicholas, denoting “victory of the people.”Cool and charismaticGreek
3.NoahOf biblical origin, “rest” and “comfort.”Timeless and belovedHebrew
4.NeoDerived from the Greek word “neos,”  “new.”Modern and visionaryGreek
5.NashSignifying “by the ash tree,” denoting strength and stability.Strong and elegantEnglish
6.NiallThe name of the Norse god is associated with wisdom and war.Bold and spiritedIrish
7.NickA familiar short form of Nicholas,  “victory of the people.”Friendly and timelessEnglish
8.NolanDerived from the Irish surname Ó Nualláin, indicating noble lineage.Sophisticated and nobleIrish
9.OdinAn Irish name is “champion” or “cloud.”Majestic and powerfulNorse
10.Otis “Wealthy” or “prosperous.”Vintage and charmingGerman
11.OakleyReferring to the oak tree meadow.Nature-inspired and modernEnglish
12.OrlandoOf Spanish origin,  “famous throughout the land.”Regal and distinguishedSpanish
13.OzzyA diminutive of Oswald, signifying “divine power.”Edgy and coolEnglish
14.OrionNamed after the constellation, symbolizing a hunter.Celestial and adventurousGreek
15.ObiInspired by “Obi-Wan Kenobi” from Star Wars.Geek-chic and iconicFictional
16.OnyxDenoting the black gemstone.Bold and uniqueGreek
17.OllieA diminutive of Oliver,  “olive tree.”Playful and livelyEnglish
18.OsirisAn Irish name is “champion” or “cloud.”Mystical and regalEgyptian
19.OdinThe chief god in Norse mythology.Powerful and legendaryNorse
20.Oren “pine tree” or “ash tree.”Nature-inspired and strongHebrew
21.NeoShort for “neoteric,”  “new” or “modern.”Futuristic and contemporaryGreek
22.NavinOf Sanskrit origin, signifying “new” or “youthful.”Fresh and vibrantSanskrit
23.NitroInspired by the explosive element nitrogen.Energetic and dynamicElement-inspired
24.Nero “strong” or “vigorous.”Bold and fierceLatin
25.NixonOf English origin, denoting “son of Nicholas.”Presidential and iconicEnglish
26.NemoFrom Latin,  “nobody” or “no one.”Adventurous and mysteriousLatin
27.NemoInspired by the beloved Disney fish from “Finding Nemo.”Playful and animatedFictional
28.NobleConveying a sense of honor and goodness.Virtuous and dignifiedEnglish
29.NileNamed after the famous river.Serene and majesticPlace-inspired
30.NavarA unique name  “plain” or “field.”Calm and groundedSpanish
31.NaviDerived from the word “navigate,” symbolizing direction.Adventurous and spiritedWord-inspired
32.NimbusInspired by the rain cloud, signifying rain and thunder.Calm and sereneWeather-inspired
33.NicoA popular nickname for someone named Nicholas.Endearing and friendlyEnglish
34.NobleA name representing high moral character and nobility.Upright and virtuousEnglish
35.NovakA surname-turned-given name, denoting “new” or “young.”Fresh and distinctiveSlavic
36.NeoInspired by the Latin prefix “neo,”  “new” or “revived.”Modern and progressiveLatin
37.NashA name associated with the city of Nashville.Musical and vibrantPlace-inspired
38.NicoA chic and cool short form of Nicholas.Stylish and charmingEnglish
39.Nemo “no one” in Latin, made famous by Captain Nemo in “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.”Adventurous and enigmaticFictional
40.NaveenOf Indian origin, denoting “new” or “novel.”Unique and exoticSanskrit
41.NimbusA meteorological term for a rain cloud.Airy and refreshingWeather-inspired
42.NashA name inspired by the city of Nashville.Soulful and energeticPlace-inspired
43.Nash “by the ash tree,” signifying strength and stability.Classic and elegantEnglish
44.NiallDerived from the Latin word “Novus,”  “new.”Brave and valiantIrish
45.NiloA name inspired by the famous river Nile.Tranquil and serenePlace-inspired
46.Nyle “champion” or “cloud” in Irish.Strong and determinedIrish
47.NovaA Sanskrit name for “new” or “youthful.”Stellar and cosmicLatin
48.NikoA stylish and trendy variation of Nico.Fashionable and chicGreek
49.NimbleA name evoking agility and quickness.Energetic and agileEnglish
50.NaviInspired by the word “navigate,” signifying direction.Curious and exploratoryWord-inspired
51.NiroA name of Italian origin,  “warrior.”Strong and braveItalian
52.NateA familiar nickname for Nathan,  “gift from God.”Beloved and cherishedHebrew
53.NemoLatin for “nobody” or “no one,” famous from “Finding Nemo.”Playful and adventurousFictional
54.NixonA name of English origin,  “son of Nicholas.”Presidential and esteemedEnglish
55.NavinAn Irish name is “champion” or “cloud.”Fresh and youthfulSanskrit
56.NicoShort for Nicholas, denoting “victory of the people.”Charismatic and winsomeGreek
57.NavarA name representing “plain” or “field” in Spanish.Serene and naturalSpanish
58.NolanDerived from the Irish surname Ó Nualláin, indicating noble lineage.Elegant and distinguishedIrish
59.Nash “by the ash tree,” symbolizing strength and stability.Classic and timelessEnglish
60.NeoShort for “neoteric,”  “new” or “modern.”Futuristic and innovativeGreek
61.Nero “strong” or “vigorous” in Latin.Bold and powerfulLatin
62.NiallFrom Egyptian mythology, represents resurrection and fertility.Adventurous and spiritedIrish
63.NimbusInspired by the rain cloud, signifying rain and thunder.Calm and refreshingWeather-inspired
64.NinoA name of Italian origin,  “boy.”Playful and joyfulItalian
65.NyxNamed after the Greek goddess of the night.Mystical and mysteriousGreek
66.OakleyReferring to the oak tree meadow.Nature-inspired and strongEnglish
67.OdinThe name of the chief god in Norse mythology.Powerful and wiseNorse
68.OsirisHeroic and LegendaryMajestic and divineEgyptian
69.OrlandoOf Spanish origin,  “famous throughout the land.”Regal and distinguishedSpanish
70.Otis “wealthy” or “prosperous.”Charming and delightfulGerman
71.Oren “pine tree” or “ash tree.”Nature-inspired and robustHebrew
72.OzzyA diminutive of Oswald, signifying “divine power.”Edgy and distinctiveEnglish
73.OllieA diminutive of Oliver,  “olive tree.”Sweet and lovableEnglish
74.OnyxDenoting the black gemstone.Strong and mysteriousGreek
75.OrionNamed after the constellation, symbolizing a hunter.Adventurous and celestialGreek
76.ObiInspired by “Obi-Wan Kenobi” from Star Wars.Heroic and legendaryFictional
77.OzzieA diminutive of Oswald, signifying “divine power.”Cool and laid-backEnglish
78.ObiFrom the Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi.Iconic and captivatingFictional
79.OzzyA hip and modern nickname for Oswald.Edgy and contemporaryEnglish
80.OllieA cute and playful diminutive of Oliver.Cheerful and endearingEnglish
81.OsirisInspired by the Egyptian god of the afterlife.Enigmatic and mysticalEgyptian
82.OrionA name derived from the constellation Orion.Majestic and cosmicGreek
83.OzzyA trendy and cool nickname for Oswald.Stylish and magneticEnglish
84.Oren “pine tree” or “ash tree” in Hebrew.Earthy and naturalHebrew
85.OnyxNamed after the black gemstone.Strong and uniqueGreek
86.OllieAn endearing nickname for Oliver.Charming and affectionateEnglish
87.OzzieA fun and quirky variation of Oswald.Playful and cheerfulEnglish
88.Otis “wealthy” or “prosperous.”Stylish and vintageGerman
89.OrionA celestial name inspired by the constellation.Unique and majesticGreek
90.OdinA name associated with wisdom and power.Strong and mythicalNorse
92.Otis “wealthy” or “prosperous.”Sophisticated and dapperGerman
93.OrinDerived from the Irish name Odhrán,  “little pale green one.”Earthy and soulfulIrish
94.OllieAn affectionate nickname for Oliver.Playful and lovableEnglish
95.OsloInspired by the capital city of Norway.Modern and cosmopolitanPlace-inspired
96.OziasOf Hebrew origin,  “strength of God.”Sturdy and courageousHebrew
97.OceanA nature-inspired name representing vastness and tranquility.Serene and etherealEnglish
98.OzzieA cool and trendy nickname for Oswald.Fashion-forward and hipEnglish
99.OrionNamed after the constellation, symbolizing a hunter.Brave and adventurousGreek
100.Obi-WanInspired by the iconic character from Star Wars.Legendary and heroicFictional

With this diverse and extensive list of nicknames that start with “N”. You’re sure to find the perfect name that matches the personality and charm of the special boy in your life.

Whether you’re looking for a classic and timeless choice or a modern and trendy name, these nicknames capture the essence of individuality and uniqueness.

Remember, a nickname is more than just a name; it expresses love, affection, and connection. Choose a nickname that organizes the qualities you admire and cherish in the person you’re naming, and watch as it becomes a symbol of endearment for years to come.

So, take your pick from this post and make that special boy or girl feel even more cherished with a name that suits him perfectly. Celebrate his uniqueness and create beautiful memories with the perfect “N” nickname!


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