200+ Unique And Awesome Nicknames That Start With “S”

Nicknames That Start With S

Nicknames, endearing and playful monikers, are an intrinsic part of human communication. They often showcase our creativity, affection, or humor towards someone or something.

Those starting with “S” have a special charm and appeal among the many nicknames.

This article will note the fascinating world of 200 nicknames that start with S. Uncovering their diverse origins, meanings, and styles.

200 Nicknames That Start With “S” + Meaning, Gender & Origin

1SamShort form of Samuel,  “heard by God”UnisexHebrew
2SophieA variant of Silvia,  “from the forest”FemaleGreek
3ScottDerived from a Scottish surname,  “from Scotland”MaleScottish
4Scarlett “bright red”FemaleEnglish
5SashaDiminutive of Alexander/Alexandra,  “defender of the people”UnisexRussian
6Stella “star”FemaleLatin
7Sebastian “venerable” or “revered”MaleGreek
8SamanthaFeminine form of Samuel,  “heard by God”FemaleHebrew
9Sylvester “wooded” or “wild”MaleLatin
10SadieDiminutive of Sarah,  “princess”FemaleHebrew
11Skyler “scholar” or “eternal life”UnisexDutch
12Serena “calm” or “peaceful”FemaleLatin
13Solomon “peaceful”MaleHebrew
14Shannon “old river”UnisexIrish
15Sydney “wide islandUnisexOld English
16Selena “moon”FemaleGreek
17Sage “wise one”UnisexLatin
18Sterling “little star”UnisexEnglish
19SabrinaOf uncertain origin, possibly  “princess”FemaleCeltic
20Shiloh “peaceful”UnisexHebrew
21Sylvia “Cloud”FemaleLatin
22SorenDerived from the Old Norse,  “stern” or “severe”MaleDanish
23Sienna “reddish-brown”FemaleItalian
24Sampson “sun”MaleHebrew
25Summer “warm season”FemaleEnglish
26SandyDiminutive of Alexander/Alexandra,  “defender of the people”UnisexGreek
27Sage “wise one”UnisexLatin
28SkyeA variant of Stephen,  “crown”FemaleScottish
29Stefan “Princess”MaleGreek
30Suri “Peace”FemaleHebrew
31Simon “he has heard”MaleHebrew
32Starla “star”FemaleAmerican
33SalemA variant of Selena,  “moon”UnisexHebrew
34SeleneA variant of Sophia,  “wisdom”FemaleGreek
35Sheridan “wild man”UnisexIrish
36Sylvan “of the forest”MaleLatin
37SoniaA variant of Santino,  “little saint”FemaleGreek
38Saul “asked for”MaleHebrew
39SundayReferring to the day of the weekFemaleEnglish
40SashaDiminutive of Alexander/Alexandra,  “defender of the people”UnisexRussian
41Storm “tempest”UnisexOld English
42Selah “pause” or “meditation”FemaleHebrew
43SantinoVariant of Santino,  “little saint”MaleItalian
44Sierra “saw”FemaleSpanish
45Sherlock “fair-haired”MaleEnglish
46SnowReferring to the frozen precipitationUnisexEnglish
47SabineDerived from an ancient tribe’s nameFemaleLatin
48Sol “sun”MaleSpanish
49Samira “Peace”FemaleArabic
50SylvieDiminutive of Sylvia,  “from the forest”FemaleLatin
51SkyReferring to the celestial domeUnisexOld Norse
52StormyReferring to stormy weatherFemaleEnglish
53Samir “companion in evening talk”MaleArabic
54ShayDiminutive of Shaina,  “beautiful”UnisexYiddish
55SeraphinaDerived from seraphim,  “burning ones”Female
56Silas “wooded” or “forest”MaleLatin
57SableReferring to a type of furUnisexFrench
58SaharaReferring to the desertFemaleArabic
59Solange “solemn” or “dignified”FemaleFrench
60ShepherdReferring to one who tends to sheepMaleEnglish
61SilverReferring to the precious metalUnisexEnglish
62SorenDerived from the Old Norse,  “stern” or “severe”MaleDanish
63Serenity “peaceful”FemaleEnglish
64StoneReferring to the solid mineral materialUnisexEnglish
65SableReferring to a type of furUnisexFrench
66Samara “protected by God”FemaleHebrew
67Sylvan “of the forest”MaleLatin
68SabrinaOf uncertain origin, possibly  “princess”FemaleCeltic
69Sawyer “woodcutter”UnisexEnglish
70Storm “tempest”UnisexOld English
71SeraphimReferring to an angelic beingUnisexHebrew
72Shiloh “peaceful”UnisexHebrew
73Salem “peace”UnisexHebrew
74StefanoVariant of Stephen,  “crown”MaleItalian
75SableReferring to a type of furUnisexFrench
76Skye “Peace”FemaleScottish
77Selma “fair” or “blessed”FemaleGermanic
78Santos “saints”MaleSpanish
79SakuraReferring to cherry blossomsFemaleJapanese
80StarlingReferring to a birdUnisexEnglish
81Salem “peace”UnisexHebrew
82SashaDiminutive of Alexander/Alexandra,  “defender of the people”UnisexRussian
83Skylar “scholar” or “eternal life”UnisexDutch
84Soleil “sun”FemaleFrench
85Stellan “calm” or “quiet”MaleSwedish
86ShayDiminutive of Shaina,  “beautiful”UnisexYiddish
87SienaReferring to the city in ItalyFemaleItalian
88Samson “sun”MaleHebrew
89Sheldon “Bright red”MaleEnglish
90SilverReferring to the precious metalUnisexEnglish
91SundayReferring to the day of the weekFemaleEnglish
92Solomon “peaceful”MaleHebrew
93Selah “pause” or “meditation”FemaleHebrew
94Silvia “from the forest”FemaleLatin
95Sterling “little star”UnisexEnglish
96StormyReferring to stormy weatherFemaleEnglish
97SamanthaFeminine form of Samuel,  “heard by God”FemaleHebrew
98Sylvester “wooded” or “wild”MaleLatin
99SadieDiminutive of Sarah,  “princess”FemaleHebrew
100Skylar “scholar” or “eternal life”UnisexDutch
101SableReferring to a type of furUnisexFrench
102Solomon “peaceful”MaleHebrew
103Sienna “reddish-brown”FemaleItalian
104Samara “protected by God”FemaleHebrew
105SorenDerived from the Old Norse,  “stern” or “severe”MaleDanish
106Serena “calm” or “peaceful”FemaleLatin
107SavannahReferring to the African grasslandsFemaleEnglish
108StefanVariant of Stephen,  “crown”MaleGreek
109Samir “companion in evening talk”MaleArabic
110Scarlett “Peace”FemaleEnglish
111SashaDiminutive of Alexander/Alexandra,  “defender of the people”UnisexRussian
112Silas “wooded” or “forest”MaleLatin
113Sierra “saw”FemaleSpanish
114Solange “solemn” or “dignified”FemaleFrench
115Skyler “scholar” or “eternal life”UnisexDutch
116Sawyer “woodcutter”UnisexEnglish
117SeraphimReferring to an angelic beingUnisexHebrew
118Sage “wise one”UnisexLatin
119Sterling “little star”UnisexEnglish
120Salem “Cloud”UnisexHebrew
121SundayReferring to the day of the weekFemaleEnglish
122Storm “tempest”UnisexOld English
123SylvieDiminutive of Sylvia,  “from the forest”FemaleLatin
124Solomon “peaceful”MaleHebrew
125Samson “sun”MaleHebrew
126Shiloh “peaceful”UnisexHebrew
127SableReferring to a type of furUnisexFrench
128SabrinaOf uncertain origin, possibly  “princess”FemaleCeltic
129Skylar “scholar” or “eternal life”UnisexDutch
130Sylvan “of the forest”MaleLatin
131StormyReferring to stormy weatherFemaleEnglish
132Samara “protected by God”FemaleHebrew
133Santos “saints”MaleSpanish
134SapphireReferring to the precious gemstoneUnisexGreek
135Skye “Peace”FemaleScottish
136SaharaReferring to the desertFemaleArabic
137SilverReferring to the precious metalUnisexEnglish
138Solomon “peaceful”MaleHebrew
139SavannahReferring to the African grasslandsFemaleEnglish
140SabineDerived from an ancient tribe’s nameFemaleLatin
141Sylvia “from the forest”FemaleLatin
142Sage “wise one”UnisexLatin
143Salem “Peace”UnisexHebrew
144Sawyer “woodcutter”UnisexEnglish
145StoneReferring to the solid mineral materialUnisexEnglish
146SundayReferring to the day of the weekFemaleEnglish
147SamanthaFeminine form of Samuel,  “heard by God”FemaleHebrew
148Sterling “little star”UnisexEnglish
149Solange “solemn” or “dignified”FemaleFrench
150Sienna “reddish-brown”FemaleItalian
151Stellan “calm” or “quiet”MaleSwedish
152SabrinaOf uncertain origin, possibly  “princess”FemaleCeltic
153Skyler “scholar” or “eternal life”UnisexDutch
154SeleneVariant of Selena,  “moon”FemaleGreek
155Sachi “blessed child”FemaleJapanese
156Salem “Bright red”UnisexHebrew
157Samir “companion in evening talk”MaleArabic
158Scarlett “Cloud”FemaleEnglish
159Selma “fair” or “blessed”FemaleGermanic
160Silas “wooded” or “forest”MaleLatin
161SamanthaFeminine form of Samuel,  “heard by God”FemaleHebrew
162Solomon “peaceful”MaleHebrew
163Shiloh “peaceful”UnisexHebrew
164Sage “wise one”UnisexLatin
165Skye “Bright red”FemaleScottish
166SashaDiminutive of Alexander/Alexandra,  “def
167Sebastian “venerable” or “revered”MaleGreek
168SamanthaFeminine form of Samuel,  “heard by God”FemaleHebrew
169Sophia “wisdom”FemaleGreek
170Sawyer “woodcutter”UnisexEnglish
171SavannahReferring to the African grasslandsFemaleEnglish
172Skyler “scholar” or “eternal life”UnisexDutch
173Sage “wise one”UnisexLatin
174Stella “star”FemaleLatin
175Solomon “peaceful”MaleHebrew
176Scarlett “Cloud”FemaleEnglish
177Samson “sun”MaleHebrew
178SashaDiminutive of Alexander/Alexandra,  “defender of the people”UnisexRussian
179SylvieDiminutive of Sylvia,  “from the forest”FemaleLatin
180Sienna “reddish-brown”FemaleItalian
181Santos “saints”MaleSpanish
182Sage “wise one”UnisexLatin
183Skye “Princess”FemaleScottish
184Solange “solemn” or “dignified”FemaleFrench
185Storm “tempest”UnisexOld English
186SabrinaOf uncertain origin, possibly  “princess”FemaleCeltic
187StefanVariant of Stephen,  “crown”MaleGreek
188Sylvan “of the forest”MaleLatin
189Starla “star”FemaleAmerican
190Soleil “sun”FemaleFrench
191Sampson “sun”MaleHebrew
192Suri “princess”FemaleHebrew
193Sydney “wide island”UnisexOld English
194Samira “companion in evening talk”FemaleArabic
195SvenDerived from Old Norse,  “young man”MaleSwedish
196SybilDerived from the Greek word for “prophetess”FemaleGreek
197SaxonReferring to the Germanic tribeMaleEnglish
198Shannon “old river”UnisexIrish
199Sylvia “from the forest”FemaleLatin
200StoneReferring to the solid mineral materialUnisexEnglish

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